Dedicated Server Hosting | Dedicated IP Hosting | Static Web Hosting

The dedicated IP web hosting also referred to as Static Web Hosting, is another type of web hosting solution. In this type of hosting, each user using a dedicated web hosting server gets a unique IP address to use. The user simply needs to log into the website using the given IP address or the domain name to access information that is available on any dedicated web hosting server.

Dedicated_IP_HostingMost of the experienced web hosting service providers offer the service of dedicated IP web hosting. Though, if you have a mission-critical online business, you must make sure that you choose the best type of dedicated IP web hosting services from reputed and professional web hosting providers. The advantages of using such services are huge.

The major advantage of dedicated IP web hosting is, you get your own unique IP address with your personal space and that is important when thinking of serious business over the world wide web.

Security of data and website is of utmost importance to an eCommerce website. Such services also help you to avoid spam that you may come across while working with other types of servers, especially the servers that are shared by multiple users.

In order to get a unique IP address, you simply need to sign-up with a web hosting service provider. They would avail you a unique dedicated IP web hosting account, using this you can instantly start your online business. With this kind of service, you can get some basic web tools and features that are required by a website. This service is no different than other Web Hosting services, you can simply upload your content and other data to your own secure personal space.

Extreme Reliability and flexibility is the best advantage of this type of web hosting service no matter how complex the web hosting architecture you have. Dedicated IP web hosting is advantageous as it also offers guaranteed private and secure SSL certificate which is essential for online stores for securing online transactions. It also provides anonymous FTP which is very important for transferring the data over the internet in a much secure way.

You can also have complete control over your website and the hosting account with the use of Dedicated IP hosting solution. A dedicated IP is specifically useful from an SEO point of view and is important when you are making efforts to optimize your website in order to achieve better page rank and a better position in the search engine result pages.

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