Advantages of Softaculous over Fantastico

By | November 18, 2010

These days lot of discussions are going on superiority of ‘Softaculous over Fantastico. As Softaculous covers more recent updates it is more favorite of not only the webmasters as a consumers but also of many web hosting companies as providers. As Softaculous has 150 scripts which are dehighlighting the Fantastico which has near about 50 only.

I would like to share some important features of ‘Softaculous’ which keeps it much ahead in the race with ‘Fantastico’

  • Has much more scripts than Fantastico
  • More User friendly than Fantastico
  • Less time consuming Installation
  • Ability to Import scripts which are already manually installed
  • Ability to install Javascript Libraries
  • Ratings from the users who already have used by others are viewable.
  • Ability to take backup of applications
  • Overwrite option for already existing files.

As a statement from Softaculous, they will keep on adding more software applications into their catalog. Currently shared hosting owners are redirecting to Softaculous on a very large scale.