An Overview Of Meta Tag and It’s Use.

After competing the process of domain registration and making your website live on the Internet, search engine crawlers visits it frequently. The main purpose behind these frequent visits is to collect the information of your website and classify it for indexing in the search result pages. Crawlers collects all the data about all the webpages of a website and send to the database and later on it is forwarded to the search engines for indexation. These crawlers use a specific technique to collect the data about webpages. Meta tags of any webpage is an important element of any web page as a proper Meta tag can play a crucial role in getting high rankings in the search results. Meta tag not viewable by the human visitors and only made for search engine crawlers. The information related to Meta tag is placed in the ‘<head>’ area of the HTML code of the webpage. Though Meta tag is a very simple thing to create by one should also take care of not making overuse of it by inserting lots of keywords within it, this may affect inversely as it is treated as spamming according to search engine policies.

Following is the typical format of a simple Meta tag

<title>title of website</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”description of website”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”1st keyword, 2nd keyword, 3rd keyword, 4th keyword, 5th keyword”>

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