An Overview of Various Types Of Web Hosting in India

Web Hosting is not so old concept here in India.There are newer concepts and techniques being introduced in the industry of Web Hosting day-by-day.There is a large increase seen in the sector E-commerce services.It is important to be aware of various types of web hosting services offered by the Web Hosting providers.

Web Hosting Types and its explanation

There are numerous numbers of Web Hosting services offered by Web Hosting Providers, among those below are the four basic types of Server Hostings:

Types Of Web Hosting

1.Dedicated Server Hosting
2.Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting)
3.Reseller Web Hosting
4.Shared Server Hosting

1.Dedicated Server Hosting: Different people refer Dedicated Server Hosting as Dedicated Internet Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Server Hosting etc. but they all mean the same. In this type of Web Hosting, web hosts offer two different types of dedicated hosting services namely Managed Dedicated Servers and Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting. In this type of hosting, the client is the sole owner of the server.They are allowed to use the server as per their requirements (as per the terms of service).You get complete admin access of the server. This type of service is more often opted by large websites and organisations.A dedicated server offers the optimum level of security over the Internet.A web hosting provider offers a basic server configuration as default,but upon request they can custimize it as per your requirements.

2.Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting): VPS Hosting is also referred as Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting (VDS). In this, using a virtualisation software Virtual Partitions are created on a physical server. Certain resources are allocated to each partition. A VPS shared similarity with Dedicated Server Hosting, as in this too you get root or admin access to the server. This only difference the amount of resources. A VPS is lot cheaper than Dedicated Server, hence is widely preferred for hosting website/s. Depending on the hosting provider, you can get flexible upgrade options with a VPS.Which means, when you are almost up with the allocated resources, you can contact the hosting provider and without any effort upgrade to a higher VPS that offers more resources.

3.Reseller Web Hosting : Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which the you do not have much privileges as that of a Dedicated server of VPS. This can be an ideal option for mid-sized websites that do not require much resources for its functionality.

4.Shared Web Hosting: Probably Shared Web Hosting is one of the widely used types of web hosting types. In this type of hosting there are multiple customer accounts set up on a single physical.The resources of a single physical server are shared by all the websites hosted on a server. This type of hosting service is ideal for small websites. By small websites,I mean websites that do not receive much traffic and hence the resources required are less. This type of web hosting is the cheapest types of hostings offered by web hosting provider.

There are basically two types of platforms offered by web hosting providers for the purpose of hosting your websites, namely Linux and Windows.

Other than the four basic types of Web Hosting services, there are numerous types of hosting offered. Below is a list of few:

a) Clustered Web Hosting: The clustering technology was developed to eliminate certain problems involved with Shared Web Hosting. This technology offers customers with cluster handling of security, load balancing etc.

b) Blog Hosting Service: Blogware or Weblog or blogging software is a type of software that consists of specialized form of Content Management System specifically designed for the creation and maintenance of blogs.

c)Image Hosting: An Image hosting service is offered by web hosting providers for the purpose of enabling users to upload and save images on the Internet. The host provides a dedicated server space of the server for you to save your images.

d)Video Hosting: In this type of hosting, you are alloted a bit higher server resources of the server than that of Image hosting account. Similar to Image hosting, you are provided with FTP account via which you can upload your videos to the server. You can then share your videos with individuals that are permitted by you.

e) E-mail Hosting: An E-mail hosting service is a type of hosting where an individual is offered a Web Mail service by web hosting service provider.

f) Game Server Hosting: Game server hosting is one of the most preferred type of web hosting types these days.There are more and more people that are signing up for these servers due to the ever increasing boom in the gaming industry. By leasing such a server you are capable of installing a computer game of your choice onto the server, this enables you to multiplayer gaming. With a game Server you get web based tools to help control and configure the servers.

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