Dedicated Server Hosting in India
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SSH and Remote Desktop Access

Full root/administrator access is necessary with dedicated hosting so that clients are able to take full control of the server that they have purchased and make the most of their hosting environment. Linux is a command-line based operating system so access to this is via SSH, from here you will be able to perform any tasks that you see as necessary by using the SSH commands relevant to your chosen Linux distribution. Windows server users will have access to their dedicated server through Remote Desktop so that they can view and fully interact with the Windows GUI.

Control Panels

A range of control panels can be purchased as additional extras for your dedicated server to improve your hosting experience and to improve certain management tasks. cPanel can offer Linux dedicated servers the biggest feature-set available and can be used for web hosting purposes, making it an ideal candidate for clients looking to setup their own web hosting business. Plesk is the recommended solution for the Windows platform, as the features offered are very complimentary to Windows web developers using ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server as their tools.

Web Applications

With a dedicated server comes your own dedicated hosting environment that won't be impacted on by the performance of any other websites as you have sole use of the resources that you are paying for. From this comes the option to use the technologies that you wish to use on your Windows server or Linux server so that you can host any web applications you want to use, whether these are ones that you have developed yourself or by third-parties. A dedicated server is capable of hosting websites and web applications that receive thousands of visitors a day.

Dedicated IP Addresses

A dedicated server will be provided with multiple dedicated IP addresses for you to use as you wish. For improved access to your server you can host individual services on each dedicated IP address, or if you are going to be using your dedicated server for website hosted then a single dedicated IP address will be necessary for each website that you want to use a dedicated SSL certificate with.

R1Soft Backup

We offer R1Soft backup services with our dedicated servers for a small extra monthly cost. Unlike other backup solutions that are available as part of the Windows or Linux operating systems, R1Soft provides full bare-metal backups of your dedicated server and can use these to restore your server in no time at all if issues occur that result in you losing data. Rather than introducing a backup and restore process that works file-by-file, R1Soft works by backing up the entire server on a block-by-block basis to speed by the process; furthermore, you can also exclude particular files and file types from the backup process so that only the information that you require is backed up on a regular basis. As is the case with other solutions, you can choose a backup schedule that suits you.

Additional Backup Space

We offer a range of off-site backup packages that you can purchase if you wish to host your backups on a server that is located in a data center separate to our main one in which we host our dedicated server customers. Off-site backups are recommended as part of any Disaster Recovery plan because if there is an issue with the main data center, such as a fire, that could cause mass damage to a variety of hardware then this does threaten to cause irrevocable data loss; however, if data is backed up to a location that won't be affected under these circumstances then any loss suffered will be limited to the hardware.


SmarterStats is a popular application for Windows servers that can be used to monitor and review website statistics. Similarly to SmarterMail, SmarterStats is included as part of the SmarterTools bundle that offers with our Windows dedicated servers. The license for SmarterStats will provide you with the option to monitor the statistics for up to 50 individual websites, making it an ideal solution for most small and medium sized businesses. SmarterStats can also be integrated with our preferred Windows hosting control panel product, Plesk, so that it can be used with the websites that you have setup here.


All websites will have visitor logs and AWStats is an application designed for the Linux platform that can be used to interpret these logs in a more user-friendly format. Based on the data that has been collected, AWStats can interpret web, streaming and FTP logs and display these in either graphical chart or tabular form for easier interpretation. Monthly, daily and hourly averages can be viewed so that you always have up-to-date information about who is accessing your website.


Webalizer can provide you with detailed statistics about those who are visiting your website. Hourly, daily, monthly and yearly averages are available for viewing so that you can track the growth of your website easily with numbers, with individual user information available including IP address, location, referring URL and the web browser/OS being used by the end-user. You can also view the search terms that visitors have used to reach your website through search engines so that you can review the effectiveness of any SEO campaigns that you are performing.

Choice of Operating Systems

When you purchase a dedicated server from us you will be able to choose between Windows and one of several Linux distributions that we have to offer. realizes that all businesses will have different preferences as to the technologies that they use to power their backend infrastructure and so as the operating system of a server is the dictator of the technologies that can be used on top of it, it is important to offer choice.

CPU Choice

The core of your dedicated server will be the CPU (otherwise known as the processor); it will be responsible for handling all operations and calculations that your server performs, so to some extent it could be referred to as the brain of any server.'s range of dedicated servers feature a range of processor options so that our dedicated server plans are available at different price points. We have simple Intel Core 2 Duo Dual Core configurations available for users with smaller budgets and less expectations surrounding performance; our high-end dedicated servers are kitted out with the latest Hexacore processors from Intel for unmatched performance.

Hard Drive Configurations

During the order process you will be able to choose from different hard drive configurations that match your storage and performance requirements. Any dedicated server can support at least two hard drives, with options for RAID configurations to improve the reliability of disk arrangements through redundancy (RAID 1) or the performance in terms of read and write speeds (RAID 0). It is recommended that these choices be made when ordering your dedicated server because they can't be made once your server has been provisioned.

Uptime Guarantee and SLA (Service Level Agreement)

As with all web hosting services, you can expect a high level of reliability from our dedicated servers as they are backed by our 99.95% uptime guarantee and SLA.

Managed Servers

Full support is available with every dedicated server purchased from, making us one of the most popular managed server hosting providers in India. Users of all levels will require some assistance at some point when carrying out maintenance on their dedicated server and that is why we're here to help; as for beginners, we'll assist you with the migration process and the setup of your dedicated server to create a dedicated environment that is secure and reliable. The support team can help you to create a secure web hosting environment that will serve the expectations of your business and your customers; security and stability are inherent requirements if looking to achieve reliability with dedicated hosting.


As part of the SmarterTools bundle that we offer with our Windows dedicated servers, SmarterMail is included. SmarterMail is a powerful email management application that includes a mail server and a webmail application. With the license that is included with the bundle you can create up to 250 mailboxes that can be accessed through POP3 and IMAP from any desktop mail application and through any web browser using the SmarterMail webmail interface.


If you are looking for a reliable mail server for the Windows platform then you should consider MailEnable as this is an application that provides email hosting for an unlimited number of domains, mail accounts and mailing lists. The benefit of MailEnable is that is the Standard edition is free to use, whilst there are also licensed versions available such as the Professional and Enterprise editions.


Exim is a popular email server that is the preferred choice of the cPanel control panel. As an open source product you are free to use it how you wish, with there being an extensive array of options available with regards to how the application handles incoming email.


Sendmail is one of the most popular Unix-based implementations for transporting email over the Internet. Is has been developed over the years to include features for authentication and advanced mail filtering (including external database lookups).

Unlimited Domain Hosting

As you will have full access to your dedicated server, you can host as many websites as you wish to in your dedicated environment. Most web server applications, including Apache and IIS, have no limit on the number of websites that they can host - the only limitations will be imposed by the resources of your server and any control panel applications that you choose to use for the purpose of managing your websites.

Isolated Hosting Environment

A dedicated server provides you with an isolated hosting environment that won't be accessible by anyone else. As you have your own physical machine you will also have full use of the resources that form your dedicated server including the CPU and RAM, allowing you to run the applications and services that you require without any limitations. The level to which you maintain your will reflect in the level of performance that you receive.

Hardware Firewall

When purchasing a dedicated server from, you will have the option to use a dedicated hardware firewall with your server to provide it with extra protection against malicious attacs include DDoS and Brute Force attacks. Even though you should still use firewall software on your server, these offers relatively little protection when compared to a hardware firewall; even though these applications can be used to block the IP addresses of intruding computers, a hardware firewall can be used to stem these attacks and direct traffic away from your server before it has a chance to come close to your hosting environment. Software firewalls can also be taxing on system resources whilst a dedicated hardware firewall will perform its duties without impacting on the performance of your dedicated server in any way.

MySQL Server

MySQL Server is an open source database server and is one of the most popular applications available for web developers looking to develop dynamic websites. MySQL can be used on Windows and Linux database servers with databases that use the platform being migratable between both operating systems. MySQL is most commonly used with PHP to create dynamic web applications, alhthough it can be used with other web scripting languages and can also be used for desktop applications.

Microsoft SQL Server

We can offer you the choice between all of the versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 that are available during the order process so that when you receive the login details for your Windows dedicated server, the database server is all setup and ready for you to use. As a small business will have different database requirements than a larger enterprise, we recognize the importance of needing to offer the full range of MSSQL products so that we can meet the interests of all customers. As one of the leading database platforms, Microsoft SQL Server represents one of the most scalable and reliable database servers available and can be used with web applications of all sizes.


PHPMyAdmin is an open source MySQL database management tool and can be used with any Linux or Windows dedicated server. Because PHPMYAdmin has been developed using PHP, it can be used with a majority of web servers and is a web-based application that can be used with any client web browser. As well as local database servers, it can also be used to manage remote MySQL database servers.

Dedicated hosting is best suited for rapidly expanding businesses in need of secure and reliable hosting. Customers who have exceeded the resource limits for Shared or VPS hosting can choose to upgrade to dedicated servers. If your business website, application or database need s maximum hard drive, high quality bandwidth and more RAM or processing power, then you should opt for dedicated server hosting services.

With dedicated hosting services, you get powerful, high performance DELL PowerEdge or IBM servers along with next generation Nehalem processors at highly competitive prices. You have full access to your server with dedicated bandwidth allocation, software and hardware installation along with a control panel of your choice.

Housed within our state-of-the-art datacenter, our fully managed dedicated servers are designed to deliver an unbeatable combination of affordability, flexibility, reliability, and most importantly, a higher-level of security and full server management for a highly secure hosting environment with no downtime.

Our technically sound customer support team is available 24x7 to answer your queries or deal with issues of your dedicated hosting services.

If you are worried that dedicated server hosting would cost you the world, it is not so. offers cheap dedicated hosting servers powered by green cooling and power technologies which enable us to keep the costs low. So if you are looking to upgrade your hosting services with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at the earliest.

  host-ind D525 host-ind 540 - i3 host-ind X3430 host-ind E3-1220
Monthly Pricing INR 6,250 / month INR 9,100 / month INR 9,800 / month INR 11,200 / month
Chassis Dell Server Chassis Dell Server Chassis Dell Server Chassis Dell Server Chassis
Processor Dual Core Intel Atom D525 Intel Dual Core 540 - i3 Quad Core Intel Xeon X3430 Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1220
Hard Disk Space 2 x 250 GB SATA 500 GB SATA 320 GB SATA 2 x 250 GB SATA
OS (Optional) Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows
Bandwidth 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB 200 GB
RAID RAID 1 Optional Optional RAID 1
IP Addresses 2 Dedicated IPs 2 Dedicated IPs 2 Dedicated IPs 2 Dedicated IPs
Network Connection 100 Mbps Dedicated 100 Mbps Dedicated 100 Mbps Dedicated 100 Mbps Dedicated
Control Panel Optional Optional Optional Optional
Server Type Dell PowerEdge Dell PowerEdge Dell PowerEdge Dell PowerEdge
Server Management Fully Managed Server Fully Managed Server Fully Managed Server Fully Managed Server
Server Setup Free! Free! Free! Free!
Special Offer* NA NA NA NA
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  host-ind E5504 host-ind E5606 host-ind E5620 host-ind E5-2620
Monthly Pricing INR 11,500 / month INR 13,200 / month INR 24,200 / month INR 27,500 / month
Chassis Dell Server Chassis Dell Server Chassis Dell Server Chassis Dell Server Chassis
Processor Intel Quad Core e5504 Intel Quad Core Xeon E5606 Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon E5620 Dual Hex Core Intel Xeon E5-2620
Hard Disk Space 2 x 250 GB SATA 2 x 250 GB SATA 2 x 300 GB SAS 10k rpm 2 x 300 GB SAS 10k rpm
OS (Optional) Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows
Bandwidth 200 GB 500 GB 500 GB 1500 GB
RAID Optional RAID 1 RAID 1 RAID 1
IP Addresses 2 Dedicated IPs 2 Dedicated IPs 2 Dedicated IPs 2 Dedicated IPs
Network Connection 100 Mbps Dedicated 100 Mbps Dedicated 100 Mbps Dedicated 100 Mbps Dedicated
Control Panel Optional Optional Optional Optional
Server Type Dell PowerEdge Dell PowerEdge Dell PowerEdge Dell PowerEdge
Server Management Fully Managed Server Fully Managed Server Fully Managed Server Fully Managed Server
Server Setup Free! Free! Free! Free!
Special Offer* NA NA NA NA
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