Benefits of Reseller Web Server Hosting.

Among some of the other types of Web Hosting, Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that is extensively preferred across the globe. In this the clients are allowed to use the allotted hard drive disk space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of the third party clients. The reseller buy the host’s services in a so called wholesale and then sells them to their own clients to earn revenue.This has been a very common type of online business.
Reseller Web Hosting IndiaIf the response is as expected, the reseller would choose to rent a dedicated server from a parent hosting provider and create shared accounts and resell shared web hosting services.The reseller can set-up accounts with the resources of own choice.S/He can offer the server space at any price of their choice and earn ample profits.In such cases,the technical support can be offered by the parent web hosting provider and the sales and marketing part can be taken care by the reseller himself.This has been one of the most preferred types of online business since recent past.
Usually a web design company, any freelancer, web developer prefer to be a reseller of some other company to add additional revenue to their business.Web hosting is usually offered as an Add-on service to their niche businesses.Low price is the greatest advantage of Reseller hosting,hence is preferred to become a reseller of a certain web hosting company before starting your own separate web hosting service providing firm. Most reseller hosting plans allow resellers to create their own service plans and frame their own pricing structure and to establish and brand their own hosting company.
Starting a reseller hosting business is no big deal as it does not require extensive technical knowledge as it is taken care by the parent web hosting firm, they can easily set up and manage customer accounts through cPanel and WHM and billing through Modernbill which are widely used. The data center operators are generally accountable to uphold network infrastructure and hardware, and the dedicated server owner configures/secures/updates the server.
Managing the customer base is the sole responsibility that a reseller needs to take care of. Factors such as hardware, software and connectivity issues are taken care by parent web hosting provider.
The biggest benefit of opting to resell services of a hosting provider is that,you do not have to invest in the expensive server hardware,neither do you have to look into the management of the server and still earn handsomely.

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