Common Misunderstandings about Managed Hosting Services

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There are various misunderstandings about Managed Web Hosting Services. Today, most of the small and mid sized businesses use managed web servers to carry out their mission critical businesses.Depending on the requirements, Shared hosting and VPS hosting services have gained popularity, but alongwith it, there are various misunderstandings and misconceptions that have rooted in the minds of users. Following is an in depth explanation of about the misunderstandings.

A) Managed Services are entirely Outsourced.

This is one of the biggest misunderstanding among individuals.It isn’t always true. Sometimes, web hosts outsource their post sales technical support tasks to other companies for the purpose of offering better services to their customers. There are a lot of automated services you get with a managed dedicated hosting service provider.The volume of privileges differ with the web hosting package.Most of the reputed web hosting providers have dedicated and professional technical and support staff available 24×7 at the DC’s. Though, the website design, promotion and the website administration needs to be taken care by yourself.

B) Its the newbies who must opt for Managed Web Hosting services.

Many users have a thinking that Managed services are suitable for newbies due to their lack of webmaster skills and web server management skills. This probably may be a thought arose due to the fact that, dedicated server management needs some amount of web master skills. Some outsource this task to other professional companies for better server management.But, this is very untrue that managed web hosting service is suitable only for newbies and not webmasters. There are many factors involved in web server management and require dedicated people to handle the crucial task of server management. Therefore,managed hosting is preferred by most of the consumers in the Web Hosting Industry.

C)Managed Hosting Service isn’t as Reliable as Unmanaged Services.

Its actually the other way round.Reliability basically depends on the web hosting provider you have chosen.Most of the reputed web hosts offer reliability and scalability of their servers.

Instead,if you choose an unmanaged service from a hosting provider, you need to take care of the server management which includes installing new security patches, installation of software upgrades etc.Whereas with a managed web hosting provider, these tasks are taken care by the host themselves and you can concentrate your focus on other aspects of your business.

D) Managed Web Hosting is Insecure

This is another biggest misunderstanding that managed web hosting service is insecure.In todays highly competitive world, it is important to provide the utmost services to the customers.Hence, maximum web hosting providers take utmost care to provide best of the best security and reliability of their servers and services.They take enough precautions to avoid intrusions, attacks, malicious activity etc so as to keep their customers safe and secure. Managed Web hosting provider are well aware of the various online threats, hence take ample care to avoid those.

E) Managed Web Hosting is Very Costly.

Yes, thats true to some extent. But, understand that if it would have been that expensive, would anyone have had chosen these packages? The answer is NO. There are web hosting providers who offer these services at affordable prices. One must differentiate between the fact that you do not have to invest in purchasing costly server hardware and softwares etc. Inaddition to that you do not need to employ teams for the purpose of your server management, therefore if you jot all the expenses, you would realize that choosing a managed web hosting service is far more cheaper than purchasing your own hardware etc. In the long run you would realize that managed hosting services are much more cost effective than the unmanaged hosting solutions.

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