Dedicated Server Hosting Perfect For Maximum Uptime And Web Security.

By | July 29, 2009

Any Linux Dedicated Server Hosting or Windows Dedicated Server Hosting you choose, you are assured to get maximum uptime and high level of security. A dedicated server hosting plan can be the most appropriate web hosting option to gain success in your online business. But, as a matter of fact, it may be more expensive than the rest of the hosting solutions. But, you would get much greater advantages and  server resources to use than any other hosting solutions. There are two web hosting options available in the category of Dedicated Server Hosting ie. Linux Dedicated Server Hosting can be by the one’s who wish to use the technologies other than Microsoft, whereas if you wish to use Microsoft technology, a Windows Dedicated Server can be available at affordable prices.

Dedicated Server

In this category of Dedicated Server Hosting, you would find two more sub-options viz. Managed Dedicated Server and Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Once you decide to opt for a Dedicated Server it is important for you to choose one of the sub-options as stated above. Most of the Web Hosting providers offer Managed Web Hosting solutions which means that the web host is responsible for the upgrading the security patches, back-ups etc. But, if you are a Web master or have an experience on server management you can choose to have an Unmanaged Dedicated Server. A Managed Web Hosting service provider is the widely preferred by users. Most of the reputed and well established Web Hosting providers offer customized Dedicated Servers, this helps you to get the configuration as per your requirements and get a good value for money. If you face a problem with your Managed Dedicated Server, the web host would take care of the issue. Most of the time, issue is resolved within an hour unless there is a major flaw or hardware failure. But there are technologies available that can cope up with this problem too and such failures does not affect the performance of your website.

There are incomparable benefits of having your website/s hosted on a Dedicated Server. The biggest benefit is that you have the privilege to use the server as you want. You can install, uninstall, deploy etc. software`s and applications of your choice. The only account on the server would be yours. That means the server resources are not shared between any other user/s. With this type of Web Hosting, you get maximum amount of reliability. You are free to use all the resources allocated to the server.
Security, which is a major concern these days can be easily achieved with a Dedicated Server. It is necessary to know the server restrictions when choosing  an application to  install, which you can know from the Web Hosting provider.

Security: Security is one of the major factors that is being taken very seriously these days due to the ever increasing online threat. People usually upgrade from a Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting to a Dedicated Server for this purpose. The reason being , there are multiple hosting accounts created on a single physical server when you choose a VPS or a Shared Hosting solution. This increases the risk of threats and intrusions. But, with the dedicated server you need to worry about such issues as yours is the only account hosted on the server, plus you are free to deploy additional security measures.

Reliability: This is the most important factor that is considered when choosing a server. Hence, people prefer to opt for a Dedicated Sever as Shared and VPS hosting solutions cannot meet the level of reliability offered by this server. The better the configuration the better is the reliability obtained.

Freedom: With a Dedicated Sever you have the freedom to install almost any application and software required for your mission critical online business. You cannot find such option available with any other type of hosting. Ofcourse, you must check for whats not allowed on the Dedicated Sever offered by Web Hosting providers. This is another reason why people upgrade to a dedicated server.

With the benefits, there are also some disadvantages of having your site hosted on a Dedicated Server. The biggest reason why most people are bit reluctant to use this is the cost. Dedicated servers are costly in comparison to the other hosting solutions. But, if used correctly, it can be the only server options that can give you the best value for money. Server management can be a tough job people who choose an Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting plans. It’s a 24×7 task and require dedicated and technically sound people to carry out the crucial tasks.

A Dedicated Server Hosting can offer you a Good Value for Money. It can add to the success of your online business.