Customer Service: Most Essential Factor for Web Hosting Customer Retention

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Customer Service is one of the most important factor of increasing the number of customers. It can be a great way to succeed in the Web Hosting business.Expanding your business through the present customer base is a skill and if applied correctly, can open doors of success. Offering services that are more than what is expected can fetch loads of customers.

Now a days almost every web hosting provider offers latest and up-to-date Web Hosting technologies and services. So why do we see the difference between reviews about web hosting service providers? Has anyone thought about this? IMHO the major differentiators is the difference in customer service offered by different organizations. Here are certain points that can prove helpful for increasing customer service and number of customers ofcourse.

It is very important that each customer is treated differently. They must have a feeling that special attention is given to them and you are concerned about the problem the customer is facing and eager to sort the issue. Focusing on web hosting industry, it is very important that the customer’s query and issues are resolved or atleast addressed with the least waste of time. A good Web Hosting provider would always give top preference to the customer issues and provide an instant professional solution. This increases the chance of retaining the customer and increasing the Level  of Trust in the Web Host. It is for sure that if you are able to fulfill the customer needs and give a solution to their issue, they would stay with you for long and would surely refer someone else as well to try the services offered by you. This way you can grow the Word Of Mouth about your services and products.

There are many benefits that can result from a highly satisfied customer, a) long term business relationship, b) possibility of new leads by means of recommendation of your services to others, c) A good review about your services on forums and other review sites can result in loads of organic traffic etc. But, inorder to achieve this, it is important that you have a friendly and polite approach towards customers. They must be rest assured that they would get a resolution to their problem. Customer Satisfaction can be a great tool for Customer Retention.

Customer SatisfactionThe Web Hosting service provider must maintain a good attitude towards each and every customer. The Web Host must bear a strong belief that each customer is important and valuable. Different ways such as free subscription, discounts, free services etc. are certain ways of awarding customer’s for being loyal. This can help you to build trust in the minds of the customer. Sending seasonal greetings and gifts are a great way of maintaining an offline relationship with the customer’s.

Simple things such as keeping the customer’s updated about the changes to their servers is a good way to maintain transparency. You must also give an estimated time to the customers about the deployment of the updates. An advanced intimation can keep the customer prepared for the steps that they need to take in the meanwhile.

In addition to customer service it is equally important that the Web Hosting provider has highly skilled customer centric people.The web host must maintain a proper channel through which customers can report their issues and problems. Believe me, a Professional and Friendly post sales support staff can add majorly to customer retention and customer satisfaction.

“It is much Simpler to get Business from an existing customer than from a new customer.”

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