Choosing a SEO Friendly Domain Name:

By | August 14, 2009

Over the years as the technology has expanded the wings it has changed the face of the modern Society. Being online for hours or every day has become a necessity. With this innovation Search engines has emerged as a biggest tool to accomplish this need.

When you put up a site you think of a domain name. Choosing a good domain name is what every body wants. If the domain name is SEO friendly it helps you to be on the right track. Search engine ranking gets a boost from the domain names that focus largely on keywords targeting your business goals.
These SEO friendly domain names will help you in holding you attract the customers and also increase the revenue streams for the online enterprise.

For having all the advantages of the SEO friendly domain name you can follow some simple steps.

Domain Name should contain keywords: Keywords decide the future if the website, proper keywords  it decides the whole SEO process to be successful and can help the SEO process to be more faster with a better click through rate. Thus the domain name which contain keywords help in building the strong website-niche relationship. In addition if the Url of the website or the specific page also consists the keywords Google will index it faster.

Choosing a TLD: When you think of the internet business TLS is the best option, .COM is the most lovable and the expensive too. Now as you know it is the best  TLD you should try to have it, One of the reason is that people tend to remember  .com sites better.

Inbound Links: SEO campaigning involves Inbound links and it is very vital. The keyword rich domain name will help you in building SEO friendly inbound links as many of the users always try to connect with website using domain names. If your site does not contain SEO friendly inbound links then in the search engines get influenced that the Website does not contain relevant content.  You should be very choosy about the inbound links, as the poor links will cause a negative influence on the website.

Domain Name should be Easy to remember : Domain name you choose should be easy to remember and also short if possible which helps in a good remembrance and to pull out a good traffic.

Hyphen (-) should be avoided: It is recommended not to use hyphen in the domain names. It increase some complication and users might also sometime forget the hyphen or the position of the hyphen. You shouldn’t take risk in such a business. They can simply browse other site without hyphen and you may loose a customer.

Type In traffic: Some of the users directly type the keyword in the browser url bar and add a .com to it. So we can advise you to have domain name that can be thought of as keyword and it also matches your business and goals.

Choose a good host: Having a good domain name also is related with having a good web host which can provide you with domain name registration. When you think of the best web hosting solution is the best, where you can type in the domain name and check for the availability of the domain names. If the domain name is available you can proceed with the registration.

Once the registration your domain is propagated in some few hours world wide