An Overview of AJAX Technology.

By | July 21, 2009

Web application are very interesting to build. But most of the web application and too slow and the user gets bored up waiting for the reply from the server. This is the reason why AJAX is here. You just click on the AJAX driven application and you get the result at the moment without the lag time


Ajax is a shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a group of interrelated technologies used on client side. Using this technology the applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously. It does not disturb the behavior of the existing page. No need to refresh time to time. Due to the use of AJAX the web application are now fully decorated with animations.

What technologies form AJAX?

HTML and CSS which is helpful in styling.

DOM (Document Object Model) with JavaScript for dynamic display and interaction

XML, XSL for manipulation and data interchange

Ajax is not a new technology, instead it is a new way of looking towards web applications, a technology that is stable and mature.


Features of Ajax.

Asynchronous content loading:

With the use of this technology you don’t have refresh the webpage now and then. It ensures that applications can exchange data with the server, independent of the loading and reloading of the entire web page. Hence the result is very interactive and interesting which ties the users to the applications.

Increased interactivity:

Using the AJAX toolbox the developers can build RIA( Rich Internet Application). The visitors will just love the type of interactive application they are using. Such application render fast.

Reduced loading time.

Applications developed using this technology needs less time to load since only a part of the site is loaded at a time. This helps to reduce the server traffic as well, bandwidth usage is less and website performs well

One thing which should be remembered is that the Ajax is not supported by every browsers. It requires JavaScript, It means that it will not run in the devices and the browsers that does not support JavaScript