An Overview of Windows ASP.Net 3.5 Hosting.

By | August 4, 2009

Previous versions of ASP.Net too used to offer many good quality useful features, but their 3.5 version includes applications which has added majorly to the popularity of ASP.Net which a platform for development.

ASP Logo The Merge tool of ASP.Net is among the latest features added to the list. This tool has helped Web Hosting service providers to merge the assemblies that were pre-compiled previously. There are many features as stated below that have been added to ASP.Net 3.5.

a) An Integrated AJAX Support.

ASP AJAX Hosting b) An IntelliSense for ASP.Net Ajax and Java.

c) It offers an improved design time experience.

d) ASP.Net 3.5 offers new and advanced Data Controls.

LINQlogo e) LinqData Source Control

f) Offers a Support for LINQ

The inclusion of Integrated AJAX Support into ASP.Net 3.5 hosting offers added advantages: a) The interface has been designed such that its quicker to respond.

b) The all new neutrality of language has been introduced.

c) It assures that the system memory isn’t over-loaded.

d) Un-required web server hits have been decreased.

e) Based on Real time, the Web pages get updated.

f) The delivery time of Web pages have an increased rate.

The other addition to the Web Hosting support is the AJAX Control Toolkit. It makes the use of code sample and a SDK. This is beneficial from a web hosting providers perspective, as it enables them to make a website more appealing visually. An aesthetic appeal can be simply added to the webpages with the use of the tools.

The ASP.Net application services and web services such as Membership, Authentication, Management, Profiles etc. too are supported.

ASP.NET 3.5 Hositng enables web hosts to create websites that enable AJAX for ASP.Net. The user is also gains a privilege to create websites which enable ASMX and WCF using Microsoft AJAX Library.

DataPager and ListView too are included in with the new Data Controls of ASP.Net 3.5. The ListView enables users to Create, Read, Update,Delete functions, also termed as CRUD operations. Users can also page and sort data. Due to the flexible controllability, users have the access to controls such as Datagrid, Gridview, Repeater and similar.