Advantages Of Hosted Desktop And Desktop Virtualization

By | March 28, 2011

We know, mainly virtualization is connected with either Windows VPS or Linux VPS services, but as far as typical web hosting services are concerned from people’s point of view, they always think of number of websites on a single web server but in Desktop virtualization process it is not necessary to decrease number of computers and contract the things in to a single server. Reduction in the cost of infrastructure and management required to server maintenance is one of the most important feature of Desktop virtualization. Through manageable desktop environment, modified provision of systems and other devices of client side one can notice the benefit of Desktop virtualization and additionally the important factor like bandwidth is used in more improved manner. Upgrades are easily possible and available to servers in terms of storage and network stuff very easily.

A user uses data and applications from the similar server on which is running and streaming those applications and data, and this allows it to provide improved security to the applications as well as an improvement in transmission of desktop processed workload from client side to the hosted location. Adopting to virtualization also enable to client to split up any important or confidential data and applications and make it secure from any type of suspicious and unauthorized offends. Different level of security patches and permissions can be assigned to virtual machines by network administrators.