Content Management System :MAMBO.

By | August 10, 2009

Content management system (CMS):  This is a special type of computer application which is used to manage the work flow. This includes managing the work flow needed to collaboratively create, edit, review, index, search, publish and archive various kinds of electronic text.

mambo-cms The CMS used for maintaining web sites is Mambo. If you think of websites, Mambo is actually the engine behind the websites that manages and simplifies the work for creating, managing and sharing the content.

Mambo is freely available Open source which is licensed under  GNU. CMS software with a simple web interface. It has gained a wide attraction of the user for the easiness of the use.  If we think of the Web host providers they generally provide the support for Mambo. According to the survey 2005 it is the most popular for blog-sites or for personal use, it is also widely used for portal sites, e commerce sites and community sites. However now corporate people and enterprises are moving towards it. It is very user friendly and provides the best features that the novice users can also use it. It offers an interface which is very friendly with point and click functionality such that novice can easily use it. IT has Admin panel to configure your site, no need to know HTML.

It has a support for product support. The development team is constantly changing or updating the website or product. The best thing is that the good hosting companies offer Mambo through their Control panel.

Features of Mambo:

It include the advanced features like Page caching, which is help full to improve the performance on the busy sites.
Advanced Templating techniques and a very robust API.
It has support for RSS FEED and can automate many tasks including the web indexing of static pages.
Printable Versions of the pages, news flashes, blogs , forums, polls, calendars, websites searching anad many others.
It is data driven and used for Dynamic web pages.

IF you think of installing this software , your system must have the following
Apache (Version 1.3.19 or above)  OR Windows IIS
MySQL (Version 4.x or above).
PHP (Version 4.3.x or above)

Many times Mambo is confused to be a “portal”  solution. It is mostly aimed to the squarely at the corporate websites or small and medium websites.

With Mambo you can gather your content and add it to your web site through the web browser interface. This content is added to the database. Mambo allows you to determine the way your content will be served to your site visitors. When the visitors come to your site then Mambo determines which content to display according to the request of the page and delivers the page.

When we talk about Mambo ” Dynamic” and “data driven” are the two words that comes into mind.  When we see the static web pages the content of such pages are hard coded into the page itself, however the Mambo stores the content in the database. The page does not exists until it is requested by the visitor. When the visitors request the page, Mambo determines which content should be presented and how to deliver it. This is how this technology is one of the best Content Management System.