Dedicated Server Hosting is always best for your websites.

By | September 30, 2008

If you are wondering to launch your website. So your first step is you need to find good Hosting company which can provide you a Managed servers and expert support at any time in 24/7/356 days. A Good Web Hosting support person is always remember Customers Each and Every minute is Costly for him.They have to understand Importance of customers (Your). You can Create your Master reseller Accounts on a Dedicated server. If You need much high Resources like shout cast (Shout cast is Software use for Steaming), high configuration online gaming,Online videos etc… so Customer need more disc space, much memory, high Bandwidth, powerful Security, Raid technology(Raid technology is used to keep your Data More Secure From Hard Drive failure), network load Balancing (Load Balancing  is used for dividing and managing web traffic which come to target your server), SSL (Socket Secure Layer use for encrypt your private data like password, credit Card No..) than you need to go with Dedicated server. In Dedicated Server you will get full Physical Server. In dedicated server you will get full remote access of your server. Than you can utilize all the Benefits for your website. With the help of Support staff Members of the web hosting Provider.

They are always ready to help you via phone support, live chat, emails…… in Dedicated Server you can get full access of your server. But you can’t do any Illegal activity (Spamming, Illegal Proxy, Illegal Porn sites) if try to do any illegal activity you will be Black Listed and your hosting Provider got any Complaint against you. Then your account can suspend by hosting provider.  You have to take care about that some things. You can upgrade your server at any time. You will just need to pay a price difference that time. Dedicated server is available in to Operating Platform

1:- Windows Server (Windows 2000 Server ,Windows 2003 Enterprise , Windows 2003 standard, , latest Windows 2008 Server).

2:- Linux (Fedora, Cent os…)…………………

Dedicated server hosting is always best for your high resources websites.