Confused between Windows Web hosting or UNIX?

By | August 13, 2009

While selecting people get confused at very first step whether to choose Unix or Windows. Well, it depends upon your Web site applications and many more things.  For this you should compare this two platforms and then decide.

windows-2003-logo Windows have a server platform called Microsoft Windows Server , while UNIX is an Open source. The source unix code of Linux is available freely to any one. It is a free operating system while the Windows Server needs a licensed copy i.e. it needs purchase. UNIX is contributed by thousand of the users and hence it is updated frequently than Windows Server. In complexity UNIX server is more complex as it is an open source.

If you go for the Windows Web hosting , Windows server supports almost all Microsoft products which includes FrontPage, Visual Interdev, and Microsoft Access. It also supports ASP (Active Server Pages) which is very popular scripting languages and used widely for building dynamic websites, and data driven Webpages.

Most of the times User builds their web sites on their own, its always worth considering that the most CGI Programs which are available today online are developed on UNIX. This simple means that this applications performs best and suits UNIX at their best.

Security and reliability is one of the main concerns.  There are multiples views  in this, many of them go for windows being more secure, while some say that the UNIX is the best in security. UNIX is more faster and secure according to some users. People use windows widely and this gives people more time to exploit more flaws in this making this system more insecure. If we see UNIX platforms this OS is also hacked many times over the years.

If we consider the performance both the platforms perform well. At both the ends the developers work hard to gain better security , reliability and best features.

We have listed only few differences and similarities between these two servers i.e.  Windows server Hosting and UNIX.  You have take a look the type of application that your website is going to use. The cost related to the server operating system, the specific technology you are going to use runs better on UNIX or Windows Server.