Difference Between Video Conference And Web Conference

By | December 29, 2011

Meetings are one of the most important activities in Business houses, because any important decision related to business can be taken after arranging proper discussion among the important authorities of that particular organization. Now a days many organizations have placed their business houses at different geographical locations to work as branch offices and this is very necessary especially for multinational companies. Regular communication is very important among these branches situated miles away from each other, telephonic communication and communication through Internet services are vastly used for this purpose but old technologies were allowing just two people to communicate at the same time with each other and it was not possible to bring more than two people in such a discussion. Web Conferencing is the technology, introduced to overcome this limited number of people’s ability to participate in a meeting held at a far away location.

Web conference allows multiple persons to interact with each other being situated at any place(with the availability of internet, software and required hardware for conference) in the world. Now a days due to new invention in conference technology people can not only communicate but also can see each other on screen (real-time) while the conference is being carried out, this is called Video Conferencing. Web conferences are more popular among professional business houses for simple oral communication but when you need to represent any images, videos which contain different surveys, numbers and graphs then video conference is most effective to share this kind of data among all attendees. Furthermore looking each other while communication creates a special psychological effect over the people in communication with each other. Video conference also plays an important role in different types of scientific projects where a person need to share his experiments visually among multiple people.