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The Importance of VPS Hosting for WordPress

December 15th, 2016 Comments off

The success of your marketing is supreme blogging. Writing a blog is all together a fun activity. Without it, you probably don’t have anything to promote on social media platforms, no interaction with your customers and leads, very few pages to convert your leads into hot clients and thus poor SEO. However, at the beginning it is difficult to arrive on a decision of choosing a free solution like WordPress, Blogger or going for paid solutions. If you are new to blogging, self-hosted option is a difficult choice to make. However, if you are having a long term vision of blogging, self-hosted option is the best option.

With shared-hosted, you can make whatever changes you feel like doing, make your WordPress site look like the way you want it, install or uninstall plugins as per your needs. You are the care taker for your WordPress site. You can control each and every aspect of your website. Before getting your hands dirty in blog writing, study the different hosting options for your blog.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is being a small part of a big server along with other websites and people who share the same server. Sometimes, hundreds of people share the same server. Larger websites gulp up too many resources affecting your website. Shared hosting is widely used by the newbies because it is simple, quick and most important it is cheap. That is what beginners choose but then later on it proves to be a big mistake. If you are planning for long term blogging then within some time you will get too big for shared hosting and you would like to migrate to a bigger host. But, people are not able to decide when they have grown too big for shared hosting. Here, you don’t need a deep study and analysis. If you are on shared hosting and your website is taking time to load then it’s time to shift to a bigger host. It is that easy. Shared hosting is like living in a college boardinghouse and having only one restroom. To use the restroom everyone has to get in line.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is taking a portion of the building, having private access to your portion and without your portion no one can have access to your portion. VPS is a virtual private server which exists on a powerful server. People believe that a VPS is difficult to set up and is very expensive. This is not true. There are some companies that offer great services for as little as $6 a month. VPS server ensures assured allotment of resources which only you can access unlike shared hosting. In short, if there is a larger website on another VPS which is hosted on the same machine, you don’t need to worry about it as it is not going to affect the resources you consume. Assume that there is a big computer and many small computers are running inside it. If your VPS is not overloaded, your website will function properly. However, if you still feel your website needs something big you can easily upgrade your VPS to a dominant one within few minutes without migrating.

One such drawback of VPS is that you are wholly and solely responsible for the server. If anything goes wrong with something that is deployed on your server then your host will be of no help to you. That is why you will witness users taking back up of their WordPress site.

You don’t need to have technical knowledge to set up a WordPress site on a VPS. You can simply install a free and open source control pan-el such as Zpanel which will do all the hard work. You will have a great control panel that is web based which will help you to manage your website, email addresses etc. but which is very powerful than shared hosting

So, it seems that VPS hosting is better than shared hosting. Though you will face difficulties initially regarding setup and other things but it will be a savior for long term blogging and smooth functioning of the website.



6 Reasons You Need Windows VPS Hosting

December 7th, 2016 Comments off


Are you confused as to why your website is not able to meet the needs of your customers? This is very common, but the reason behind this is what people cannot expect. Hosting platform is one sure reason behind the problem you are facing. If you want serious growth and fulfill the needs of your customers then go for Windows VPS hosting. It offers benefits of both dedicated as well as shared hosting which can surprise you.

Website dependency

Since last decade, online commerce is prevailing. If your business is such that requires your website to be 100% efficient all time then you are risking yourself by choosing a host plan which will not deliver as per standards you require. Go for Virtual Private Server offering numerous benefits.

Slow loading of the website

While handling traffic volume, your website may be slow enough sometimes. This problem is a high class problem. In such a case, choose VPS hosting because the virtual machines are not affected by the traffic demands of other websites which can be expected in shared hosting.

Rapid Growth

It is not possible to predict the needs of your website in next 8 to 12 months, but at least we can analyze about our growth. But, buying a dedicated server can prove to be a wrong decision as it can be constraining if your website continues to grow. With VPS plan, you can get the flexibility you require for your growth without paying some huge overheads monthly.

Demand subjected to high variability

Businesses which are seasonal experience traffic spike during their seasonal time. For example, ecommerce websites during sale, wedding seasons etc. have their own set of business cycle expecting traffic during their time of business. Here, in this case, VPS is a perfect solution as additional virtual machines can be quickly and easily added in order to support the increasing traffic.

Online revenue generation

If more than 200% of your revenue is from online platforms, then you should go for VPS hosting as you cannot afford your website to be down or lose your customers due to slow loading of the website. Choosing a VPS plan is beneficial as you can expect high performance and 100% uptime which will eventually enable you to have a high conversion rate.

Time investment on managing server loads

Options of management are always open, even if there are not present in a specific VPS plan. Two standard level of management are included in applied innovations along with a long list of management services. The learning curve can be eliminated if you are planning to upgrade from shared to VPS. Instead of hiring a developer or a system administrator, a VPS plan is fraction of the cost of hiring.

The above points are just a part of a long list. Consider these points while upgrading your plan to VPS hosting. One can even carry out periodic audit of the business to determine when the right time to upgrade to VPS hosting.

Managing Physical vs. Virtual Servers

March 19th, 2013 Comments off

Although, the virtualization technology has got popular in the web hosting industry worldwide, however, most of the times the ins and outs of the virtualization are not properly understood.

Most of the people still don’t understand the differences between physical and virtual servers. Some common questions that arise were:

  • How the virtual servers would be managed?
  • How they would communicate on the network?

Surely, there are many differences between managing the physical versus virtual servers; however, the concept is the same. It doesn’t matter whether it is a physical or virtual server; you have to connect to the console in order to manage the servers.

In some cases, a virtual server is more efficient than a physical server. For example, if you wish to expand the RAM of a physical server, it becomes mandatory to bring down the whole server, tearing off the cover in order to add the RAM. However, with a virtual server, you just need to open the virtual machine (VM) properties and allocate the RAM as required without taking the whole server down and affecting the network uptime.

When it comes to the network communications, nearly every virtualization software offers two types of network communication, i.e., Bridged or NAT. According to VMware virtualization technology, in the bridged network type the VM emerges as it was a physical host on the network, whereas, with the NAT network type the VM hides behind the IP address of the host. However, other VM’s in the same NAT network has an ability to access it directly.

The bridged mode is most commonly used by administrators, where the virtual server gets an address based on the VLAN assignment, if any, for the virtual machines virtual network connection. In this case, the virtual server directly communicates with the network and traffic without the need to be routed by the virtual host, apart from passing it through the host NIC.

While under the NAT (Network Address Translation) mode, the VM can be assigned with a private IP that is created by the virtual host.

One thing is certain that with virtualization, things become easier to handle and manage.

Indian Web Hosting Services with Dedicated Hosting Environment

July 18th, 2012 Comments off

Dedicated Server Image - HP

A dedicated hosting environment is one which is isolated from other users, whether this is in a virtual environment or a physical environment. The design of a dedicated hosting environment is done to ensure that the actions of other users in their respective hosting environments aren’t able to impact on the performance of your website or hosting environment. Dedicated hosting environments are important for businesses looking to establish a web presence where reliability and security need to be abundant so that guarantees with regards to the safety and security of customer data can be provided.

Web Hosting Dedicated

Dedicated servers are the best example of dedicated hosting environments, primarily because you have full use of the hardware that forms your dedicated server and will only have to share this with someone else if you explicitly wish to. offers India dedicated servers of differing specifications that can run both Windows and Linux so that we can cater for businesses regardless of the technologies that they use to develop their IT infrastructure; we also offer custom upgrades for your dedicated hosting customers so that you can expand the use of your dedicated environment by adding extra resources. Dedicated servers from can be effective for users requiring a dedicated hosting environment in the follow manners:

  • The hardware specifications of your dedicated server can be adjusted accordingly to match the specifications that you expect in order to be able to use your dedicated server in the way that you wish to
  • For Windows hosting users, we are able to obtain licenses for popular Microsoft server applications such as SQL Server and Exchange Server at a reduced cost; installation of these and most other applications can also be performed by our support team, free of charge
  • The uptime offered by a dedicated server is often higher than that available with other web hosting services and this is going to be a necessity for businesses that rely on their website for income.

With a Linux dedicated server you will be able to access your dedicated hosting environment via SSH, therefore allowing you to make use of the various Linux commands that are available to manage your server effectively. Windows server administrators will have access to their dedicated hosting environment via Remote Desktop so that they can make full use of the Windows GUI.’s dedicated servers are hosted out of our state of the art data center located in Nashik, India. We have staff available on-site 24×7 so that you can be assured all issues are dealt with as they are discovered; this also means that you can contact someone with regards to your dedicated server at any time of day.

Web Hosting VPS

A VPS Hosting server is slightly different to a dedicated server; even though you will have your own dedicated hosting environment and dedicated resources that are accessible by any other users, this is within the context of a virtual hosting environment and a physical hosting node that is shared with other VPS hosting users. VPS hosting was developed to be a more affordable way of accessing dedicated hosting, with the target audience being small businesses that would otherwise be unable to afford that costs that are associated with a dedicated server; this is evident with the low-cost VPS servers that are provided by A VPS server can provide a dedicated environment with features such as:

  • Additional resources that you have ordered for your VPS server will be automatically assigned to your server and available for use immediately without the need to reboot your VPS server, therefore no downtime will be incurred
  • The state of your server can be managed from a web-based control panel so if for some reason your VPS server becomes inaccessible, you can reset it from a web interface
  • You can build up your own network of VPS servers from so that you are able to distribute the load of your website and delegate roles across several servers. offers some of the most affordable VPS hosting servers in India, with the features and services offered with our hosting plans being ideal for small businesses looking to develop an effective web presence. You will have a choice between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting and can also customize other aspects of VPS hosting to match your aspirations.

An Overview of VMware vSphere

March 31st, 2012 Comments off

VMware vSphere 4 has emerged as the best platform used for structuring the cloud infrastructure which has created the new buzz in Web Hosting Services Industry. It is the most prefered system in the industry to utilize the power of virtualization to convert data-centers into simple cloud computing infrastructures. IT based companies and organizations can experience a new level of flexibility and reliability with the services provided by them. Minimization of risk while using all resources is one more important feature of VMware vSphere on a cloud hosting server.

Main Features of Vmware vSphere 4

Infrastructure Services – It provides the set of components for the virtualized server, storage and network resources and furthermore it allocates them as per requirement to various applications.

Application Services – It also provides the set of components which covers the pre-packed service level controls to all applications which run on a VMware vSphere. These level controls also do not have any barrier of application type or various operating systems.

VMware vCenter Server – latest version of VMware vSphere comes with capability of providing an environment which covers administration between infrastructure and application services. It also provides a simplified automation of everyday small tasks.

Optimum Performance Level – Virtualized and Aggregate Hardware Resources VMware vSphere infrastructure facilities convert discrete hardware resources into a shared mainframe-like computing platform which is incredibly resilient and capable of running the most demanding applications at optimum performance level.

cPanel Cloud Hosting

March 6th, 2012 Comments off

cPanel is the leading Linux web hosting control panel, providing end-users with an intutivie and easy to use GUI that will allow them to manage their own web hosting accounts; WHM accompanies cPanel and allows resellers and system administrators to control their servers and accounts effectively. When combining cPanel hosting with a powerful cloud environment, you are able to offer a highly reliable and secure form of Linux cloud web hosting. As Linux is an open source operating system, cPanel cloud hosting services will be some of the cheapest cloud web hosting services available without compromising quality in any way and are likely to offer you a better level of service than some of the other cloud hosting solutions available. As a control panel cPanel is a web-based solution that is designed to allow web hosting customers to manage every aspect of their web hosting account without the need for any assistance, whilst remaining easy to use and easy for beginners to become accustomed to; whether you wish to add an additional email account your domain or change the permissions of a certain file, these tasks plus more complex ones can be easily achieved using cPanel. As a reseller hosting customer in the cloud then WHM will provide you with an interface from which you can manage your own hosting customers, add additional web hosting plans and create new customer accounts as and when they sign up; by choosing a cPanel cloud hosting plan you will be able to choose a reseller hosting plan that can provide you with a high level of uptime as well as generous resource allocations.

Benefits of cPanel Cloud Hosting

Many benefits can be had from choosing to use cPanel cloud hosting, some of which include, but are not limited to:

  • Low cost cloud hosting – by using cPanel and Linux in a cloud environment, web hosting services providers are able to offer low cost cloud web hosting that is affordable for all parties without compromising on the level of quality or uptime that is offered – for many businesses it is important to keep an eye on the outgoings and if it’s possible to save money in a certain area then it is important to embrace any opportunities that will allow you to do this – furthermore, there is no point in paying an extortionate price for a web hosting plan if you are sure that you can purchase a similar plan from another web hosting provider for a reduced sum of money
  • Intuitive web hosting control panel – cPanel is the most popular Linux web hosting control panel available and is used by a number of web hosting providers to offer Linux shared web hosting services – in the cloud cPanel will provide you with a reliable platform on which you can host your website and the services related to the control panel rarely fail, meaning that as long as the software if used in an environment that can offer unparalleled performance, such as a cloud environment, then you will be using a pretty much fail-proof hosting solution
  • Resource choices – the architecture of a cloud web hosting environment dictates that a number of servers are pooled together to provide the resource pool from which web hosting services can be formed – the power of having many servers clustered together in this formation allows web hosting providers to be very generous with the resources that they offer with their cPanel cloud hosting plans, therefore meaning that they will easily represent good value for money – depending on the hosting provider that you choose, there may also be the option to choose the resources for your cPanel cloud hosting plan based around your own specific needs.

Reseller Hosting with cPanel

cPanel is one of the best solutions available for resellers as you will have access to WHM (Web Host Manager), a control panel that is separate to cPanel and has been designed with system administrators and resellers in mind through the advance account and server management features that it provides. As a reseller hosting customer there are several features that you will want access to include:

  • Web hosting plan management
  • Client management
  • Feature management.

By providing the above, along with other features, in a separate control panel, cPanel has been able to develop the client-side control panel to be one that is better suited to beginners so that your clients are able to manage their own accounts easily.

Uptime Offered by Cloud Hosting

Any good web hosting company should be able to offer 100% guaranteed uptime with their cloud web hosting services, removing the worry of whether your website is going to be available or not. As multiple servers are clustered together to create a cloud hosting environment, if one server fails then there will be other servers available to pick up the slack of the crashed server until it is repaired and is ready for service again.

Compared to other forms of web hosting, a cloud hosting service is probably the most reliable hosting service available and this is without pushing the price up too much. For a long time the most reliable form of hosting has been dedicated server hosting and this has always been an expensive option; cloud web hosting has been able to provide those on a lower budget with the reliability benefits witnessed with cloud hosting, but at a much lower price that many will be able to justify and afford.

In conclusion, cPanel in a cloud environment is one of the best hosting combinations available, providing you with reliable hosting on a reliable platform at an affordable price. If you are a beginner then cPanel cloud hosting will be a good choice for you as the control panel interface is very intuitive and easy to use, with there being many tutorials available to provide you with assistance on completing a number of different tasks if you are unsure. Many providers will also offer full support with their cPanel cloud hosting plans giving you the ability to call on a professional support team if you are unsure of how to do something.

How To Install cPanel On Your VPS Hosting Account?

November 28th, 2011 Comments off

With growing demand for web hosting resources, there are a number webmasters opting for cheap VPS Hosting solutions which is renowned for its higher reliability compared to shared hosting and lower cost than the most expensive Dedicated Server Hosting.

Here I would like to share the steps required for the installation of cPanel on a VPS type of web hosting services account. If you want to install the licensed version then you need to pay for it ( provides it for $ 9 / month) and if you are just installing a trial pack then it is available at for free of cost.

Follow these steps to install cPanel on your VPS Hosting account.

First Login to your VZMC

Now create a new VPS with the Sample Ve Config call vps.cpanel

Here you will be able to choose the IP addresses which can be used for that virtual private server and DNS servers.

Now Select RedHat Enterprise Template (not minimal)

You do not need any addon for a cPanel so don’t select any of it.

Now select the resources (space, RAM, CPU) and other required stuff for your VPS

Keep start on boot and the remaining of the normal stuff also remember to use unlimited Vps.

Move to Ev1 member’s section and open a ticket with your IP and root password, by doing this you request your ev1 to enter your VPS register in up2date.

Now move to SSH and follow the below given steps

mkdir /home/cpins

cd /home/cpins


sh latest

And here you have finished the installation of cPanel.

Advantages Of Hosted Desktop And Desktop Virtualization

March 28th, 2011 Comments off

We know, mainly virtualization is connected with either Windows VPS or Linux VPS services, but as far as typical web hosting services are concerned from people’s point of view, they always think of number of websites on a single web server but in Desktop virtualization process it is not necessary to decrease number of computers and contract the things in to a single server. Reduction in the cost of infrastructure and management required to server maintenance is one of the most important feature of Desktop virtualization. Through manageable desktop environment, modified provision of systems and other devices of client side one can notice the benefit of Desktop virtualization and additionally the important factor like bandwidth is used in more improved manner. Upgrades are easily possible and available to servers in terms of storage and network stuff very easily.

A user uses data and applications from the similar server on which is running and streaming those applications and data, and this allows it to provide improved security to the applications as well as an improvement in transmission of desktop processed workload from client side to the hosted location. Adopting to virtualization also enable to client to split up any important or confidential data and applications and make it secure from any type of suspicious and unauthorized offends. Different level of security patches and permissions can be assigned to virtual machines by network administrators.

Role of Control Panels In VPS Hosting

January 21st, 2011 Comments off

For controlling a account and making the administration easy one it is necessary to add a control panel on VPS Hosting servers. With addition of a control panel one can look after all websites which are hosted on a VPS Hosting server. There are few control panels available for both Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting. I would like to describe best five of them in brief.

Plesk Panel

As a VPS control panel, Plesk Panel is known to be the best control panle because it can manage any number of plesk VPS servers by using a single interface, many users claims it as a fastest control panel and fully featured with controls.

cPanel / WHM

cPanel which is known a short form of control panel in web hosting industry is one of the most popular control panel type which is also capable of scaling and transferring multiple information among accounts of a VPS server.

Small Business Panel

This type of control panel has a reputation of being able to install applications with a single click from libraries, blogs, cms packages and e-commerce suites. One more specialty this type of control panels has is, you can set multiple level of control for different users. This is most suitable control panel for ‘Reseller Businessmen and Corporate business users’.

Helm Control Panel

This is the best control panel for Windows VPS accounts because it enables the uploading process easy through control panel. Furthermore Helm control panel also has features like high security level and easy file handling.

HSP Complete

This control panel is wel-known for its simplicity and user-friendliness that’s why it suites to newbies. New people can learn and handle it very quickly. It is also fast and reliable for VPS Hosting clients.

All above mentioned control panels are easily available in both Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS Hosting.

Windows Server Hosting

November 4th, 2010 Comments off

A Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server will provide you with a dedicated Windows web hosting environment capable of supporting the standard features that you would expect from a Windows web hosting service, as well as the additional benefits that come with using dedicated web hosting. When choosing a Windows server you will want to consider your requirements specifically so that you can choose a server that can provide you with the resources that you need; Windows servers are available with varying specifications, with low specification servers being the cheapest whilst a high end Windows server is going to cost you more. Although Windows server hosting is going to be slightly more expensive than a Linux server, it is important to remember that you are only probably considering Windows server hosting because you have a specific need for the Windows operating system. Microsoft produces a number of enterprise-level applications that are used by businesses to power their internal infrastructures and website backends; because Windows is usually the only operation system that these applications will run on, there is always going to be a distinct need for Windows web hosting services amongst larger businesses, although individuals are always open to using Windows web hosting.

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