An Overview Of Syndication Feed For Your Website

By | January 24, 2011

Many of us have heard about the syndication process of a website. Near about each website updates new content after a specific time interval, which causes for the feed and the same feed is called as syndication feed. I the past these were used with the blog so that people can know the recent content on that particular blog. Being successive on a large scale they very soon spread to websites. As syndication can help to each type of websites they are used almost all type of websites such as by news sites to alert people by latest breaking news, by picture and video websites to inform about latest uploads, Web Hosting services providers to inform webmasters about recent releases.

A syndication feed is in the form of static XML file which is created automatically when any new content is added. I can be also as a dynamic web page which includes latest updated items and omits the appropriate XML markup. A programmer need to use classes in 'System.ServiceModel.Syndication' to generate the syndication feed output on a web page. So the precaution of not interfering with the master page is necessary while doing this. After the creation of syndicated feeds page, one need to remove all the other content from that particular .aspx page. The only code exists should be of @Page directive.