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How To Choose A Cloud Service Provider: 12 Tips

Ensuring that you choose the correct cloud hosting providers has become essential to long-term success as more IT systems are being externalized. However, there is a sizeable market, and there are numerous companies offering a wide range of services ranging from industry giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to smaller firms providing customized services. So… Read More »

Linux Cloud Servers: Features and Benefits

Cloud computing is growing in popularity these days and plenty of companies are shifting their operations there. The main reasons businesses transition towards the cloud are the numerous services it offers, including safe and ample storage, databases, servers, and other crucial elements. One of the most cutting-edge technologies, the cloud is built on virtual servers.… Read More »

How Can Analytics on Cloud Boost Business ROI for Enterprises?

The business world is growing exponentially which means organized analysis of huge amounts of data to recognize patterns can be extremely useful to map out your future and cater to your customers. Data analytics assist businesses in understanding the behavior, thought patterns, and preferences of their customers better to increase revenue. What is cloud analytics?… Read More »

The Best Hosting Solutions for Growing Startups

When choosing a reputable hosting provider to host their website, startups should take into account all of their possibilities. That’s because new businesses experience growth and require hosting that can expand along with the company. Think of hosting as an investment in the expansion and success of your startup. We believe cloud hosting offers numerous… Read More »

Cloud Security: Top 5 Challenges and Solutions to Consider

Businesses want it all; safe data and applications that are available from any device, anyplace, which is now possible with the cloud. However, all of the cloud’s primary promises; increased IT efficiency, scalability, and flexibility come with one huge challenge: security.  Additionally, many firms are unable to distinguish between the duties of the cloud service provider… Read More »

Why Tech Startups Need Cloud from the Outset

Cloud computing has ushered in a new era of doing business in today’s technological industry, especially for startups. The majority of startups have chosen the cloud to help operate their business. In fact, they adopt the cloud infrastructure right from the founding stage. There are several businesses in recent times that have seen a substantial… Read More »

What is the Difference between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup?

Modern businesses are highly dependent on Cloud storage and Cloud backup technologies because of the benefits they provide. They have a huge variety of features that include security, collaboration, and accessibility along with acceptance. Both, cloud storage and cloud backup bring in huge advantages. It is widely assumed that the same, however, in reality, they… Read More »