An Overview of the internet Advertising.

Traditional Advertising methods and technology has almost dried up now, people are generally more attracted towards Internet or Online advertising. Compares to other forms of advertising , TV, billboards Internet advertising proves to be better in all ways i.e. Money as well as advertisingeffectiveness. The price of setting up a TV commercial Ad or a billboard is lot more than Internet Advertising.

This type of advertising has evolved due to the increase of internet day by day. People tend to be online as much as they can, it is the best way to reach people when they are online, you can reach unlimited number of the clients by this technique.

Online Advertising :
Online advertising uses the medium of the internet and worldwide web to reach the customers. It is divided into several other parts which includes Contextual ads on the search engines result pages, banner Ads, Rich media  Ads, Social network advertising, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing as well as e-mail spam.

Why it is preferred over conventional methods?

As the days are passing on world is moving towards more advanced technologies, companies all over the world have a greatly benefited from its capabilities to simultaneously delivery of the message around the globe. Teenagers are the best customers, almost all keep themselves online, reaching them at the maximum, internet is the best way. Also as the expense of shopping around in the malls, streets is also increased which include cost of fuels, and the most important is time, internet advertising can save a lot of this. People can shop from their house by online shopping, online ads attract the potential customers and the links take them to the shopping sites where they can buy the product; this is just one possibility explained.

Advantages of the internet advertising contains:

Immediate publishing of the content over the web.
Online advertising makes it possible to serve the ads at much faster rate, do not have wait to set up an ad for a long time.
It has no limit across the borders.
Manageable cost.
The client can see how much user have viewed the Ad.
Customization of the advertisement which includes the content and websites.
Payment also includes according to the audience response.

Online advertising has made a great influence on the minds of the users, this field is growing at the speed of light. People in the coming days will get more attracted towards internet and Online ads.

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