Monthly Archives: February 2014

Avoid Excessive Server Consolidation

The term “server consolidation” has frequented the top of the agenda of those who are responsible for IT in organizations. To reduce the number of servers follow the desired reduction in energy costs and lower resource requirements for refrigeration equipment, besides the obvious space savings. It is understandable that the wave of consolidation has arrived… Read More »

IPv6, A Technical Challenge For The Internet

The Internet has become a fundamental part of society. Everything indicates that is here to stay and that each day will depend most. It is likely a future where the network and the computers will be invisible. They will be so integrated into our daily lives, disguised in everyday objects that we will not think… Read More »

How Do You Limit Your Web Hosting Plans?

Some time I have felt the need to update the plans that I offer to my clients. The reality today is that we live in a market that offers unlimited web hosting plans or plans with dozens gigabytes of space. Some offer only one plan, others offer 3 or 5. There are still those who… Read More »