Affiliate Business vs. Reseller Business

Affiliate Program is becoming a great weapon to promote web hosting services on the internet as an affiliate himself becomes a promoter of hosting business for his own profits. An affiliate can earn a good income if he works hard and succeed to arrange few big deals between hosting company and hosting clients. Web Hosting providing companies have developed a tracking system through which they generate a unique links for each affiliate which is further used for developing business of that particular affiliate. There are few methods which one has to understand before signing up for a affiliate program. Unlike a Reseller Hosting customer, there is no need to become a existing customer of that web hosting company for being eligible to become a affiliate program. In reseller hosting you need to purchase the hosting services from a web hosting providing company and then you can resell those services to another hosting clients, but affiliate business can be started with zero investment.

There are number of affiliate programs available on the internet from which you just need to calculate the output and select the best paying affiliate program. In other aspect of this business you also need to be sure about the service quality provided by that particular web hosting provider company because you only receive your commission until the customer refereed by you stays with the web hosting provider company. Most of the web hosting companies provides banners to make advertising easy for affiliate member. Affiliate member has to place this banner on targeted traffic generating websites backed by unique affiliate link assigned for his own account.

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