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Thread: How To Increase Your Site'e Google Page Rank..

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    Default How To Increase Your Site'e Google Page Rank..


    Are you also struggling to find an Answer to:
    How Do I Increase My Google Page Rank..?

    Here are few tips to gets your site on the first page of Google for certain Key words.

    Today Google has become a Gold Standard by which any one can put few words on a search bar and as a result they will get thousands of related sites to find some valuable information on the web. Google ranking for page shows the value of that page in web world. One wonders exactly how does this work and how can Google display hundreds of website so quickly..? The Answer is simple, Google has its own algorithm in which Google uses to index all the pages on Internet and rank them on basis of importance in the scale of 0-10. Where 0 is the lowest scale and 10 is ofcourse the top most.

    Tip #1
    Get as many back links as possible:

    The importance of a page is scaled on who many other web pages refer your page. More back links you can get of your site better the page rank you can get. Make sure that you have get back links from sites that are well indexed by Google and already occupy a good rank on Google. One back link from a page with rank 6 is better than several back links from a page with rank 4. Also make sure that you have back links from pages that shows related text to the keywords on your site.

    Tip #2
    Post on forums:

    Most of the forums allow you to have a signature with a link to your own site. If you post some useful information for other then you can attract allot of traffic if the forum has information related to your site. Even if it does not have it will still add credits to you and contribute in getting a better rank for your site.

    Tip #3
    Submit your site with high PR link directories:

    Submitting your site on search engine is a free way to get a link to your site. Most of the high Page Rank search engines provides a free services for a site to get submitted. This will allow you to increase your web presence by being listed on another search engine, and it will also be a free link. Remember the more links you have the higher your Page Rank will be.

    Tip #4
    Submitting to some strong article directories:

    Submitting to some strong article directories is a nice way of gaining some nice link strength. This will also allow you to generate new traffic for your site. You can include your signature in your article with a sales pitch to draw your viewers into your website and a link to your site that you want to advertise.

    Tip #5
    Post Comments on Dofollow Blogs:

    There are tons of Dofollow blogs available to post comments on. You will have to search for such blogs and post links in them but make sure that they are dofollow. As 100 link with nofollow is equal to 0 credits to your page and does not have any meaning to your page rank though it will increase your website traffic.

    Tip #6
    Constantly update your site:

    Do not keep your site static for too long. Try updating it will new articles so that Google bots have a habit to visit your site regularly. If you have s static site then Google bots will not visit your site that often. For this you can have a forums and/or blog with some useful and unique articles.

    Tip #7:
    Father Time:

    Time is your best friend and your enemy here. Although it has never been confirmed, rumor has it that the Google algorithm includes a system check in there for the length of time your web site or blog has been around. With good reason if you think about it. Thousands of website are created daily, many disappear after a month. It would be a strain on Google`s indexing system to constantly weed out these sites that never make it. Therefore, the longer a site has been around the favorably it is looked upon. So as you can see time is your friend if your site has been around awhile, and your enemy if it is fairly new.

    Things to avoid for a better Google Page Rank:

    1. Avoid too many external links:

    You should not have too many external links from your website. They will not only decrease your Google Page Rank but also get your pages sandboxed. The general idea of having external link is,
    A. You are selling link to boost the page rank for buyers.
    B. Your site is not very important as you are just connecting to external links.
    C. You are spam site that is trying to get all the benefit of your page rank.

    2. Broken links:

    You should not have any broken links on your site. This will decrease the value of your pages and so the page rank.

    So there you have some useful tips increase the Google Page Rank of your site.
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    Another Tip:

    You can also purchase few adds if you are ready to spend some $$$. As getting adds on the sites that has high page rank will definitely increase your PR as well as bring a good volume of traffic to your site.

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    Default To increase google page ranking

    One of the most effective ways to increase your perceived importance with Google is when other important sites think you are important. This is not really a new concept and we see this in advertising all the time. Companies pay ‘important people’ to endorse their products and the thought behind it is that if this important person finds the product useful then it must be good.

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    Smile Re: How To Increase Your Site'e Google Page Rank..

    Thanks for the tips. Really I like it. I also took a look at [Link Removed] – it’s really good site for site’s status check. You have to only Enter your Website’s URL and SEO Site Checkup give you all information of your site like HTML Size uncompressed and compressed, Meta Tags Check , Most common keywords & keywords usage Check, h1 heading & h2 heading status Check, robots.txt file Check, Objects Check, Server signature Check etc.

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    Those are really the very basic SEO tips and one need to follow them religiously to get the desired results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie D View Post
    Those are really the very basic SEO tips and one need to follow them religiously to get the desired results.
    Yupe, that is true and thanks for the appreciation.

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    nice sharing .. thanks for the info

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    Thanks allot to moosa for sharing such information with us...

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