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Top 10 Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain Name by SEO Perspective

Those who are in business, know the importance of being online and having a website. While, creating a secure website is important to avoid disasters, choosing a proper domain holds its significance too. There are many aspects of selecting a domain, but choosing best domain names ever from the SEO point of view is vital… Read More »

Domain name’s and it’s extension’s Role in your Business?

Selection of domain names is one of the most important processes of starting a business. Because of high saturation of many businesses and service providers of same type of product and services, the competition for the reliable and suitable domain names is getting tougher and tougher day by day. One need to run hard and… Read More »

Who can register a .CA domain name?

How to change the registrant owner for a registered .CA domain? When a .CA domain is registered, a Registrant Account is created at CIRA – The domain registry for .CA domains. The registrant contact that is submitted and approved by CIRA at the time of domain registration cannot be changed as accepted their terms and… Read More »

Reasons why domains cannot be transfered.

What is Domain Transfer? A domain Transfer is the process of moving of domain from one domain registrar to another domain registrar. Generally when the domain owner are not happy with the existing registrar they choose to transfer the domain, the main reasons may be price, Quality of customer service and ease of use. Reasons… Read More »

Domain Name Status Codes

Domain Name Status Codes Whois records displays the detailed information for who is responsible for a domain name and other key information. In addition to the registrants and contacts for a registered domain name, WhoIs records display the status of a domain name. Each domain name has at least one status code but multiple statuses… Read More »

What is a Domain Name ?

What is a Domain Name ? Computers connected to the Internet have unique numerical addresses so that electronic information is delivered to the right place. The domain name system (DNS) translates the numerical addresses of computers into more user-friendly names. The resulting domain names are easier to remember and help people to find information on… Read More »

ICANN rules for Domain Transfer Rejections.

ICANN rules for Domain Transfer Rejections. A transfer may be rejected for the following reasons only: ========================================= Evidence of fraud UDRP – Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Action. Court order by a court of competent jurisdiction Reasonable dispute over the identity of the Registrant or Administrative contact No payment for a previous registration period… Read More »