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An Overview On Small Business Web Hosting

January 11th, 2017 Comments off

Do not get surprised, nowadays even the small and medium scale business enterprises and companies have realized the importance and the significance of inexpensive small business web hosting solutions offered by various web hosting companies. These business owners have started to realize various privileges that can be chosen in order to make a great online profit making business. Recently there has been huge competition and of course the demand seen in the world of web hosting. Because of this, it is possible for web hosting companies to offer various web hosting packages and services at remarkably affordable prices. Various hosts offering best web hosting services offer Small Business web hosting packages specially designed for small and medium scaled business websites.

Until recently, due to the lack of awareness about web hosting, the terms when used together, used to confuse the small and medium business owners. As a matter of fact, Small business web hosting is nothing but shared web hosting service, where the server is subdivided into multiple accounts that operate simultaneously. But the level of reliability and quality of these services are uncompromised at all, due to the use of more advanced technologies evolved with the passing time.

The small business web hosting can be the perfect choice for small and medium sized businesses. For any online business, the success would largely depend on the rate of traffic conversion. With a small business web hosting services, a business owner can grab the potential to get a better exposure to a wider spectrum of audience due to the fact that these web hosting accounts are set up on Mirrored servers, hence offer 100% uptime guarantee to users. This would ensure that your website is accessible to users all the time. Such a web hosting package can help you save the lot of your financial capital which can be further used for your business marketing and other online promotion purposes.

Due to the rapid expansion and competition in the web hosting industry, you would firstly need to compare a number of such web hosting service providers. Various web hosts offer varied services to their customers. Hence, you must choose a host that best suits your requirements. It is advised to do some research about the shortlisted company before signing up with them. Price is definitely an aspect that would help you differentiate the hosts, but make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of web hosting service a host would offer for hosting your website onto your server.

Again, it is important to make sure that the host actually provides 100% uptime guarantee to your website/s hosted on the small business web hosting servers and not just advertise it on their website. A host who sets up your account onto a server that is unreliable and keeps crashing every now and then can make you pay a huge price, this may become the main reason for losing potential customers.


Despite the fact that small business web hosting has become very affordable and reliable these days, you can still avail a package that is highly professional, offers good quality and high level of reliability. In future, when your business grows and there is an increase in traffic to your website, make sure to choose a host that offers flexible upgrade options. Hence, it is advisable to choose any of the Best Web Hosting service providers in the industry.

Why India is a Better Option for Hosting Solutions

January 6th, 2017 Comments off

Nowadays, due to globalization and digitalization hosting your website irrespective of your geographical location is really possible and feasible. You could be based in US market your products in the Global market and have your website hosted in India. But we our instincts tells us why not host it in the same country with the locally hosted servers. The advantages related to getting your website hosted at the neighborhood of target audience or where the majority of your clients belong has many advantages that are hard to overlook. In this write-up, we are seeing that the benefits of web hosting websites on Indian Web Servers, in case you are an Indian based business with major target market being the Indian sub-continent.

The following are few points that may aid in opting for a server location in India:

You probably have an offline Business established in India and you’re planning to get your online business on-line focusing on Indian potentialities or your website is serving the most to Indian users and the customers of alternative neighbouring countries of the Indian sub-continent, it helps to host your website in India as the nearer your website is to your goal audience, the rapid it will load for those accessing it. The faster response time is usually experienced due to the much less distance blanketed between the consumer and the location of the server?

The closer the server is to its user base, the lower the latency in the server response. This interprets into faster web page load instances, more responsive functions and no lag which in turn boosts factors for success similar to site visitor’s retention, conversion ratio and repeat visits. These factors are primary for sites with media content like movies or VOIP apps or for gaming.

For those who pick an Indian web hosting enterprise to host their website with, which you can take the expertise in the neighborhood situated technical aid and chances are you can to get the help for your favored regional language.

It’s believed that Google uses internet site load time as one of the factors in the calculation of your internet site’s search engine rankings. This information is collected via your website users/visitors who have the Google toolbar established.

Quick loading pages help in lowering bounce rates of the website, this means that vacationer retention for longer intervals. On the whole higher bounce rate of your website pages can have a bad effect on your website’s search engine rankings

From the Indian website hosting enterprise viewpoint, plenty of causes have contributed to the inception and growth of website hosting corporations in India, a few of these are:

Growing competition and advancement of technological know-how in India have resulted in competitive pricing and support level to be at par with what is provided in the U.S. Or UK as far as web hosting is concerned.

To grow ahead of the competition, web hosting corporations in India usually are not averse to strategies such as striking fewer sites on one server, employing quality staff for exceptional customer aid and spending more on nice hardware.

Client awareness about internet hosting 10 years ago and now has changed enormously so far as the Indian web hosting scenario is concerned. This has made the Indian web hosting businesses professional-energetic with their service offerings and most of them now boast of a notable product line with more than one choices to help the client prefer from.

One of the most different key motives which are boosting the progress of website hosting in India are the growing economic climate, big investments being within the nation into fiber optic networks, regional sourcing of application and hardware, and enormous improvement in literacy expense.


Importance of Website Uptime for Your Business

December 21st, 2016 Comments off

Uptime is the context of web server working properly and all time without any failures. Uptime is the most important measure to check the maintenance and quality of web hosting servers. If your website is unavailable or is inaccessible then probably your web server is down.

Downtime can damage your business. The damage will vary depending upon your website. When small business website faces downtime for 20 minutes having just 3 to 4 web pages there is really not so big trouble. It is troublesome for bigger business having thousands of visitors and users every day. However, downtime generates negative publicity for both small and big organizations. Visitors are disappointed and leave to somewhere else thereby incurring a loss to organizations.

Reasons causing downtime

Web hosting server has many elements like operating systems, server hardware, network connections, database components and many other small elements. If any of the above-mentioned elements fail to function properly, it can cause shorter downtime or a prolonged one. To choose a right web hosting service provider, choose those companies which have more duplicated most fragile hardware parts, new servers having good uptime statistics than companies using old and obsolete servers.

Power supplies also can cause a downtime. As, most of the web hosting service provider suffered a loss in power causing a downtime for its users. Make sure to choose a web hosting provider which has uninterruptable power supplies.

Web hosting uptime is an important factor to check how reliable is your web hosting service provider and how frequently their servers are down. However, is highly reliable and our customer service standing by to our commitments of delivering 99% uptime guarantee with 24×7 exuberant managed support services for 365 days a year.

SSL Certificate for Security and Credibility of Your Website

December 19th, 2016 Comments off

With the increasing trend of online shopping, online shoppers are very careful and want to be assured that their crucial information is safe. SSL certificate provides encryption of sensitive and crucial data like credit card and personal information. It also proves that your online website is trust worthy and reliable to your customers.

Why SSL certificate is important

E-commerce sites must have an SSL certificate. As an owner of an e-commerce site, it is inevitable for you to protect your customer’s sensitive information. SSL certificate acts as a shield and makes sure that information is not misused. If an inappropriate person somehow gets access to your customer’s credit card or debit card information, it will prove dangerous to you and create negative publicity of your brand. Your customers should know that their information is of prime importance to you and you are implementing solutions to protect them.

If you store credit card information on your database, you can process it using an offline POS machine or charge it manually on your merchant account’s website. For securing the credit card information which is transferred, you definitely need an SSL certificate.  You also need to be cautious with the data when it is stored on servers.

As long as it is not creating problems, you can opt for shared SSL certificate which web hosting providers give instead of buying your own SSL certificate. However, a shared SSL certificate will not provide 100% assurance to your customers regarding the security of their information. It doesn’t include your website or organization name in it and may give a warning.

If you want your own SSL certificate, you can own it. Many web hosting providers provide SSL certificate along with their other services. You will have to pay for having an SSL certificate.  But will not charge for an SSL certificate. Whether it is free or paid, SSL certificate is extremely important for your website to stand in the competitive environment.

Is Your Server Slowing Your Online Sales?

December 17th, 2016 Comments off

Everyone hates a slow website. In fact, the latest studies proves that if a website takes any longer than 5 to 6 seconds to load, the normal Internet user will be closing the tab and looking elsewhere for their desired answer.

It will be like your potential customer leaving your site and going straight into the kitty of your competitors.

It is proved that once you lose such a customer, it will be very difficult for one to gain the trust again. If you are still ignoring this fact then this problem will become very nasty and difficult to fix, so here’s what you will have to do?

Choosing an appropriate hosting package for the size and type of business website that you are operating will take a lot of time for improving your website speed. It is true, there are numerous on-page fixes you can do too, like minimizing your CSS and image optimization, but the core of your website’s speed will be down to the kind of hosting package that you are using.

Personal WordPress blog and smaller sites can get away with a shared hosting plan. These plans are specially designed for smaller websites and personal blogs but make business owner make mistake of seeing the lower price rates.

However, making a decision such as this could eventually be disturbing it. Slow websites can eventually lead to customer loss, on the other hand shared hosting can also result in downtime too, means even if a customer was willing to continue they would not be able to access the website anyway. No website equals no sales.

What’s the answer?

While choosing a web hosting package it is crucial to go with the one which should suit your business requirements & will allow you to keep your site up and running all times. Big corporations that have the technical staff and budget can opt for their own dedicated server. Which will help them get a flexible and powerful way to serve their website to the public.

Smaller companies would have better option of VPS hosting which is a hybrid solution between shared and dedicated hosting.  These virtualization allows you to get the benefits of dedicated server without the cost or the technical headaches associated with them. best Linux VPS hosting which allows these smaller businesses get a part of a server that is dedicated to them. They are free to run their own operating system if they want to and maintenance and updates are made simpler as they can restart their server every time they wish, giving them a complete flexibility.

Selecting the right web hosting provider and package will go a long way to improving your site’s load times. This is good news for your customers, and even better news for you. You will be able to see both improved sales figures and better ranking in search engine, as loading speed is a known ranking factor. So, ensure to double-check your hosting plans today, it could be the key to success you were looking for.



The Importance of VPS Hosting for WordPress

December 15th, 2016 Comments off

The success of your marketing is supreme blogging. Writing a blog is all together a fun activity. Without it, you probably don’t have anything to promote on social media platforms, no interaction with your customers and leads, very few pages to convert your leads into hot clients and thus poor SEO. However, at the beginning it is difficult to arrive on a decision of choosing a free solution like WordPress, Blogger or going for paid solutions. If you are new to blogging, self-hosted option is a difficult choice to make. However, if you are having a long term vision of blogging, self-hosted option is the best option.

With shared-hosted, you can make whatever changes you feel like doing, make your WordPress site look like the way you want it, install or uninstall plugins as per your needs. You are the care taker for your WordPress site. You can control each and every aspect of your website. Before getting your hands dirty in blog writing, study the different hosting options for your blog.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is being a small part of a big server along with other websites and people who share the same server. Sometimes, hundreds of people share the same server. Larger websites gulp up too many resources affecting your website. Shared hosting is widely used by the newbies because it is simple, quick and most important it is cheap. That is what beginners choose but then later on it proves to be a big mistake. If you are planning for long term blogging then within some time you will get too big for shared hosting and you would like to migrate to a bigger host. But, people are not able to decide when they have grown too big for shared hosting. Here, you don’t need a deep study and analysis. If you are on shared hosting and your website is taking time to load then it’s time to shift to a bigger host. It is that easy. Shared hosting is like living in a college boardinghouse and having only one restroom. To use the restroom everyone has to get in line.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is taking a portion of the building, having private access to your portion and without your portion no one can have access to your portion. VPS is a virtual private server which exists on a powerful server. People believe that a VPS is difficult to set up and is very expensive. This is not true. There are some companies that offer great services for as little as $6 a month. VPS server ensures assured allotment of resources which only you can access unlike shared hosting. In short, if there is a larger website on another VPS which is hosted on the same machine, you don’t need to worry about it as it is not going to affect the resources you consume. Assume that there is a big computer and many small computers are running inside it. If your VPS is not overloaded, your website will function properly. However, if you still feel your website needs something big you can easily upgrade your VPS to a dominant one within few minutes without migrating.

One such drawback of VPS is that you are wholly and solely responsible for the server. If anything goes wrong with something that is deployed on your server then your host will be of no help to you. That is why you will witness users taking back up of their WordPress site.

You don’t need to have technical knowledge to set up a WordPress site on a VPS. You can simply install a free and open source control pan-el such as Zpanel which will do all the hard work. You will have a great control panel that is web based which will help you to manage your website, email addresses etc. but which is very powerful than shared hosting

So, it seems that VPS hosting is better than shared hosting. Though you will face difficulties initially regarding setup and other things but it will be a savior for long term blogging and smooth functioning of the website.



Role of a Web host in the Website’s Performance

December 14th, 2016 Comments off

Web hosting provider plays an important role in the performance of your website. It is said that the user closes the windows if the website fails to load within 6 seconds. So make sure that your website should load in 6 second or earlier than that. For that, you will have to optimize properly like image compression and content of the page properly. So that you can have a good user experience.

Depending on your website traffic and the content on your website you will have to search for a web server like if you are a newbie then traffic on your website will be lesser however it will increase as you start your digital marketing activity to increase your website traffic. Initially for a newbie shared hosting is always recommended as it will suffice one’s requirement. But as the traffic of your website increases then it is your responsibility to upgrade your web server and get the one which will suit your requirements, otherwise, you may face the issue of downtime or your website will load slowly that will result in  a bad user experience. We all know that once the user has the bad experience of any website the chances of getting that user back again on your website is very difficult. So make sure that your user experience should be good so that it should come again and again.

A web server plays an important role in loading your website quickly. Therefore it is very important to choose a reliable which should provide quality hardware with 24/7 premium tech support and proactive monitoring with optimal uptime guaranty. Don’t forget to ask for certification and customer’s testimonial. If possible ask for case studies and white papers which will help you to understand their service in a better way. Once you have done with the web server then make your move to build a digital marketing strategy to get traffic to your website.

How Do You Limit Your Web Hosting Plans?

February 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Some time I have felt the need to update the plans that I offer to my clients. The reality today is that we live in a market that offers unlimited web hosting plans or plans with dozens gigabytes of space.

Some offer only one plan, others offer 3 or 5. There are still those who has nearly 10 plans for a service. And there? Which model to choose?

Personally, I’m a fan of single plane model. It is a statement such as “we have everything anyone needs right here on this plan”. The plan offers 100 gigs of space, 1 tera bandwidth is optimized for WordPress. Who needs more than that to hosting.

They know who needs greatest plans under a vps hosting or dedicated server hosting.

Advantage: Only one setting applies to all users.
Disadvantage: No upgrade. The client will die paying the monthly fee. By chance, the provider offers some additional features like extra database.

Build your plan

It’s what draws the most attention of customers the possibility to have exactly what you need at the price that you can afford. If you need more database, for example. There is an addon for WHMCS for this, but it requires root access to the server, then it is impossible if you are selling or do not have the password.

Advantage: Customized plan and greater flexibility for customers.
Disadvantage: It is what gives more headache that require some extra settings and require more attention at the time of the upgrades.

Several plans

I read a study in Social Triggers that you should give options to the customers, but not many. Apparently, 3 or 4 planes is ideal. More than that and the client does not know which one to choose.

Should be well thought out and properly configured. Most plans are limited by space or number of domains / emails / technology. For example, who offers unlimited plans that can limit per domain.

Advantage: Standard model, easy to follow and execute. Customers are already used to it.
Disadvantage: No. It is widely used in various sectors of trade successfully.

I’ve been thinking of having a single plan, but with less space. Something like 10 gigs. Who needed more, buy a “kit”. A kit would be something like a package with:

  • 01 GB of space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 01 Database
  • 01 Email account
  • 01 Additional domain
  • 01 Parked domain, etc..

Thus, if the client needs 15 GB of space, it would need to sign the master plan and then add 5 kits.

Advantage: It is interesting, inspirational plans demand of clouds.
Disadvantage: It has been difficult to implement, open ticket in whmcs few days ago and have not received an answer.

Anyway, there are several hosting models and the way you configure your can facilitate or derail your life.

What model do you use?

Web Hosting-Your Best Choice

January 17th, 2014 Comments off

Most people start a business in order to make money. The best you can do to make your business successful is to hire the services of Web Hosting.

And when an Internet user wants to buy a product or a service contract, it is likely that the decision is based on the degree of confidence that this site generates. It’s very difficult to pay a stranger who has a permanent website whose domain is the name of the business that a person whose company is part of a set of pages free.

Whatever the case, no person is willing to give your money with a blindfold. The owner of the small and medium company must prove it is trustworthy and a first step to do is know how to create a website and own your own website.

There are several advantages to hiring a Web Host:

It gives you some ability to create space for email accounts, which can be controlled and created with the help of cPanel web hosting and it also help you to maintain constant contact, immediate and secure with your customers and suppliers. For example you can have one that is [email protected],
You can choose a short domain name that is easy to remember, and an extension to turn your page to which it belongs and the country itself. For example:
Having your own domain allows your website to appear in search engines, which have become the most effective way for several people access your site without paying publicity.
Consider each of these advantages and remember that “What you spend is reflected in the confidence of your consumers and this translates into sales“.

Considerations While Comparing Web Hosting Services In India

October 28th, 2013 Comments off

Before you decide you need to build a website, it is a good idea to buy web hosting service that offers the best service. While this process may take several days or even longer, you will see that the time and effort invested will count worth. There are many web hostings to choose from and not all are created equal. Just choose the first web hosting company you find is perhaps not the best thing. What are the requirements? Before you start by comparing different companies hosting websites, it is first important to determine which type of web hosting you need.

If you want to create a simple website or even create a personal blog, shared hosting can be chosen. However, if you intend to create an online business, you’ll need an adequate amount of disk space and bandwidth, among other specific features. You’re the only person who can determine what you need exactly. Once you have determined what you need, it is time to begin searching for various web hosting companies that can fulfill your requirement. Here are some factors that may be taken into account when comparing services:

Total costs: The price you paid for a web hosting account will always be a key point. A wide variety of web hostings tends to have a different price depending on the features included. Before entering into a hosting plan, you should find out the amount of disk space, traffic, Control Panel, MySQL databases and what are the terms of the account. It is also important to know if the price is indeed shown that price you’ll pay. There are several companies that show a price “from”, but in the end always end up paying more and having a mediocre service.

Control Panel: If this is the first time you’re building a website, then the control panel will be your best friend in this journey. This tool allows users with little experience to effectively manage  web hosting account. Because no control panel is the same, you should look for a web hosting that offers cPanel in all web hosting accounts. When comparing web hostings, web hostings demand for providing an account of the demo version of the control panel.

Customer Support: Whatever Hosting plan you lease, whether you lease a dedicated server in India or lease shared hosting services, it is important to choose a web hosting service that offers quality support to customers. This is one of the problems of most web hosting providers, they offer cheap plans and then when a problem happens, it takes hours to solve a simple thing. Do not be satisfied with web hostings that offer customer support from Monday to Friday. Look for a web hosting service that has a 24×7 customer support. Because problems can also happen at the week-ends. Comparing different web hosting companies is the best way to have a good service. Even when you have hundreds of companies to choose from, there are also several features that simplify the process.