An Overview of Linux Web Hosting and LAMP technology

By | July 9, 2009
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Linux Web Hosting itself explains that it is hosting websites on the most popular and most powerful server ie. Linux server. High-quality web applications i.e. Linux Apache MySQL and PHP (LAMP) are used in Linux web hosting solutions.

Linux is registered under GNU General Public License hence it is an open-source software, therefore Linux web hosting solutions can be available at cheap rates as there are licensing fees that need to be paid. This isn’t the case with Windows, you need to pay licensing fees with every purchase of the OS.

One can avail of good benefits with Linux Web Hosting services. With it, web hosting providers offer many powerful and useful web applications that are very easy to use, a person with limited or no webmaster skills can easily manage the Linux hosting account/s.

Linux has gained popularity due to its stability in the hosting environment, which is one of the major reasons people prefer the Linux platform. Major website-related tasks can be handled quite effectively with Linux web hosting. These plans are much cheaper than its competitor.

Understand the LAMP technology

LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. These applications are one of the most popular web applications. Each of them is renowned due to their extreme power and their ability to effectively adapt to web hosting. This technology is well known due to its usability, stability, reliability, and a variety of other features. The MySQL database and PHP scripting language are the most preferred applications.

Linux is a lot similar to Unix, as it is registered under the GNU General Public License, which means that it is freely available. Its source code can be easily modified and the modified versions can be redistributed. Linux can be extensively used on Web Servers, Desktop PCs, Mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Linux web servers are extremely reliable and stable systems, it has the capability to handle an extensive range of applications. Due to Linux being an open-source application, webmasters from across the globe keep upgrading it with the latest technologies. This enables Linux users to get these new features for free. There are no licensing fees that need to be paid for these updated versions.

In this technology, the Apache HTTP server comes second in the list. It is one of the most highly used HTTP servers across the globe. As a matter of fact, almost 50% of the existing websites use Apache. Most of the common and mostly used scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, etc. are supported by Apache.

In addition to that, modules such as mod_auth, mod_auth_digest, mod_access, mod_digest, etc. are supported by Apache. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), TLS (Transport Layer Security), and Proxy modules too are supported by Apache. Virtual Hosting which is a type of web hosting can be easily possible using Apache.