Monthly Archives: September 2008

How to install PHP 5 on IIS 6 server.

PHP stands for Hyper text Pre processor. PHP is  Dynamic web developing programming language. But it’s need to Configure on IIS windows Server with the following steps. 1> Download PHP version from 2> Extract the the ZIP file  which you have downloaded form and rename the php.inirecommended to php.ini. 3> copy that folder… Read More »

Database management through Plesk

A Word (Database) is a Collection Group of information that can be Easily Managed and Updated in database. Database can be classified in different type of Content. Exp:- numeric , plane text , images etc….. Microsoft structured query language, mySQL  is the Most Popular Software in Web hosting world. Microsoft structured query language:  Is a… Read More »

vpn server set up

  Virtual private network and routing remote access. VPN Stands for virtual private network it allows you to connect to your private network, via another network, such as the Internet. Users can connect to it by using VPN, and then access shared files on your local drive s or on your network. PPTP and L2TP… Read More »

How to Add a Domain in Plesk?

If you have decided to publish your website on the World Wide Web. You must to register a unique domain name. After completing domain registration process you can add domain name through Plesk control panel on a windows hosting. Plesk is easy and popular control panel for windows server hosting. First you need to login… Read More »