An Overview of VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI is a short form of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, which is a technology developed as a utility for managing web hosting services within a data center. This technology basically designed for providing better manageable environment with desktop, better security, supervision with easy operation of help-desk. Almost all of know about the widely used virtualization technology which provided the cheap vps hosting as a more reliable and cost effective web hosting service option for webmasters. Similarly Virtualization also provided benefits to web hosting services providers by saving lot of things terms of energy, electricity, space (rack-space) and better manageable web servers. VDI is a technology which is also related to Virtualization and it allows a user to have full control to end users of desktops, applications and data which is accessed directly from data center but still it can be experienced like their own personal desktop.
For a webmaster it is very essential task to keep desktop systems updated with the latest required versions of softwares and applications, drivers, security systems and other required stuff. Without using a VDI this all is done by creating images manually which contains operating system, applications, drivers, security arrangements and other critical stuff making it very much time consuming. If any mistake happens while creating these images one can face a lot of errors while deploying them, which will waste more time, efforts and also money. But with the use of VDI image creation and management can be done in more improvised and predefined manner, because you need not to create the image manually.
VDA also allows any legacy hardware of external devices to accessed and used without any interruption. Security provided with VDA is up to the mark as with VDA integration your desktop data get the protection of firewalls. Speedy deployment of applications with better management, time and cost cutting, end user satisfaction with the minimum possible errors are the main features a data center can get by adopting Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

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