4 Advantages of Using Frontity for Your WordPress Projects

By | March 2, 2021

Your aim as the owner of a website is surely to make it fast and compatible with search engines that will make visitors want to keep coming back. WordPress offers you all of these features, but it also provides its services to 40% of the web. That puts you smack in the middle of a rat race that can be hard to stand out from.

If you do want to highlight your website from the rest, you can choose to add a framework like Frontity. A rather modern framework that is React-based, Frontity was mapped out specifically to be compatible with WordPress. Hence, it provides a lot of benefits for your WordPress website.

Let’s get a better idea about what Frontity entails and why it is a great asset for your WordPress projects.

What is Frontity?

Frontity is React’s open-source framework. It helps you construct a React-based front end for WordPress.org or WordPress.com.

Usually, WordPress creates HTML employing a theme that is entirely based on PHP templates. However, when the decision to merge the WordPress core with (REST) the Representational State Transfer was implemented it eradicated reliance on the PHP rendering engine. This introduced a world of new possibilities to web developers that included using frameworks like Frontity to build front-end websites.

Your website on WordPress will deliver its data after you have set up Frontity through the REST API. Creating, reading, updating, and deleting (CRUD) your WordPress pages, posts as well as custom post types, can all be done via API. This enables developers to put in and pull out data from WordPress.

Frontity works both as a framework and as a substitute rendering engine for your WordPress website. Frontity frameworks are commonly used nowadays to split the front end from the content. This makes headless CMS- Content Management System on WordPress easier for developers to use.

Advantages of Using Frontity for Your WordPress Projects

1. Frontity Is Easy to Set Up

It is extremely easy to build a WordPress website using Frontity. It is a dream for the ones who want to speed up their project online or for those who have no experience with React framework configuration.

Once you have installed Node.js and set up WordPress, you can proceed to build a Frontity project using just one command. All you need to do is open a Terminal or Command Prompt on your device, and put in the following command:

npx frontity create my-project

Next, you need to pick a theme for your project. Once you make your choice, Frontity will duplicate the theme you choose and make all the Frontity files needed, as well as install all the dependencies you might require. After some time you’ll receive a message from the Frontity project. Congratulations, you’ve just made your very first Frontity project!

A test website built through the React framework by Frontity.

Frontity can help you create and launch a web application by using Frontity in five simple steps. This has been very well received by the WordPress community.

A personal state manager is part of the Frontity React framework that utilizes Emotion for CSS. It basically means you don’t need to know technologies like Redux to use the Frontity framework. This allows you to focus entirely on creating your project without any other worry in mind.

2. There Is a 100% Focus on WordPress

Frontity being designed particularly for WordPress makes it rise head and shoulders above its competitors. Frontity’s entire framework is built to be compatible with both WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Choosing Frontity means you can forgo the manual configuration needed to put a React framework to use with WordPress. It will improve your user experience while saving your time.

Gatsby.js and Next.js are React-based frameworks that are not solely designed for WordPress but are still compatible with it.

In case you choose to combine your WordPress project with a different web development framework, you’ll need to manually optimize and configure it. Additional tools installation might also be required.

3. You Have the Freedom to Use Modern Web Development Tools

To access your WordPress content from outside its framework, REST API interface is used by Frontity. This allows you to find and use the front-end tooling most compatible with your project. It also helps you display your content in a wide variety of ways that go beyond the ones that WordPress was built to support.

The flexibility Frontity offers, go beyond content creation. You can keep updating your approach as the project goes on. Frontity’s framework allows you to create a headless project. On WordPress, you would have had to manage several tasks like server rendering, recovering data from WordPress, and routing. Frontity allows you this flexibility without the added efforts.

4. You Can Continue Using the Familiar WordPress Back End

A majority of frameworks that are in demand have a lot of beneficial features. However, to subscribe to its long-term benefits, you need to pay its short-term cost.

Several of these frameworks need you to have an understanding of certain concepts, tools, and technologies. While this knowledge can be beneficial long term, in the short term this could hamper your productivity as it demands copious amounts of time and effort.

Frontity React framework allows you to use the WordPress back end that you’re already well-acquainted with. Whatever changes you choose to make on the WordPress dashboard will automatically be reflected on the front end of your project. Hence, transitioning to Frontity can be easily done while keeping up your productivity.

  • Conclusion

WordPress development is an extremely fierce business. Hence, the use of Frontity can help boost your WordPress projects to rise above the competition.

There are several reasons for Frontity to be embraced by the WordPress community. Frontity can enhance the visitor experience by increasing your website’s performance. A website that is performing well is beneficial for SEO, as one of the main factors Google takes into account is the amount of time required to load the website.

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