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Keyword Strategy for an Effective SEO Plan.

September 3rd, 2009 Comments off

The ultimate goal of the Search Engine Optimization is Getting a good Page Rank(PR) and driving a large amount of traffic to the site. The key to drive the traffic is Keywords. You should be able to track the proper keywords that the user might use to reach your site. This is a great skill to use and optimize proper keywords. One should research for the keywords that are used by the people and try to implement those. While selecting Keywords the SEO engineer should take care of the following:

Competitors Keyword : When you are in a market where you know there is a big competition and you have to be in the Race with others, you should know what keywords other competitors are using. If the keywords used are very common and you are getting a large amount of search result on the SERP page for that, try to use a similar or a combination of such keywords.

Less Competitive keywords: When you start optimizing  your site, start using less competitive keywords first. As you start getting some results and your business is also spreading arms, you should move to the difficult keywords. This is a good practice to start with.

Localize Keywords : At the very start of the business, it is oblivious you look for the local market first, same thing in the keywords. Try to Localize the keywords on your site. A good research on what type keywords are used by the local market for the specific search. Here the competition will be less than the global market. Even though your intentions are to rock international business, you should be stable with your Local clients and for that you need to optimize your site for the Local market, Slowly and gradually you can move for the larger market.

Seasonal keywords: There are many such occasions when people come online and use such kind of keywords, Christmas is one such occasion. During Christmas people look to buy Online gifts and moreover in this happy mood shop many other things they are not even looking for. You should try to reach such market by optimizing the site for such instances as well. When deciding such keywords, again a good market study, you should think like a customer and try to search for it in the Search engine and decide which keyword will do better. keywords

Evaluate Keyword : When you optimize a site for some keywords, you should track its performance and then try to evaluate the whole report for it. Time to time performance for the keywords should be tracked and accordingly SEO pans should be changed.

We can take example of the Web Hosting Company, here the most competitive keywords are Web hosting , web server. For local market you can use the keywords such as Best hosting India, Web  Hosting India, Hosting India. For seasonal offers the keywords such as Diwali offer are used hosting packages. You can figure it out many of such keyword, only a little good observation and a good strategy is needed.

Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 2

August 28th, 2009 Comments off

Below is the continuation of the previous article: Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 1

It is a database management system which is a Microsoft product. MS SQL databases are offered only with Windows Web Hosting packages.

MySQL is a database server.It is most commonly used with PHP.MySQL can be availed with Linux Web Hosting packages as well as Windows Hosting packages.

Perl is preferred and renowned scripting or programming language.It is considered to be one of the most powerful languages used for scripting. It is most commonly used for CGI scripts. With Perl building and testing of programs get simplified.

PHP is an Open source, server side HTML embedded scripting language that is typically used for creating dynamic web pages. Since it is released under Open source GNU, it is freely downloadable. Web masters prefer to use it on Linux/Unix Servers.

POP3: Post Office Protocol
It is a type of protocol that  is used for receiving E-mails. When using an E-mail client to retrieve email messages, the client communicates with the mail server via POP3.

Primary DNS : Primary Domain Name Server
It is the Primary domain name server for the customer domains. These are the DNS IP numbers often preceeded as and

Root Server
Its a machine thats loaded with softwares and data that is required to locate the name servers which contain authoritative data for the top level domains.

SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
This is main protocol that is used to send  and receive e-mails over the Internet.

SSL : Secure Socket Layer
It is a protocol designed to enable encrypted and authenticated communications across the World Wide Web.SSL is usually used for secure communication between web browser and the servers. The URL that starts with “https” indicates that the website is secured with SSL.SSL Certificates are installed on the domains of websites that involve online transactions.

TCP/IP is a protocol that defines the Internet. It indicates how data can be transmitted between hosts. It is most widely used standard of communication. This set of communication protocols to connect to host servers over the Internet.

It is a program that is used to login from and Internet site to the other. It is actually a protocol used to access machines placed at remote remote locations. You can connect to any server over the Internet that has telnet server.

TLD : Top Level Domains
It is the suffix of the domain name for example .co., .org , .gov, .net etc. It is the highest level in the hierarchy of doman extensions.

Tomcat is a Java based web server software created to run Java Server Pages (JSP) in the web applications.

Unix is an operating system that is used on business class computers often known as servers. It is a similar operating system to DOS and MacOS. It is one of the most common operating systems used on servers.

Virtual Server
A virtual server is nothing but a web server that shares its resources with multiple users hosted on a single physical server. In this, users get to experience dedicated server like environment.You are provided with complete admin access of the server.As a matter of fact, a VPS Hosting package is one of the most preferred type of web hosting solution.

Web Server
A web server is nothing but a computer that delivers web pages.It is important that the server is connected to the World Wide Web inorder to deliver webpages upon request.

Web Site Traffic
Website traffic refers to the volume of visitors visiting a website. The tool that measures the traffic is referred as the website traffic reporting tool.

XML : eXtensible Markup Language.
XML is a programming language which allows designers to create their own tags to indicate specific information. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is a widely used standard which facilitates the interchange of data across computer applications. It is similar to the language used for Web pages HTML.

Understand the Importance of Secure Web Hosting Solution.

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Security is one major factor that is bothering almost every individual and companies now-a-days.The effect of threats and attacks can be mainly seen in any online business. It is important for any individual to take additional measures to secure their online business.

Good firewall is necessary to be installed on the web servers that you are using to ensure that your website is safe from any internet threats and attacks. The firewall help you to protect your website/s from any intrusions and hackers.The firewall proves helpful to keep away malicious softwares affect your webservers. Web Server Monitoring must be done often, there should be an effective back-up facility in position to enable oneself to restore the back-ups incase you fall prey to such attacks. It is important that the web hosting provider offers these services to the customers inorder to avoid disasters.

Usually, you can find such services only with professional web hosting providers.It is seen that most of the people fall prey to false promotions made by web hosting companies. You should be careful when choosing a web hosting provider, free web hosting providers that offer web hosting packages for free, are usually the first one’s to get attacked.There are various ways that hackers and attackers embed scripts within images and links to serve their purpose.
Usually most of the Free web hosting service providers place multiple user on a single physical web server. That means a web server is shared and have the least security for preventing attacks,intrusions and viruses.Usually,least technical support is offered with free webhosting packages.This could be a one major drawback for you as there might be several occasions where your website face problems on their server and its resolution would be of utmost importance. The websites hosted on such unmanaged servers usually are slow and not so well performing.

Secure Web Hosting

It is recommended that you carry out an extensive research when choosing a web hosting service provider. It is important that you check with the web hosting provider offers Professional Support and Back-up Facility. In addition to that, you must understand the security measures taken by them, to keep your website secure from intrusions and attacks. You may contact the web host directly to understand the factors associated with hosting your website onto their servers.Preferably, a host that operate 24/7 is a better option to choose. A professional web host usually offers the above mentioned services at affordable prices.

At the end it is you to make the last call when choosing a web host. You need to bear in mind that the data on the website is yours and it is your responsibility to keep it secured. Choosing a web hosting service provider that covers all the security parameters must be your first choice.

Understanding Web hosting before Choosing the Web host.

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It is always said that before signing any contract, Read it care fully. When you opt for the Web hosting provider there are many technical terms that can confuse you or may be you are completely unaware of it. Unfortunately not all people are honest in this business. This people will take advantage of your innocence. You should not behave like a newcomer. For this a good understanding of the web hosting world and the technical terms used in it.

When you think of hosting your site i.e. you need to upload the web pages on to the server, for this you need to rent the disk space, and also confirm that the amount of the data transfer is enough to get the needed amount of content for the expected number of visitors.

People generally feel shy while asking anything, what we would suggest is never be afraid of asking questions when you pay for it. You should never enter any deal unless you are crystal clear about the deal. Ample of online material is available for you, read few online glossaries on web hosting and building your website.

Take a look at some of the technical terms that you should be aware of while choosing the web host:

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is usually measured in bit per second (bps). This is the amount of data that can be transferred from the device or it is the amount of the data that the connection support. It is usually referred as “Data transfer”

CGI: It is short hand for common gateway interface. It describes how the web server interacts with other software on the same machine.

CGI-Bin Access: It is the ability of the customer to write special programs that reside in the CGI-BIN and manipulate the data on the same site.

Disk Space: This is just like your local had drive which can store your data. This disk space is responsible for storing your web pages, HTML, CGI BIN programs, images, sound clips, e mail, log files, audio, video etc. 1MB is one Million Bytes, 100k is approximately 100000 bytes.

Domain Name: This is the name given to your sites which is unique al over the world. You can access the site by typing this name in the browsers. This name has two or more parts which is separated by periods.

Domain Name registration: When you think of any name to your site, you have to check if it is available or not, it can be used by somebody else. If it is available you have to register it. The process of registering it is Domain Name registration.

FTP: This is the standard way of transferring the data from the web server, without using the web browser. FTP softwares are available to make this task of transferring file to and from the internet easy.

Home Page :  This is the first page of your web site, a first page in a domain’s public directory, usually “index.php” or “index.html” and it loads at first from the site.

Hosting provider: A company that is dedicated to provide server space for hosting the sites.

ISP: It is Internet Service provider. It is the ISP that connects your home or office to the internet. It can be different than your hosting provider. ISP is how you access the internet with your computer.

POP: POP is standard protocol to retrieve the e-mail from your mail server. Almost all the email programs use POP and IMAP. POP is a shorthand for post office protocol.

Server : In the network, you have two types of computers: Client and Server. Server is the computer that is the master computer with mostly with higher resolution and it provides data , acts as a central repository between the client computer.

UNIX : UNIX is an operating system. It is commonly used on servers. It has number of variants, descendants and derivatives which includes LINUX, Apple MAC OS and many others.

URL: It is uniform resource locator. This is the standard means of providing a standard means to a particular resource on the network i.e. World Wide Web. A URL looks like

We have given some of the terms that are very simple to understand and very important to be known before choosing the web host.

Server and its Types

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A server is a computer or simply a device which manages the network resources. There are many types of servers. normally servers are dedicated, means they perform only the work fir which it is meant for, and it performs no other tasks. A computer can perform many tasks at once , a server refer to the program that manages resources for the clients.

Server platform:
This term is very often used with the Operating system. It is the hardware or software for the system. It an be said as the Engine that drives the server.
Web Server
Server Types:

Applications Servers:

This type of server is widely used and it is a mediater between database and the end users.This is actually a middleware. Middleware is a software that connects two seperate applications.It is sometimes called as plumbing. such common middle ware categories contains:
TP Monitors
DCE Environments
RPC Systems
Object Request Broker (ORBs).
Database access systems
Message Passing

Audio and Video Servers:
This servers supports for online streaming for the websites. Streaming means transfering data such that it can be processed steady and continous stream. Such streaming techmologies are widely growing and gaining importance.

Chat Servers:
This enables large number of data exchange on the internet, it offers real time disscussion capabilities. Real time refers to the events that are simulated by a computer at the same speed that it would occur in real life.

Fax servers:
This type of servers were introduced toreduce the load on inoming and outgoing telephone resources. Big organizations need a dedicated FAX server.

FTP Server:
This servers is one of the oldest form of the service and the most primary ones. File transfer protocol makes it possible to move the files between computers securely.

Groupware Servers:
This type of server is used for user collabration by a software on this server.It works regardless of the location.

IRC Server:
This is a good option for the people those seek real time disscussion capability. the Internet relay chats consists of the various networks of the servers that allow the users to connect to each other via an IRC network.

List Server:
mailing list are managed by this server.It includes interactive discussion or one way lists that contain announcements,newsletter or advertising.

News Server:
It acts as the centralised distribution source for the thousand of public news group which is accessed over the USENET new netrwork.

Proxy Server:
This type of server is an intermediate between client and the external server. It filters the request and improves the importance and also share the connections.

Telnet Server:
This server enables users to log to the host computers and perfor tasks as if they were local.

Web Server:
Web server is responsible to serve the static content to the web browser by loading the files from the disk to the web browser. This contains a large amount of data exchange. This exchange between browser and the server uses HTTP.

What are CGI Scripts?

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When you choose the good hosting companies and go through the prism details of he packages you will definitely get this option i.e. CGI Scripting. Hosting companies understand the need of the clients.

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface.  It is a standard for creating web pages. CGI scripts are popular it actually refers to writing a program that will control how the websites content is displayed to the visitors.

When you talk about the CGI Scripts there are some basic things that you should look at. In CGI Scripting there is a basic mode of the web communications is Client server mode. To access a web page, the client computer communicates with the server computer and when the server responds then it can access the data i.e. files and the downloads. As you are aware that the website and all its elements are kept on the server and the server sends the information to the client as needed and requested.


The client initiates the request to the server with some information and server responds back with it, this is how the web servers handle static files. However depending upon the website owner he may want a request to go through to the several steps before granting the access to the static files. For example he may want the user to be a paid member to view a file. This requires an executable program which directs the server to implement the steps needed to perform the intended feature. This is where the CGI Scripting comes into picture.

In short we can say that it is standard protocol for interfacing external application software with the information server i.e. a web server. The server responds in two ways:

  1. If the request is for a file stored, returns the content.
  2. If the request identifies an executable command, then it runs the command and then returns the output.

For the second option the CGI defines the standard way of doing it.

There is one problem in using the CGI Scripts, every time the script is executed a new process is started. For Busy websites this can considerably slow down the server.

Drupal Web Hosting : Explained

June 4th, 2009 Comments off

Drupal is one among the different Open source Content Management Systems (CMS). It enables a user with an ease to publish, organize and manage large variety of content on a web-site. Many enterprises and Organisations use Drupal for their Community Portals, Blogs, E-commerce and other purposes.
Drupal Logo Many web hosting service providers offer Drupal Web Hosting packages. Once a relevant domain name is chosen, you can choose an appropriate web hosting plan. You should be clear with your web hosting requirements such as bandwidth, disk-space etc. The web hosting provider can suggest you the best suitable plan for hosting your Drupal website. Drupal offers  an advanced portal with collaborative book, search engines friendly URLs, online help, roles, full content search, site watching, threaded comments, version control, blogging, news aggregator. Drupal can be installed through cPanel which can be used with any Linux Hosting package.

Drupal application is developed by PHP and can be run against MySQL and PostgreSQL. Hence, one should search for a web hosting provider that offers support for PHP alongwith MySQL database support and PostgreSQL. Therefore, a Linux Web Hosting package is the perfect for your requirements. It is also important that the web host enable mod_rewrite module.

A hosting control panel along with the package can help you in multiple ways for managing the account. It can ease you to use the tools to create MySQL or Postgre SQL database as well as grant the access to others. You can execute back-ups as well  as restore it. With a control panel, you get an editor to modify the Cron jobs, which is extremely important for shared web hosting solution. There are many tasks that needs to be run at the same time, hence a permission to change the Cron file proves helpful for the Drupal Webmasters. With it you also get the privilege to access permission of the file and directory.

Before choosing a web hosting provider, you should get convinced about the connection speed between the web server and the database server. Usually, due to un-optimization of the connection speed between the two servers can run Drupal real slow. A stable server environment is very important for Drupal. One should make use of the review websites and customer testimonials while choosing a web hosting provider.

Fully Managed Cheap Web Hosting

May 28th, 2009 Comments off

Web Hosting is a basic and probably the most important aspect of any Ecommerce Hosting. online business. Web servers are an essential component when one needs to get a website live on the Internet. Any E-commerce website needs to be taken care by multiple infrastructure factors, which includes buying and hosting servers, managing them, seamless network connectivity and constantly monitoring the performance of the servers.

Managing the servers can be tedious and ofcourse an expensive task. It may divert away the focus from the core business issues. Here, managed web hosting services can be the best alternative. In the web hosting business, one can find cheap web hosting plans that would best suite once requirements. There is a big misconception that a managed web hosting service comes with a huge price to pay for. Many web hosts are reputed for offering reliable, scalable, high performance, and cost effective in house web hosting solutions.

Windows Hosting Linux Web Hosting

Managed web hosting service is little different than other hosting solutions such as Standard Dedicated server hosting, Shared web hosting, Reseller Web Hosting and VPS Hosting. Customers have the privilege to choose between Standard and Managed Web Hosting. Though now-a-days hosting providers offer managed services such as managed messaging, managed security, managed server updates etc.

In addition to this, depending on the web hosting provider, these services maybe categorized as cheap web hosting solutions.

Shared web hosting is another type of web hosting, which can be offered under managed hosting category. In this type, multiple accounts are created on a single physical server. Shared hosting is best suited for running open source applications.

There are multiple issues such as security issues, server downtime, network downtime, hardware failure etc. that needs to be addressed on a priority basis. Here, the Managed web hosting can prove to be helpful. Managed web hosting is bit complex, but inspite of that it is flexible and includes system monitoring, network and security management, data back-up services, application management, infrastructure provisioning, database administration and disaster recovery. All there services are now a days included with a web hosting plan at reasonably cheaper rates.

Other good thing about hosting a web site on a leased server is that, one does not need to own any hardware and space. Most of the managed hosting providers offer 24×7 infrastructure monitoring.