An Overview of RAID Levels. Part -II

Carried forward from last post, we will overview the remaining levels of RAID in this post.

  • RAID-6: This level have similarities of RAID-5 but this comes with extra second parity scheme which is distributed across different drives. The level offers very high fault-tolerance as well as drive-failure tolerance.
  • RAID-7: This level of RAID comes with a real-time embedded OS which works as a controller. It also performs caching via high-speed bus as well as provided facility of stand-alone computer.
  • RAID-10: After looking at the features one can easily come to know the RAID-10 is nothing but the combination of RAID-0 and RAID-1 as a result this level offers higher performance than RAID-1 but your also should be prepared to pay more amount for that. There are two subtypes can be found in RAID-10. In first one data is organized as stripes across multiple disks and then those striped disk sets are mirrored. In second subtype the data is mirrored and those mirrors are striped.
  • RAID-50: (or RAID-5+0): This level is carried with the series of RAID-5 level and striped in RAID-0, this made it possible to achieve improvement in performance without compromising anything with the data security.
  • RAID-53: (or RAID-5+3): This level consist of striping for RAID-3 virtual disk blocks with higher performance than the RAID-3 but for a higher cost.
  • RAID-S: This level is a substitute proprietary method which consist of of striping parity RAID from EMC Symmetrix which is not in use currently. It appears very similar to RAID-5 but with a little bit performance enhancement achievement. This level is also know for having a high-speed disk cache on the disk array. This level is also called as Parity RAID

So above we reviewed different levels available and can be provided as a RAID features, hence its important for webmasters who are going to select Dedicated Server Hosting for their websites, to analyze their requirements and ask for the suitable RAID lever from their prospective Web Hosting Services provider.

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