Monthly Archives: December 2010

Domain name’s and it’s extension’s Role in your Business?

Selection of domain names is one of the most important processes of starting a business. Because of high saturation of many businesses and service providers of same type of product and services, the competition for the reliable and suitable domain names is getting tougher and tougher day by day. One need to run hard and… Read More »

Great Features of cPanel.

Simplicity:- The interface with the user is very easy for newbies also as there are very useful tutorials in the form of videos and on-screen help are available. This make cPanel one of the most popular among website hosting customers. Total Control:- After selecting cPanel you become master of your web server and it all… Read More »

Factors To Be Concerned Before Making Selection Of Unmanaged Hosting Services.

Majority of Webmasters think that its wise decision to go for managed web hosting services. And the reasons may be different behind ‘why they think so?’ Many webmasters are also businessmen and they can not spend much time in managing their servers and websites. Almost all the web hosting service providers provide 27 X 4… Read More »

Pros and Cons of vBulletin

vBulletin is considered to be one of the most powerful forum application available. Its loaded with all the latest forum features with easy to use control system. Vbulletin provides a platform to perform various activities at the same time with seamless integrated experience, Multi-Roles Control Panels, Search Engine Optimization, Security, Flexibility and User/Member Management. vBulletin… Read More »

How can I change the value of a PHP Setting?

You may apply customized PHP settings on a pre-folder using a local php.ini file. Below mentioned is an example to describe the same : If you require output_buffering set to OFF in a particular directory, you should log into your cPanel provided with web hosting account and go to the File Manager. There you need… Read More »