Business Hosting

By | October 3, 2010

Business web hosting services are designed to maximize uptime and to improve the web hosting experience of businesses that rely on their websites to bring them a source of income. Business web hosting services generally endeavor to offer up to 100% guaranteed uptime using a number of different methods, the most popular of which is clustered web hosting as this offers a pretty much fail-proof solution. Business web hosting will also guarantee you a higher level of support from your web hosting company, which will benefit if you ever happen to face any issues with your business web hosting package, although your web hosting provider is also likely to offer you assistance with the setup of your web hosting package if you require it. As web hosting providers want to offer their business customers the best web hosting experience possible, when ordering business web hosting you may be required to provide your chosen web hosting company with some sort of proof of your business position; although this may seem over the top at first, it helps web hosting providers to ensure that they are providing business web hosting only to those that have a distinct need for it and not spammers or hackers that could go on to abuse the hosting server.

When using a business web hosting package, you can be sure that your web hosting provider is offering you the best level of service possible in terms of support and service reliability. When choosing a web hosting company you want to be looking for a combination of good support and service reliability as well as a web hosting service that will be able to meet your requirements since a combination of the three will allow you to make the most of your web hosting experience. Web hosting company generally aim to impress their business customers the most as this is where the money is for them, but on the other hand they also need to consider that business customers are more likely to recommend their web hosting services to their own customers.

Business web hosting services are also designed to offer more uptime as businesses generally sell their goods and services through their website meaning that to them it is important that their website is always available because downtime is going to mean lost revenue. Depending on the level of business web hosting that you choose to go for, you could be offered an uptime guarantee that is very near to 100% meaning that there will never be any downtime. The most popular form of business hosting is clustered web hosting in which multiple servers are used to create a hosting environment, thus meaning that if one of the servers fails there will always be at least one other server available to take up the role of the server that is currently unavailable. Dedicated web hosting is something else considered by bigger businesses; although VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting services can offer you many benefits because of the dedicated web hosting environment that is available, for the most part smaller businesses are unable to justify the cost simply because they have no need for dedicated hosting.

The security of your web hosting package should also be a consideration of yours as if you are processing customer information, your customers will want the guarantee that their data is being stored in a safe and secure web hosting environment. A business web hosting package will be hosted in a secure web hosting environment as web hosting companies can appreciate that the data hosted by their business customers is likely to be of a lot more importance than that which is hosted by their personal hosting customers. There are many measures that can be taken on Linux servers and Windows servers that will provide a pretty much hacker-proof hosting environment; most servers now have firewalls in place to block the IP addresses of any computers that remotely try to gain access to them using malicious methods. With business web hosting you will also be able to use dedicated IP addresses if you wish to implement SSL certificates on your website to increase the level of security and reassurance that you can provide your visitors with.

A business web hosting service will need to be easy to manage so that if you do need to make any modifications to you hosting account at any time, you are able to do so whilst performing other tasks at the same time. A control panel will be provided with any business hosting package that you choose, thus enabling you to manage your web hosting account from any computer that has internet access and a web browser installed. With standard Linux web hosting services you will be provided with access to the cPanel control panel, but with a Windows business hosting package you will be able to choose between Plesk and DotNetPanel for either your clustered hosting package or server hosting service.

As a business website will receive a large number of visitors, regardless of whether anything is being sold, a business web hosting service is likely to offer you a large amount of bandwidth by default. Although you may not require large bandwidth assignments to begin with, you need to take into consideration that somewhere down the line you may see the need to add more images or other multimedia content to your website to enhance the user experience.

In conclusion, business web hosting is a worthy investment if you are a business that feels that your website is of high value to you since business hosting will be able to offer you the uptime and security that you need in order to run an ecommerce shop online to help grow your business and your sales. Business web hosting doesn’t differ much from other web hosting services, although it is designed strictly for businesses and in some situations you will need to prove your position as a business if you wish to be able to use a business web hosting package.