6 Reasons You Need Windows VPS Hosting

6 Reasons You Need Windows VPS Hosting – Host.co.in

Windows VPS Hosting

Are you confused as to why your website is not able to meet the needs of your customers? This is very common, but the reason behind this is what people cannot expect. Hosting platform is one sure reason behind the problem you are facing. If you want serious growth and fulfill the needs of your customers then go for Windows VPS hosting It offers benefits of both dedicated as well as shared hosting which can surprise you.

Website dependency

Since the last decade, online commerce is prevailing. If your business is such that requires your website to be 100% efficient all time then you are risking yourself by choosing a hosting plan which will not deliver as per standards you require. Go for Virtual Private Server offering numerous benefits.

Slow loading of the website

While handling the traffic volume, your website may be slow enough sometimes. This problem is a high-class problem. In such a case, choose VPS hosting because the virtual machines are not affected by the traffic demands of other websites which can be expected in shared hosting.

Rapid Growth

It is not possible to predict the needs of your website in the next 8 to 12 months, but at least we can analyze our growth. But, buying a dedicated server can prove to be a wrong decision as it can be constraining if your website continues to grow. With VPS plan, you can get the flexibility you require for your growth without paying some huge overheads monthly.

Demand subjected to high variability

Businesses which are seasonal experience traffic spike during their seasonal time. For example, e-commerce websites during the sale, wedding seasons etc. have their own set of business cycle expecting traffic during their time of business. Here, in this case, VPS is a perfect solution as additional virtual machines can be quickly and easily added in order to support the increasing traffic.

Online revenue generation

If more than 200% of your revenue is from online platforms, then you should go for VPS hosting as you cannot afford your website to be down or lose your customers due to slow loading of the website. Choosing a VPS plan is beneficial as you can expect high performance and 100% uptime which will eventually enable you to have a high conversion rate.

Time investment on managing server loads

Options of management are always open, even if there are not present in a specific VPS plan. Two standard level of management is included in applied innovations along with a long list of management services. The learning curve can be eliminated if you are planning to upgrade from shared to VPS. Instead of hiring a developer or a system administrator, a VPS plan is a fraction of the cost of hiring.

The above points are just a part of a long list. Consider these points while upgrading your plan to VPS hosting. One can even carry out a periodic audit of the business to determine when the right time to upgrade to VPS hosting.

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