Disadvantages of Cloaked Domain Redirection.

By | December 8, 2010

One of the most frequently asked question from webmasters is ‘Is it fair to buy a domain name and using the registrar’s services of web redirecting towards their original domain held by their own website. Though these redirection services are provided most of the time at free cost by there are some issues with the usage of URL redirection services. To misdirect webmasters registrar claims they the website’s URL will be cloaked, even stealth URL is one more similar concept to cloaking URL.

Many times webmasters willing to use these type of services because of setting up a website at a free web hosting and not as a paid shared hosting services provider accounts which generally does not come with domain name hosting. This causes for inability of a hosting provider to point the url to webmasters website. This inability is one of the biggest drawback of free web hosting type.

The feature of cloaking redirection is provided by registrars by building duplicate web pages, which are also called as ‘frames’. Frames are the empty pages which only have title of a website and meta tag information which is to be given by webmasters and thus it loads the real webpage of your website. Though many webmaster will think that whats wrong with this but users who have bookmarked the pages will not be able to view the same pages when they will try to load the bookmarks made in the past time. This will lead to impress badly to the continuous visitors of that particular website.

The biggest disadvantage of this is from SEO point of view because though there are many backlinks exists to your real pages, these links will redirect SEO bots and real visitors towards duplicate page created by registrar as an empty page and you will loose all you efforts taken on link building.