Advantages of using VPS Hosting –

By | June 24, 2019

The incredible advantages of VPS Hosting For Your Website or Business

Starting a business?  A website is what you need to establish a global presence.  Once you finalize a website design, you will be looking next to web hosting. Although there are various choices available today, which ones suit you the best? Let us walk you through one of the best affordable and reliable choices available, VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server.

First, let us talk about what a server is.

To put it simply a server is a very powerful computer that stores all of your Data files used to create your website.  When someone is looking for you using your domain name, they are redirected to that powerful machine.  Coming to VPS the server is split using virtual technology to make multiple virtual servers.

The server runs a custom OS with root access for the administrator, a pre-specified amount of RAM, and has secure shell access for remote administration. A VPS hosting is a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting.

Advantages of using VPS Hosting

Now let us find out why and how this will benefit you.

  • Increased Stability

VPS significantly increases stability and reliability over other forms of hosting. Unlike traditional hosting, VP Servers are completely isolated from each other and very few servers are hosted on every node. This ensures optimal uptime and increased performance.

  • Total Control

The best part about going for VPS hosting is that you have full root access to the server ensuring total control. This is handy when you need a customized software installed or tweak the system to fit your requirement.

Other hosting options like shared or dedicated are optimized for security and performance, which means no installing popular Softwares for obvious security reasons. Having root access to your own Virtual Private Server helps you bypass this limitation.

  • Contribute to reducing your Carbon Footprint

The use of Green Eco-friendly technologies is gaining wide importance due to obvious reasons. It is crucially important to do your part to make sure your Carbon Footprint is as minimal as possible.

When using a dedicated server, you are utilizing all the resources of the machine. This means you alone are consuming a lot of power. However, with a virtual private server, a large dedicated server is divided into different virtual environments using virtualization technology, ensuring multiple users share the resources of that physical server reducing unnecessary power consumption.

  • Instant Resource Scaling

If you are just starting out and hope of growing into a significantly larger business being able to instantly scale up your resources without any downtime or lag is of dire importance.

When you opt for Virtual servers, your environment is hosted within a container. This container is allocated a specific amount of resources depending on the packages you purchase. The advantage of these containers is that more resources can easily be allocated with ease, whenever you need them.

For example, if you are expecting a high surge in the number of visitors you can simply increase the number of RAM’s with the click of a button

  • Cost-Effectiveness

VPS hosting solutions are very cost-effective. Prices are tailored according to client-specific needs. Due to advancement in virtualization technology, the prices are only expected to go even down in the future due to this VPS hosting has become a favored choice among most business owners.

In a nutshell, VPS hosting brings together a variety of benefits for your business website. It is an inexpensive option for resource scaling, flexibility, features, and controls and could play a vital role in reducing the cost to business and help your business grow.

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