Benefits Of Keeping Domain Information Private.

By | August 8, 2009

Domain Names There have been many queries about keeping the details regarding the domain private and inaccessible to the Internet users. This service can be availed at a nominal extra cost. You need to ask your domain registrar to keep the information private.

Though, it is necessary for you to provide the personal information to your domain registrar.Once you opt for using private registration, you are enabled of hiding the WHOIS data from viewing by anyone over the internet.

Domain Security If you are the sole owner of a domain/website, you need to post ownership information which can be accessed by users using WHOIS lookup. But, if you choose for ID Protection service, your data would not be displayed over the Internet. You can filter the contacts for whom you wish to make the information of your domain accessible. This service helps to stay away from unwanted disturbances such as phone calls and E-mail Spams. With the ever increasing number of spam and online threats, these services have been a priority of most of the individuals. There are multiple softwares available in the market that can search the domain registration databases for email addresses and other contact information.

There are several web hosting providers that offer the private domain registration facility. They allow you to register a domain keeping your information private. Ofcourse there is an additional nominal charge to that.

whois Domain Tools You may have come across certain scenarios when you haven’t shared your e-mail address with anyone or haven’t any online forms on anyof the websites and still receive unwanted E-mails also termed as SPAM’s, in that case most of the miners get this information from WHOIS lookup. You may opt for the private registration service to avoid this from happening in future, this can help you with your privacy issues.

Since you need to supply valid contact information with your domain name registration, it may be worth the extra money to ensure that this information is not used inappropriately.

There have been several cases where site owners were harassed by visitors to their site who found their home phone numbers using a domain search tool. If you are concerned about this , a private registration can be a great way to deal with such occassions.