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Companies without a website face a real challenge in the market because they have lacked behind to create an online presence between potential customers and competitors. Almost every business has its own website which showcases the services that they provide along with the company overview which educates the website visitor.  To host your website, you need a hosting provider who will provide you with dedicated support, maximum resources at the lowest price, and a service that will ensure that your website sees minimum downtime.

There is multiple websites hosting providers in India which claim to be the best in the industry but there are always certain services that they fail to provide. If you carry out your own research you will know that there are dozens of hosting providers in the market but they do not completely provide you the services which are most suitable for your needs. is a hosting provider in India that has been providing best-in-class yet affordable web hosting services since 2005. We are completely focused on providing highly reliable, secure, and cheap hosting solutions to individuals and organizations.  The product portfolio of is strong due to a wide range of services which a customer can choose according to his business requirements.

Let’s look at the services one by one that offers:

1. Domain Name has a huge collection of Top Level Domains (TLD) where a customer can register his preferred domain name with us. offers backorders in case you don’t find your ideal domain name and you can go back to the domain name of your choice when it is available. When you register your domain name, your private information is stored in the WHOIS database where we ensure optimum safety of your confidential data.

2. Website Hosting Services

We provide Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, and WordPress Hosting which you can choose according to business preference. In Linux Shared Hosting, you get a completed email solution along with easy to use a control panel to manage your email accounts and FTP accounts. In Windows Shared Hosting you can experience the power of Microsoft ASP.NET and run your preferred web applications on state-of-the-art platforms. With the Plesk control panel manage your hosting with maximum ease and kickstart your business.

With our fully managed WordPress Hosting Plans you can start building your website the way you want because we have preinstalled plugins to assist your task better. All our WordPress platforms are reliable and secure as we provide top-notch security to prevent intruding activities.

With 1 click installations, we make the process much easier for you so that your time is not invested in management or optimization of any plugin or updates. We daily backup your data so that even if you lose your data for a particular day, we are able to provide you with your data to continue your business.

3. Reseller Hosting

Become a reseller hosting provider by offering your clients the best services along with our world-class infrastructure performance through our Tier III data center facilities. We provide the account owner with a fully managed hosting environment so that you can focus on your core business and also continue to provide hosting services to your clients. You can provide your clients with the cPanel so that they have complete access to hosting accounts. We let you add your company name and logo in the cPanel so that your clients can see your name of the hosting service which gives a more professional look.

4. Servers

Our wide range of server services includes Linux VPS servers, Windows VPS servers, Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Hosting Servers. You can customize your VPS like a dedicated server through complete control over the configuration of your server. We build our VPS on the best virtualization platform along with hardware from Dell for the best performance of the application which you use. To save time and money you can host multiple websites on your VPS and create your own hosting environment through PHP.ini files. On the other hand, our Windows VPS lets you manage multiple websites together with Microsoft IIS 8.x and develop high-end scalable applications with ASP. NET 4.5. When you choose our dedicated hosting service you can easily customize your server and choose your preferred operating system in the most secure hosting environment.

5. Security

We take our customers and the security of their data very seriously because when you secure your biggest asset which is your customer, then you are able to build relationships with them which goes a long way.  In our security services, we offer SSL certificates for optimum website security with 2048 encryption which are complied with PCI DSS standards for the trust factor within the customers. With the R1soft backup manager, we provide the high-performance backup manager for data backup needs. With a data retention policy and fully encrypted solution, this backup manager is an easy to use solution which can save you from minor or major disasters with quick recovery time.

6. Colocation owns and operates Active Uptime Institute certified Tier III Datacenter which ensures high availability, scalability, and security for your colocation services. We provide eMagic which is a data center management suite for complete infrastructure monitoring that provides you ease in managing your IT infrastructure. You can remotely control your hardware and monitor changes where you also receive alerts and notifications for actions.


So all in all is a one-stop-shop to create your online presence where we provide hosting for your website, security for your website, backups for your data, domain names, servers, and many more services under one roof.

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