Monthly Archives: December 2016

IoT security: Challenges and tips for securing IoT

Internet of Things continues to increase across enterprises globally to unlock new business values. According to Gartner, around 6.4 billion connected devices will be used this year increasing to 20 billion by the end of 2020. As more and more organizations are availing the benefits of Internet of Things to gain a competitive advantage in… Read More »

Transformation of Commerce with Internet of Things

Even the most inane technology is becoming smart day by day starting from fitness trackers to coffee makers. This is just the beginning. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything, changing the way consumers are ordering coffee filters to manage home security. The very material of commerce is revolutionizing. As mentioned earlier, it is… Read More »

Witness the Revolution of Cloud Architecture

Cloud is no more the cherry on the cake. It is the whole cake that more and more organizations are interested in. Cloud is not an evolution of existing technology, but an actual revolution that has taken place in the world of technology.  Revolutions change the perception and redefine the meanings. Though cloud has evolved… Read More »

SQL Server Now Available on Linux

Hola!!  Scott Guthrie – Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft recently announced in a blog post the availability of SQL server on Linux. The target for availability is mid-2017. This extension of SQL server on Linux will enable customers to have more flexibility in data solutions. A consistent data platform will be created… Read More »

Importance of Website Uptime for Your Business

Uptime is the context of web server working properly and all time without any failures. Uptime is the most important measure to check the maintenance and quality of web hosting servers. If your website is unavailable or is inaccessible then probably your web server is down. Downtime can damage your business. The damage will vary… Read More »

DevOps Evaluation for Your Organization

Today we are in a world where we are surrounded by cloud and DevOps. Implementing DevOps is not a simple task.  Before implementing DevOps, an assessment should be carried out which will clearly tell if the organization will benefit from the changes or no. Even if trivial incremental changes are witnessed with DevOps it signifies… Read More »

Is Your Server Slowing Your Online Sales?

Everyone hates a slow website. In fact, the latest studies proves that if a website takes any longer than 5 to 6 seconds to load, the normal Internet user will be closing the tab and looking elsewhere for their desired answer. It will be like your potential customer leaving your site and going straight into… Read More »

The Importance of VPS Hosting for WordPress

The success of your marketing is supreme blogging. Writing a blog is all together a fun activity. Without it, you probably don’t have anything to promote on social media platforms, no interaction with your customers and leads, very few pages to convert your leads into hot clients and thus poor SEO. However, at the beginning… Read More »