A Look At The Entirety of Cloud Computing: The Digital Cloud


When an Information Technology specialist hears a customer mention eNlight Cloud Hosting, it certainly puts a smile on the IT expert’s face. Obviously, the customer puts a lot of stock into the IT expert’s knowledge and ability to understand their concerns. It is also the responsibility of the Information Technician to discuss the different platforms and help the customer make the right decision. Of course, some specialist will always recommend the Cloud over anything else, regardless of the customer’s specific situation. This is obviously not good for the customer, but it also hurts the credibility of IT experts all around.

The Hype of the Cloud

There is a lot of hype surrounding private cloud computing, since it has the ability to push making decisions at business meetings. An enterprise, which is run by a single individual, might find it easier to do business with a single cloud provider, in order to avoid making a major investment in building their own IT interface. Of course, business people aren’t the only ones, as single people and regular individuals are also compelled by the overall idea of the cloud. Although it can definitely help businesses, individuals can also benefit from this wonderful technology.

The Cloud Concept

When you really break it down, the idea can be explained, as if it were a shuttle bus. Obviously, one single individual would prefer to own the bus and hire each and every one of the crew members, while also planning the bus’s schedule. Although some individuals may be able to support this idea, it is obviously not ideal and will immediately be ridiculed. Much of this has to do with the cheapness of the other options. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to hop on a bus, with a cheaply priced ticket? These big shuttle bus corporations have made the process simpler for the customer, by handling everything on their own, including managing expensive buses and overseeing the activity of their workers. With this possibility, there is really no need for the individual to own the aircraft, since they can travel for cheaper, with a simple ticket.

On the other hand, you could break down cloud orchestration and relate it to the technology and electricity, which is used in our homes each and every day. Obviously, massive power plants and generation centers have a lot of different technologies, buildings and employees to manage at one. However, the customer never has to worry about all of this stuff, since it is already taken care of for them. The entire process is simplified for the customer, who only needs to pay their monthly bill, in order to maintain electricity in their homes.

The History

When you really look at the history of hybrid cloud hosting, you will see that the idea began, by using software as a type of service, which is generally referred to as SaaS. In these specific cases, the service provider will setup their applications and allow the consumer to pay for them on a pay-per-use basis. Although this initially started with the consumer paying to access the individual application, it has now expanded and given the consumer the ability to pay for entire server control. When operating in this manner, it is normally referred to as PaaS.

When it comes down to it, you should really look at the definition of cloud computing, which was offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The NIST suggest that Cloud computing is nothing more than a service, which offers on-demand access to a server. This offers the computer resources to the consumer, while the service provider has to maintain little interaction with either. When it is broken down, the Cloud orchestration model contains five different characteristics, including on-demand service, full network access, pooling of resource, elasticity, and a service, which is measured. On the other hand, the cloud server can be used in three different ways, as a software, platform or infrastructure.

Throughout the years, everyone has benefited from having the ability to create and share documents online, but cloud computing has made the process much more efficient and straight forward. Many are worried about the overall security of this type of infrastructure, but people are able to communicate and collaborate regardless of their geographical differences, which is definitely convenient.

Of course, this is not the only reason that the eNlight Cloud Solutions has become so overwhelmingly popular. It is also the overall cost of the service, which attracts different customers. On the other hand, the universal access of the cloud has also impressed and enticed many individuals to sign up. The ability to easily manage a massive amount of data is certainly enough to draw anyone, who is interested in Internet Technologies.

The Future of The Cloud

With the ability to edit and share documents online through cloud-based applications, the entire process has changed dramatically. In fact, the simple process of storing and sharing documents has taken on a whole new level. While there is some criticism due to security concerns, it is still very effective and allows individuals to share a large amount of data, at once. In fact, these individuals can use cloud apps, as a way to share textual information, documents, video and audio. With the cloud hosting, it is not a major concern, when it comes to the overall size of the documents, which was a problem in the past. Therefore, you will likely see this technology improve and gain popularity in the next few years.

Still, cloud computing has not taken the world, like a storm in the night. It has gone through adaptations and enhancement over the past few years, in order to improve and make it more reliable for users. The service has certainly become much more available and is beginning to make itself more visible in the IT world, which certainly makes it difficult for businesses, corporations and even the individual person to rule it out of their budgets. Of course, it is still likely that the cloud computing service will continue to thrive and grow, as it is updated and enhanced on a regular basis.

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