An Overview of R1Soft (CDP) – Ultimate Back-up solution

By | March 31, 2012

If you run a business oriented website then security is the area which needs to be specially taken care of. Backup is one of most important tasks on your website hosting account because it is the only hope for getting all your data back in disastrous situations like website got hacked, data is stolen away keeping your website totally empty, corruption in databases or data lost due to human errors. R1Soft is a backup solution for the organizations which want to backup daily change which happens in between the two backups performed. It is also well known as cheap and highly reliable disk to disk server backup application for both Windows Server and Linux server, this utility is known as CDP (Continuous Data Protection) in Web Hosting Services industry.

Conventional backup solutions are found with certain limitations especially when the data needs to be protected continuously. In these old type of backup solutions the total data of a server is needed to be backed up at each time you need to perform a backup. This causes the load on your server to rise and such large files become difficult to manage, you need more disk space for it. R1Soft came up with the backup solution which is capable of detecting files which have been changed since you performed your last backup, and it only takes the backup of such files. R1Soft overwrites such changed files only and saves not only disk space but also the other resources on your web hosting account. Furthermore for reducing the size of the data backed up compression technology is used efficiently which further makes improvement in speed while the backup and restoration process goes on.

According to the official website of ‘R1Soft’ near about over 200,000 mission critical Windows and Linux servers use R1Soft’s high performance disk to disk server backup software around the world.