Dedicated Web Hosting

When upgrading from a shared web hosting package, your next choice of hosting service is likely to be a dedicated web hosting package, whether it be a VPS server or a dedicated server. Dedicated web hosting services provide you with your own dedicated hosting environment that is isolated from other users so that you can make the configurations changes that you see fit and install any applications or components that you need in order your website to be able to function correctly. Dedicated web hosting services are available form a variety of web hosting companies which enables you to find a dedicated web hosting service that not only offers you the resources you need, but is also incredibly affordable. A VPS server can still be seen as a form of shared web hosting because you are still going to be sharing the physical hosting node with other VPS servers; a dedicated server on the other hand can provide you with complete isolation away from any other users because you will be the only one managing your server. Both can provide you with the dedicated hosting environment that you require, although you will be able to a lot more with one than the other.

What are the main benefits of using dedicated web hosting?

Dedicated web hosting services can provide you with many benefits that will help to enhance your overall web hosting experience because you will notice the difference between your new dedicated hosting service and a shared web hosting package. The main benefits of using dedicated web hosting include:

  • Increased reliability – a dedicated web hosting service can provide you with greater uptime than a shared web hosting package and this will ensure that your website is always available when require so that you don’t have to worry about downtime affecting your business – because you have your own dedicated web hosting environment, it will be pretty hard for any other users to affect the performance of your VPS server or dedicated server although with a VPS server you need to remember that you are going to be sharing the hosting node’s CPU with other VPS servers
  • Improved flexibility – with a dedicated web hosting environment, you can install any applications of your choice on your VPS server or dedicated server and can make any configuration changes that you see fit, allowing you to create a hosting environment that suits your needs perfectly – the type of dedicated hosting environment that you have available to you will depend on the operating system that you have chosen since Remote Desktop is going to be your management method when using a Windows server, or SSH if you have opted to use a Linux dedicated web hosting service
  • Greater security – as security should be one of your primary concerns, it is always a good idea to take what measures you can to ensure that the data stored in your web hosting environment is secure and can’t be compromised in any way – with a dedicated web hosting environment you are able to install any security applications that you think will benefit your server’s level of security – if you choose to use a dedicated server and have the budget to cover this, then you may wish to consider using a physical hardware firewall as part of your server setup because this can offer an extra level of protection and hardware firewalls are often a lot sturdier than software firewalls.

The benefits of dedicated web hosting make it good value for money for businesses that require a cost effective form of web hosting that is not only scalable but is also highly customizable in its approach.

What are the disadvantages of using dedicated web hosting?

There are also disadvantages to using dedicated web hosting services that you should consider prior to purchasing a dedicated web hosting service as most VPS servers and dedicated servers cost quite a bit. Such disadvantages could include:

  • Pricing – the cost of some dedicated web hosting services, especially dedicated servers, can be off-putting to some because dedicated web hosting services are usually the most expensive offered by most web hosting companies and so you aren’t offered much choice over how much you pay for dedicated hosting – a VPS server is always going to be cheaper than a dedicated server because it is also a form of shared web hosting, but the resources you get for your money can be fairly restrictive – although a dedicated server is going to be more expensive, for a business that required substantial resources the costs are usually acceptable
  • Management – the management of a dedicated web hosting service will depend on whether you have chosen to use a Windows server or a Linux server as both are managed in completely different ways – with a Windows server you will be provided with Remote Desktop access to your dedicated web hosting environment whilst a Linux serve can be managed using the command line via SSH – you need to remember the level of skills that you have to offer as well as whether your web hosting company is able to offer you any support
  • Resources – in some cases it can be hard to make the most of certain server resources as your requirements may dictate the need for a powerful processor, but you may not necessarily need anything near the amount of disk space that has been offered – however, most web hosting companies will allow you to customize the specifications of your VPS server or dedicated server during the checkout process so that you can choose something that is tailored to your requirements to some extent.

In conclusion, a dedicated web hosting service is going to be the next natural upgrade from a shared web hosting service. As well as offering increased reliability and security, you are also offered a choice between Windows servers and Linux servers allowing you to create a custom hosting environment that meets your needs perfectly. Although dedicated hosting services can be fairly expensive, the benefits usually outweigh the costs and if you are unable to justify the amount that you are paying for your VPS server or dedicated server then you should consider the compatibility of your chosen hosting service in relation to your needs.

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