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What is a Data Center?

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What is a Data Center?

A datacenter is a room with complete security for the servers as well as environmental considerations such as cooling requirements. A datacenter is also called as lights out server room that contains lock and key and kept in the dark. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices.

A Data Center is also called a Server Farm used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

Data Centers are authorized subordinate organisations by Internet Registries. Data Centers play an important role between the RIR – Regional Internet Registries and the Internet User as route the network to access the data from any part of the world. The server’s on the internet are located at Data Centers. The boom of data centers came during the dot-com bubble. Companies needed fast Internet connectivity and nonstop operation to deploy systems and establish a presence on the Internet. Installing such equipment was not viable for many smaller companies. Many companies started building very large facilities, called Internet data centers (IDCs), which provide businesses with a range of solutions for systems deployment and operation.

Real Data Centers

Real Data Centers

Requirements for modern data centers
1. High standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment.
2. Redundancy of both fiber optic cables and power, which includes emergency backup power generation.
3. 19-inch racks mounted for storing servers.
4. Air Conditioner’s to maintain the temperature range of 20–25 °C (68–75 °F) and humidity range of 40–55% with a maximum dew point of 17°C as optimal for data center conditions.

An Overview of Linux Web Hosting and LAMP technology

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Linux Logo Linux Web Hosting itself explains that it is hosting of websites on the popular and most powerful server ie. Linux server. High quality web applications i.e. Linux Apache MySQL and PHP (LAMP) are used in Linux web hosting solutions. Linux is registered under GNU General Public License hence it is an open source software, therefore Linux web hosting solutions can be available at cheap rates as there is licensing fees that needs to be paid. Which isn’t the case with Windows, you need to pay licensing fees with every purchase of the OS.

One can avail good benefits with Linux Web Hosting services. With it web hosting providers offer many powerful and useful web applications that are very easy to use, a person with limited or no web master skills can easily manage the Linux hosting account/s.

Linux has gained popularity due to its stability in the hosting environment, which is one of the major reasons for people preferring Linux platform. Major website related tasks can be handled quite effectively with Linux web hosting. These plans are much cheaper than its competitor.

Understand the LAMP technology

LAMP Servers LAMP is an abbreviation of Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. These applications are one of the most popular web applications. Each of them are renowned due to their extreme power and their ability to effectively adapt to web hosting. This technology is well known due to its usability, stability, reliability and the variety of other features. The MySQL database and PHP scripting language are the most preferred applications.

Linux is a lot similar to Unix, as it is registered under the GNU General Public license, which means that it is freely available. Its source code can be easily modified and the modified versions can be redistributed. Linux can be extensively used on Web Servers, Desktop PC’s, Mobile phones, LapTops etc. Linux web servers are one of the extremely reliable and stable systems, it has the capability to handle an extensive range of applications. Due to Linux being an open source application, webmasters from across the globe keep upgrading it with the latest technologies. This enables Linux users to get these new features for free. There is no licensing fees that needs to be paid for these updated versions.

Apache Server Logo In this technology, Apache HTTP server comes second in the list. It is one of the highly used HTTP server across the globe. As a matter of fact, almost 50% of the existing websites use Apache. Most of the common and mostly used scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, Python etc. are supported by Apache. In addition to that, modules such as mod_auth, mod_auth_digest, mod_access, mod_digest etc. are supported by Apache. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), TLS (Transport Layer Security) and Proxy modules too are supported by Apache. Virtual Hosting which is a type of web hosting can be easily possible using Apache.

Guide to know the Amount of DiskSpace and Bandwidth You Actually Need for you Website.

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Knowing the actual Bandwidth and Diskspace required for your web site to be hosted on a hosting server is essential. Most of the people are unaware of this basic requirement. One has to know this before you sign-up with a web hosting provider.

Audio-Video First of all you need to determine the content of your website, it means you should be aware if it contains plain text, audio, video or images. Plain text needs the least amount of diskspace, whereas images, audio and video files need more space.

Due to the lack of knowledge, you may land up paying extra to the web hosting provider.

You can find wide range of web hosting packages being offered, with different bandwidth and storage options at different prices. Choosing a web hosting service provider who offers good quality pre and post sales service is equally important. In the web hosting industry you must know the rule of thumb, 2 mega byte of storage space is sufficient for hosting 10 web pages with plain text or 4 to 5 images. This rule can help you in determining the server space that you would require to host your website. With this you can even calculate the required bandwidth. Most people misunderstand data transfer to be similar to bandwidth. If you expect a lot of data to be transferred, you should choose a web hosting plan that offers additional bandwidth. Incase you opt for a plan that has high data transfer rate and low bandwidth, it is most likely that your site would face some issues such as slow performance and delay in the webpages to display.

It is better to keep the website as simple as possible, avoid using large images and heavy flash content in the web pages. This can help you in managing the disk space and bandwidth. If you are still unable to determine the appropriate web hosting plan, you should approach a web hosting provider, let them know the size of your website and the traffic that you expect. They would help you choose a most suitable web hosting plan.

Benefits of Hosted eCommerce Solutions.

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eCommerce Hosting Hosting an E-commerce website is fairly simple. There are multiple benefits of choosing an eCommerce web hosting solution offered by web hosting providers. They offer robust, reliable, relatively inexpensive hosting packages. Along with the web hosting package you can avail a combination of different shopping cart technologies, integration of payment gateways, easy installation scripts and most importantly the anytime support.

It might be confusing for some people to choose an appropriate web hosting service provider due to the lack of basic knowledge of web hosting. You may go through the following link to understand the basics of hosting.

While choosing a eCommerce web hosting service provider, it is important to check for certain aspects. It’s a common trend that we avoid to choose a host that makes us do most of the stuff by ourselves. We usually want things that are pre-existing and easily available. Hence, while choosing an eCommerce host, you must check if they offer easy installations (one click installation is more preferred). They should offer a wizard that can take you through the installation process, else it can prove to be a frustrating task.

They must offer choice of eCommerce templates, preferably customizable templates are of preference. A reputed web hosting provider would never say, that they do not offer or allow customized templates.

Secure eCommerce Hosting They must allow you to build a catalog of your own. You should be enabled to export or import your pre-existing data as it would be a hard time for you if you have to manually keep typing the content each time you switch hosts.

Your task does not end here. Once, you are done with building your store, the crucial task of marketing follows. Some hosting providers offer these services as well. It is important that the hosting provider offers an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate as well for online security.

PayPal, GoogleCheckout, 2Checkout, Moneybookers etc are some of the most secure online payment gateways. You can integrate any of these with your website. A web hosting provider should provider multiple payment gateways.

It is necessary that the web hosting provider offers service, post sales support alongwith web hosting. Today, newer eCommerce technologies are being introduced, the web host must be competent enough to meet those requirements and offer.

Some Important Tips To Stay Satisfied With the service offered by Web Hosts.

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If you follow certain basic steps while choosing a web hosting provider, your web hosting experience with them, can prove to be fruitful and productive as well. The following tips should prove helpful for you before choosing a web hosting provider. It is important for you to research the hosting plans and services offered by different web hosts.

A) Avoid falling in the traps of Prices :

The simplest way in choosing a web hosting provider is to avoid falling prey to the price tags offered by web hosting providers. Give least importance to the price of the web hosting packages. Instead, you must look for the services they offer, check if they are available whenever you need them. Even today, people give more preference to price and least priority to the services offered, whereas it should be vice-versa. One must understand that it is the service offered by web hosting provider that plays the most crucial role in the success of any website/ business. You can instead opt for a web host that believes in offering Value for money. It is required that the website is up and running everytime.

Here is a simple calculation:

More Uptime = More Traffic

More Traffic = More Sale/Conversion.

One can find number of web hosting providers that offer web hosting services at Cheap prices. As far as you have a small business ,Cheap basic packages can be just fine, but as the traffic to your website grows, it is required for you to shift to higher plans for the website to perform better. It is necessary to find a good hosting provider at the start up. You should make sure what features the web hosting provider offers.

To help you out with this, you must consider the following services while choosing a web hosting provider:

o Back-up options

o SSH access

o Uptime Guarantee (Expect atleast 99.9%)

o Payment options and modes of payment

o Ability to host additional sub-domains

o Check if they provide FTP accounts

o Option of Domain Parking

o Check if they offer a Money back guarantee

o Check for the OS they offer

B) Uptime Guarantee

It is very crucial to have the maximum uptime. Though it is a bit tougher to understand that before signing up with a Host, but you can find some statistics tools to determine the uptime. Web Hosting forums too are the best places to determine such a host. Ideally 100% uptime is best, but practically it is hard to find such a host. But, as per the industry standards, 99.9% is acceptable. You can check the uptime of the server by the following link

C) Its better to share the server with the known people:

If you have chosen to have your website hosted on a shared web hosting account, it is better to find people who too are interested in the same package. You can lease a single VPS or dedicated server and create shared accounts on it and can resell it. Or else you can join the affiliate program of the web hosting provider and earn good revenue from it, this tric helps in covering your expense of hosting your website.

D) Research on Web Hosting Provider

It is always better to do some research before choosing a web hosting provider. One must select a reputed web host inorder to have a good hosting experience. You can ask friends about the host, check web hosting forums for educating yourself about the reputation. While doing this, understand that you are going to find some negative comments also, it is next to impossible to satisfy the hosting needs of every customer. There might be many reasons for a negative statement, some competitors too use this trick to damage the reputation of their competitor. So its completely your call to decide the authenticity of such statements.

E) Don’t fall Prey to Marketing Techniques

It’s a common practice to use attractive keywords to attract customers

Keyword “Unlimited”

Understand that nothing is unlimited in web hosting. Web hosts often attract customers by using keywords such as Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Diskspace. They dare to give such false promises as you probably never use the entire allotted

F) Post Sales Support

Once you have signed for a web hosting package with a web hosting provider, it is important that you get good and up-to-date post sales support. The web host should be available whenever needed. They should offer the service of contacting them via. Live Chat, E-mails/Tickets/ HelpDesk and Phone. They should be in a position to offer instant solutions, there staff must be competent enough to handle any server issues.

Following these few points can land your online business in safe hands and can add majorly for your website to succeed.

Guide to Choose the Perfect Web Hosting Provider.

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A web hosting provider is chosen based on technology, prices at which they offer services or through a recommendation of an agency or person. But, there are more aspects that need to be covered while choosing an appropriate web hosting service provider.

First of all, it is very important to educate yourself about certain basics of web hosting. Please refer the following link to understand them : Basics of Web Hosting

When choosing a web host, it is important to understand the tools and services that the web hosting provider offer. Further it is necessary for you to check if they offer support for those tools. Whether they offer website statistic tools alongwith the web hosting packages. If they do, understand how reliable is it.

Web Hosting Choosing a web hosting provider that offers a website building tool can prove to be advantageous. You can develop the website on your own by using such tools in a search engine friendly manner. Building a website with such tools from an Search Engines point of view can be easily achieved by this.

It is equally important to check if the web hosting service provider offers eCommerce hosting solutions as well. If your website involves sales and purchase eCommerce support tools are necessary. Online transactions is common in an eCommerce website, so it is necessary for you to check if your web hosting service provider offers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate as well. You must check for the packages that support eCommerce websites, due to lack of customer knowledge, many hosting providers pitch in hard for you to purchase a dedicated server, which is many a times not required, but inorder to meet their sales targets they are bound to do so.

You must also check if the web hosting provider offers flexibility in the web hosting plans. By this I mean, you should have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the web hosting plans at any point of time.

A web hosting provider should have effective firewall protection for the servers. They should also be in a position to offer dedicated firewalls to the clients if demanded. This is important due to the ever increasing numbers of hackers, attackers and spammers. They should also offer reliable E-mail delivery tools. There are chances that the IP of the server gets blacklisted due to spammers carrying out unhealthy practices from search engines point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to have effective server monitoring tools to avoid such situations.

The most crucial of all is the server uptime offered by the web hosting provider. It is very important that the web host offers maximum uptime of their servers. They should respect the fact that every minute is crucial for your business. An uptime of 99.95% can be considered to be satisfactory. After the uptime is confirmed, the server performance should be taken into consideration. It is necessary that the web hosting provider use Branded hardware to host your website.

I do not say that you should neglect the basic traditional criteria’s such as bandwidth, diskspace and the cost, but the above mentioned criteria’s are equally important.

Lastly it is necessary to know the quality of post sales support offered by web hosting provider.

It is recommended that before you choose a web hosting provider, you contant them via Live Chat, Phone or E-mail, get all these aspects cleared and only then sign-up for a package with them.

Understand the Benefits of Windows Server Hosting and Linux Server Hosting.

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It is important to know few basic but important things when choosing a web hosting service provider for you business. You should be aware of the requirements of your website/s such as the language used for scripting for example MySQL, PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.Net etc., you also need to adjust things according to the budget. Once, these things are clear, you can hunt for a suitable web hosting service provider. If you are targeting customers in a particular Geographical location, it is suggested to have your website hosted on servers that are placed in or near those areas.

There are two platforms namely Windows and Linux to choose for hosting your website/s Windows and Linux. If your website is designed using PHP and MySQL, Linux Web Hosting is the most recommended web hosting solution. But, incase you are planning to develop your website in ASP.Net, then you do not have any option other that going for Windows Web Hosting as ASP is supported by Windows only.

Both Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting have their individual benefits. Web Hosting providers offer various web hosting plans such as managed and unmanaged Dedicated server hosting, Semi-dedicated Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Shared Web Hosting for Linux and Windows platforms. Some web hosting providers also offer customization of Dedicated Web Hosting solutions.

Below are some benefits of Windows Web Hosting and Linux Web Hosting.

Benefits of Windows Web Hosting

A) On Windows server you can host websites the use Microsoft’s .Net technologies such as ASP.Net and VB.Net.

Windows Hosting Logo B) If you need a database, it is mandatory for you to choose a Windows Server Hosting plan for having a MSSQL database.

C) Access databases are available only with Windows Web Hosting solutions as Access is a Microsoft product and can be run on Windows Servers only.

D) Microsoft’s Sharepoint service too needs to be run on a Windows Server, hence Windows Web Hosting would be the perfect plan for you.

E) Windows Web Hosting solutions are particularly more costly than Linux Hosting as a licensing cost of Microsoft needs to be paid.

Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

A) Linux is an open source software and is registered under the GNU General Public License, hence you are not required to pay a licensing fees for the operating system. It can be downloaded for free from the internet.

Linux Logo B) Linux web hosting is considered as an affordable web hosting solution. The cost of distribution is borne by the web hosting service provider or the owner of the web site.

C) If you have used PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Perl for developing your website, Linux Web Hosting solution would be the most appropriate for you.

D) Linux Web Hosting is comparatively more secure than Windows Web Hosting, hence it is a preferred platform of designers and programmers.

For small business websites, Linux hosting can be more appropriate and affordable hosting solution.

What is Fantastico?

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Fantastico Scripts are executed when websites are created, or when new application is added to an existing website. Actually it is a system which is designed to install scripts easily. The biggest advantage is that it integrates with the popularly used Cpanel which offers hosting customers variety of things which include installation of popular programs and scripts with ease of a just single click on a button.

The scripts that Fantastico installs creates tables in databases, installs softwares, modifies permissions and configuration files too. It normally targets Open source softwares, it also installs some proprietary softwares. More than Fifty applications are associated with Fantastico

Fantastico is a program which is developed keeping non-technical user in consideration, while more technical person showed interest in it who dont wish to waste time manually configuring many installation.It can be great a choice when you think of  nistalling something like blog. It supports WordPress and Nucleus.

Fantastico is included freely in Hosting packages for the custmers.Cutomers love the variety of software available with Fantastico. It is availabe with Linux Hosting packages only.

You can not expect a disadvantage from such a wonderfull software,however lets face it.

Customers depend upon the hosting provider and the Fantastico makers to update the Scripts collection on a periodic basis.Due to ths reason some scripts run Out of date or open to exploits,however the customers need not worry.

Customers should just contact support and request for the latest stable version of fantastico.

What is VPS?

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A virtual private server (VPS, also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers such that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.

Total two kinds of virtualizations way one is software and second is hardware based.

In software based virtualization, the virtual machines share the same kernel and use the resources from main server. This type of virtualization mostly use in web hosting business.
There are plenty virtualization software such as Xen, Virtuozzo, Vserver, and OpenVZ (which is the open source and development version of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers).

In hardware based virtualization, the virtualization mechanism partitions the real hardware resources. In typical implementations, no burst and/or real-time quota modification is possible; the limits are hard and can only be modified by restarting a virtual machine instance.
It is more commonly used in enterprise/commercial deployments
Examples include Microsoft Virtual Server, VMware ESX Server, and Xen.

Benefits Of Cpanel Hosting.

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cPanel is a tool which helps you to manage your web hosting account through a web interface. With this interface you are able to perform your tasks faster the main thing is you don’t even need a professional knowledge.Cpanel is a cheap hosting panel for Linux web hosting and managed dedicated servers hosting

cPanel is graphical control panel which makes the administration tasks for a website easy. It can handle all consents regarding a website administration.

cPanel is compatible with number of linux flavors such as SUSE, Fedora, Mandriva, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and caos.

Capnel can take care of some software packages seperately. It can apply upgrades to Apache, MySQL, PHP automatically.

You can make changes according to your requirements.

You get a very friendly Web based graphical interface for adding parked domains, webmails, adding email account, monitoring bandwidth etc.

It allows you to take entire back-up of your website, web directories, cron jobs, configuring http redirects and custom error pages and many more.

You also get Fantastico through which you can install lot of ready to use free scripts.

Using Cpanel you need not hit hundreds of Linux commands. you can concentrate on your business than your server administration.

Cpanel hosting is available at cheapest price.

With cpanel hosting you are able to promote your site as well.