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Web Applications

You can use this option to install a number of different third-party web applications under your website, allowing you to reduce the amount of time you need to spend on setting up your website.

IP Addresses

You may have multiple IP addresses, both shared and dedicated, assigned to your Windows hosting account. Using this section of the Plesk control panel you will be able to manage each IP address and the network interface on which each IP address operates.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates encrypt the information that is passed between your website and a visitor's computer so that if hackers attempt to eavesdrop on the connection, any data that they are able to extract won't be of any use to them. Using this section you can generate a new CSR/signing request so that you can install a new SSL certificate on your website; existing SSL certificates can also be managed here.

Hotlink protection

Hotlinking occurs when an image hosted under your website is placed on a web page that is located under another website, without your permission. Every user that views the image in question on the offending website will be requesting it from your web hosting account, therefore meaning that it is your bandwidth that is being used.

Active Sessions

This will allow you to review any other users who are currently accessing your Plesk web hosting account.

Bandwidth Limiting

Using Bandwidth Limiting you can adjust the amount of bandwidth that a website is limited to, along with the number of simultaneous connections that are allowed.

IIS Application Pool

Applications pools are designed to keep individual applications confidential and secure from one another. In the case of a Plesk web hosting package, you will have your own application pool that can be managed through the control panel to keep your websites secure.

File Manager

The web-based file manager offers an alternative to FTP for managing the contents of your web hosting account by providing you with full access to your website's folder and file structure through the Plesk control panel. There may be circumstances under which you aren't able to access your web space through FTP, but need to make an amendment to a file; the file manager will allow you to add, edit and delete files and folders as you see fit.

FTP Accounts

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the primary method of file transfer used to upload documents and files to web hosting accounts from desktop computers. There are many different FTP clients available for a majority of desktop operating systems and you can create as many FTP accounts as you require with Plesk. You can limit the access that each FTP account has if necessary to a particular directory or to simply read or write only.

Password Protected Directories

If there is content to which you'd like to limit access then password protected directories can be setup to enable you to store this content in a location that is only accessible to users that have a username and password. Multiple users can be setup for each directory so that you won't have to provide a single password to multiple users. When a user attempts to access a password protected directory, their web browser will prompt them for the login information.

Virtual Directories

Virtual directories are a link to a physical directory that is part of your web hosting account and are often requirements of ASP.NET web applications in order for them to achieve full functionality. Virtual directories can have a number of custom settings applied that aren't available with physical directories, including specific permissions and ASP.NET settings. Each virtual directory can have its own individual configuration, which is why they are helpful with the development of ASP.NET web applications.

Control Panel Branding

Plesk can be branded to match your business if necessary. You can upload your business's logo to the control panel to replace the Plesk logo that appears at the top of every page; the title bar text can also be modified to display your business's name.

Web Statistics

Enabling Web Statistics will collect information about the visitors accessing your website as you can then use this data to offer content that is going to be more relevant to your visitors. You can use either Awstats or Webalizer to analyze the information including bandwidth usage, visitor information, number of hits and number of visits recorded for domains hosted under your account.

Resource Usage

You should always monitor the resources that you have available to use in your web hosting account as exceeding certain resource limits, such as bandwidth, could lead to your website becoming inaccessible. The Resource Usage feature of Plesk will provide you with a detailed report of the resources that you have allocated to your account and the amount that has been used; you will also be able to see the resources that have been assigned to an individual domain.

Traffic Usage

This section of Plesk will provide you with a detailed breakdown as to the traffic usage of the individual services that support your website and web hosting account, including FTP, HTTP and POP3/SMTP.

Log Manager

The Log Manager is the section of Plesk from which you can manage the settings related to log files and log rotations. From here you will be able to view, save and delete log files as you wish.

Mail Accounts

One of the key features of any web hosting account that any user will use is email hosting because utilizing email addresses under your domain name is one way in which you can portray a professional image to your customers over the internet. Email accounts created using the Plesk control panel can be accessed from desktop computers using the POP3 and IMAP protocols as well as from any internet-connected computer using the webmail application.

Redirects & Auto Responders

Email redirects are skeleton email addresses that don't have their own inbox, but instead forward the emails that they receive to another address that does have a physical inbox. These can be handy for situations where you wish to setup email addresses for different purposes, but would prefer for all emails to be filtered through to the same inbox. Auto responders can be setup so that whenever an email is sent to an address, an automatic response is sent back to the original sender; auto responders are usually used to send 'out of office replies' when someone isn't available to access their emails for a sustained period of time.

Mailing Lists

A mailing list can be setup for scenarios where you need to email a large group of people on a regular basis because entering a number of email addresses time and time again can often result in errors and the information in question not reaching the intended recipients; a mailing list can eradicate this because you will only need to enter the list of recipients once.

Virus Protection & Spam Filtering

One of the main ways in which viruses can be distributed is through email as hackers attach viruses to emails as unsuspecting attachments that victims then open, leading to their computer becoming infected; this option will check all incoming emails for viruses to protect yourself and users of your email accounts. Spam can also be a problem for many users and so you can also setup your own spam filtering rules as this will enable you to have full control over the emails that reach your inbox.


Webmail allows yourself and your users to manage your email accounts from any computer that has a web browser for when you don't have access to your own computer or desktop email client. To access the webmail interface for your email accounts, you will need to navigate to and login using the details for a particular email account.


Plesk provides a Domain Templates facility that can be used to simplify the process of adding a new website to your hosting account. When creating a domain template you will be able to specify a certain set of features and resource limits; each template can be used as many times as necessary, with the only limit being on the resources that you available in your web hosting account. The number of domains that you can host under your Plesk Windows shared hosting accounts will be dependent on the web hosting package that you purchase.

Virtual Host Template

If you would like every domain that is hosted under your Plesk web hosting account to follow the same directory structure and to include specific files then you this can be achieved by configuring virtual host templates. You can opt for one of these to be applied to a domain when you add it to your web hosting account so that a pre-defined directory and file structure is applied; this can be useful where you want the same error documents to be applied to all websites, for example.

Web Hosting Settings

This option controls specific settings related to PHP, ASP and ASP.NET as you can decide which domain has access to which language. You can also setup a dedicated pool for your ASP applications here.


A subdomain is an additional prefix that is assigned to your main domain name. For example, if the main domain name for a web hosting account was '', then a possible subdomain for this website would be ''; you can create as many subdomains as you like for your website using any names you wish as they can be good for the purposes of SEO and providing a more separated service for your content.

Domain Aliases

Domain aliases can be used to point multiple domains towards the same website/content under your web hosting account. Whereas adding each domain as a separate entity under your Windows shared hosting account would put you closer to your account's domain limit, a domain alias utilizes the website and content of one of the domain's already hosted.

DNS Settings

At the core of every domain name is a DNS zone file that contains every DNS entry for a domain name; DNS is there to translate human readable domains into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate with one another over the internet. Two examples of DNS records would be an A record that is simply used to resolve a name to an IP address, with another being an MX record which tells mail servers sending email to a domain name the servers to which the emails should be routed.

Site Preview

Quite often when you have recently changed a domain's name servers so that it will work with your new web hosting account, it can take several hours for the changes to take affect so that your new website is viewable under the domain; this process is known as 'domain propagation'. The Site Preview function of Plesk will allow you to view and interact with your website before propagation has completed if you need to perform testing or simply wish to ensure that your website works as desired.

Personal Data & Change Password recommends that you keep your personal information up-to-date in Plesk so that the control panel can contact you by email automatically if necessary. You should change your password on a regular basis to keep your web hosting account secure.


The Permissions page will outline the features that you have access to, as designated by your server administrators and your chosen web hosting plan.


Our Window shared web hosting plans support both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) databases. Using this option you can setup and configure your databases as you wish so that you can develop dynamic web applications to provide your visitors with a feature-rich experience. MySQL databases are recommended for PHP web applications, whilst MSSQL databases can be used as the database backend for ASP.NET web applications.

ODBC Data Sources

ODBC data sources include Microsoft SQL Server databases, Microsoft Access databases and MySQL databases. Applications written using ODBC data sources can be ported across systems with ease; when compared to web applications that have been developed using a single database application, ODBC can offer greater flexibility for web developers.

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