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How can I change the value of a PHP Setting?

December 13th, 2010 Comments off

You may apply customized PHP settings on a pre-folder using a local php.ini file.


Below mentioned is an example to describe the same :

If you require output_buffering set to OFF in a particular directory, you should log into your cPanel provided with web hosting account and go to the File Manager. There you need to navigate through to the directory where you’d want this setting to be applied. In the desired directory create a php.ini file containing the below:

output_buffering = off

The settings should take place, once the above steps are executed.

There are two exceptions which you need to note :

Some very important PHP Limits or Directives cannot be changed, for example memory_limit and max_execution_timeout. Changing the values from the values assigned by the administrator can result in problems with the overall server performance.

If PHP is compiled as an Apache module, you can try using a .htaccess file containing the below mentioned :

php_value output_buffering off

Please be advised that the global PHP settings cannot be changed with a local file if you are using PHP 5.1. Some globally defined limits cannot be changed per account.

Difference Between Managed Hosting And Unmanaged Hosting

December 11th, 2010 Comments off

Managed and unmanaged hosting can be divided on the basis of scale of support they are consuming from web hosting providing companies. The number of customer for unmanaged hosting are less than the managed server hosting following are few reasons for it.

In case of managed managed web hosting solutions, web hosting companies provide support and service almost for total hosting package. There are some exemptions for softwares and applications which a client want to install in his own behalf. Such softwares mostly contains applications like wordpress or drupal and so on. But the major parts like operating system, cPanel, or setting up a server are performed by support staff of a web hosting company, this type of support also includes a few applications which need to be installed before hand over to client. There are few host who provides some special services to their clients such as automated back up facility and few tools which monitors server for providing alerts for any possible downtime.

When things come to unmanged hosting services, generally the clients are tech savvy and are capable of managing servers at their own risk, so they only need for hardware. Many tasks such as replacing any physical component, maintaining network to keep server on all the time and rebooting whenever demanded by client comes under hardware support. The risk factor shift more towards webmaster in unmanaged hosting services as maintaining all software and other applications is sole responsibility of webmasters and not of the support staff of web hosting services provider.

How can I transfer my osCommerce from one host to another?

December 10th, 2010 Comments off

You can transfer your osCommerce application from one web hosting service provider to another, by copying your application files and database’s and modifying the two configure.php files located at includes/ and admin/includes/ folder to ensure smooth functioning with the new server settings.


The settings that need to be modified in includes/configure.php are mentioned below:

HTTP_SERVER : You need to set this up to your domain name

define (‘HHTP_SERVER’, ‘’);

DIR_FS_CATLOG : Then you need to define the absolute path to your shop

define (‘DIR_FS_CATLOG’, ‘/home/user/public_html/shop’);

DB_SERVER : You need to set this to the localhost

define (‘DB_SERVER’, ‘localhost’);

DB_SERVER_USERNAME : Assign the username with permissions and privalages to access the shop database

define (‘DB_SERVER_USERNAME’, ‘user_osc’);

DB_SERVER_PASSWORD : Assign the password to access the database

define (‘DB_SERVER_PASSWORD’, ‘password’)

DB_DATABASE : Define the the shop database

define (‘DB_DATABASE’, ‘user_osc’)

The settings that need to be modified in admin/includes/configure.php are mentioned below:

DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT – Then you need to define the absolute path to your shop

define(‘DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT’, ‘/home/user/public_html/shop/’);

DIR_FS_ADMIN – Then you need to define the absolute path to the admin folder

define(‘DIR_FS_ADMIN’, ‘/home/user/public_html/shop/admin/’);

Some of the older versions of osCommerce need register_globals to be enables for the shop to function.

How can I reset my Mambo administrator password?

December 9th, 2010 Comments off

Mambo is one of the very popular and powerful Content Management System (CMS) available in the market. Websites cab be created easily with the web based interface and the user friendly features of Mambo CMS.


Mambo administrator password can be changed or reset using its MySQL Database available in your control panel provided by your web hosting services provider.

The most easy way to manage the database is through the phpMyAdmin tool. You need to go to your cPanel provided with you cPanel Hosting account and click on phpMyAdmin in the Databases box.

In phpMyAdmin you need to select Mambo’s database from the drop down menu at the left side. The page will automatically refresh and the table of database’s will be displayed. Access the SQL tab, it can be found at the top navigation bar.

Write the below mentioned SQL Query in the text field available :

UPDATE `mos_users` SET `password` = MD5( ‘new_password’ ) WHERE `mos_users`.`username` = “admin_username” LIMIT 1 ;

“new_password” – replace with the new password to be used.
“admin_username” – replace with the username the password for which should be updated.

Once done, click on the GO button to submit your query. If the query completes without any errors, you would be able to login to Mambo with the newly assigned password.

Disadvantages of Cloaked Domain Redirection.

December 8th, 2010 Comments off

One of the most frequently asked question from webmasters is ‘Is it fair to buy a domain name and using the registrar’s services of web redirecting towards their original domain held by their own website. Though these redirection services are provided most of the time at free cost by there are some issues with the usage of URL redirection services. To misdirect webmasters registrar claims they the website’s URL will be cloaked, even stealth URL is one more similar concept to cloaking URL.

Many times webmasters willing to use these type of services because of setting up a website at a free web hosting and not as a paid shared hosting services provider accounts which generally does not come with domain name hosting. This causes for inability of a hosting provider to point the url to webmasters website. This inability is one of the biggest drawback of free web hosting type.

The feature of cloaking redirection is provided by registrars by building duplicate web pages, which are also called as ‘frames’. Frames are the empty pages which only have title of a website and meta tag information which is to be given by webmasters and thus it loads the real webpage of your website. Though many webmaster will think that whats wrong with this but users who have bookmarked the pages will not be able to view the same pages when they will try to load the bookmarks made in the past time. This will lead to impress badly to the continuous visitors of that particular website.

The biggest disadvantage of this is from SEO point of view because though there are many backlinks exists to your real pages, these links will redirect SEO bots and real visitors towards duplicate page created by registrar as an empty page and you will loose all you efforts taken on link building.

Website Issues after SSL Certificate Installation

December 8th, 2010 Comments off

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a commonly-used protocol to manage the security of message transmission on the Internet. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) uses a program layer located between the Internet’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Transport Control Protocol (TCP) layers.

There can be some issues faced by you after an SSL certificate installation for you website. One of the issue can be wherein you may not be able to access your website after a SSL certificate installation.


SSL installation requires a DNS change of your domain A record and thus this error occurs. After a successful SSL certificate installation you might be resolving your domain with the old DNS settings. Normally these changes should take place immediately but there is a possibility to access you website using cached DNS information.

We recommend you to check the website after few hours for the DNS changes to take effect. You will then be able to access your website conveniently without any issues.

Also we suggest you to clear up all your browser’s cache and local DNS cache. If the problem continues, you can contact the support department for your web hosting services provider or the SSL certificate provider for further assistance.

Upgrade Magento

December 7th, 2010 Comments off

Its involves certain level of risk while upgrading an application, thus its recommended to take

precautionary measure before jumping on to an upgrade.


Its very important to create a back up before you upgrade any application. This will ensure avoidance to any kind of inconveniences.

You can gather more information on how to perform an upgrade from the Official Magento Forum. Most of the issues related to the up gradation process are listed on the Official Forum for Magento with suitable resolutions provided. Many individuals find it difficult to execute a script upgrade, thus seeking assistance from an expert. Assistance from experts normally come with a monetary value accompanying them.

Updating Magento can be done easily by using Magento Connect Manager. It involves two steps to upgrade Magento, below mentioned are the two steps:


Step 1: Log in to Magento Connect Manager

You need to log in to the Magento Content Manager first. If this is the first time you are upgrading Magento, you need to prepare the down loader and then click Install. Refresh the page once the initial procedure is complete.

Step 2: Select packages to upgrade

Then you need to click on the Check for Upgrades tab. All the available upgrades will be published and highlighted in yellow. Then you need to select the “Upgrade to” option from the Actions drop down menu. The application will now start upgrading your Magento Store.

Many web hosting services providers provide various automatic applications and tools for installation and upgrades. Web Hosting providers provide customized Addons to assist you with the application upgrades, many also make sure that the requested upgrades are performed on your behalf. Its recommended that you create a back up before scheduling an upgrade on your account.

If you are facing problems installing Magento or Upgrading Magento, we recommend you to contact the support department of your web hosting service provider for further assistance.

Unable to send emails using Outlook Express

December 1st, 2010 Comments off

This is one of the commonly occurred error faced by users while trying to send emails using Outlook Express. This is mostly because of wrong Outlook settings or blocked port 25.
This error can occur because of a very common mistake of leaving “My SMTP server requires authentication” checkbox unchecked. Below mentioned is the procedure to enable SMTP authentication for your Outlook Express mail client:
Select Accounts from the Tools Menu, the internet accounts box appears. Now you need to select the Mail Tab, which will make your email account appear. You need to select the email account by clicking on it and also click the properties button on the right. In the Outlook Mail Server section you need to check the box “My Server requires authentication”. Please make sure you don’t check the box next to Log on using Secure Password Authentication.
Please use the Correct Mail Client settings stated below:

  • Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP server):
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP server):
  • Username: the full e-mail address like
  • SMTP authentication must be enabled for the login to be successful.

Check connection to port 25
For SMTP connection the standard port used is port 25. In most of the cases the ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks port 25. If you are facing a similar kind of problem, we recommend you to use an alternative port 2525 for your mail SMTP connection.
If you are still facing issues with sending emails using Outlook Express, we recommend you to contact your Web Hosting Service Provider for further assistance.

Simple Description of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

November 18th, 2010 Comments off

Business environment around the globe has changed a lot within a considerate time frame. The growth of companies or businesses has not limited itself to local, regional or national level but has reached the extreme heights by going global. Many companies have subsidiaries all around the globe concluding human resources working at these facilities. Scalability of the existing business was a great concern for many business managements, companies were dealing stagnant or no growth issues.

Technological advancement has catered to all the issues faced by companies to operate and manage operations smoothly anywhere around the globe. This technological advancement has brought in the use of leased lines to maintain a Wide Area Network (WAN), these leased lines provided a company a platform to expand its private network beyond its local or regional reach. A WAN has its obvious advantages over a public network like the Internet in regards to reliability, performance and security. But on the counter part the maintenance of a WAN particularly when using a leased line, can become quite expensive and more often the cost rises as the distance between the offices increases.

As Internet started becoming more and more popular, business owners turned to it as a means of extending their own networks. This began with the use of Intranet, which is a password protected site designed for use only by company employees. Advancing further, now companies are creating their own VPN (Virtual Private Network) to cater to the needs of remote employees and distant offices. It has prominent use for large corporate houses with multiple working locations and for companies providing web hosting services with multiple support facilities. VPN can be used for different kinds of servers like Dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers with Shared server hosting being an exception.

VPN is a private network that uses a public network (Internet) to connect remote sites and user together. Instead of using a dedicated, real-world connection such as leased line, a VPN uses “virtual” connections routed through the Internet from the company’s private network to the remote site or employee. It aims to avoid an expensive system of owned or leased lines that can be used by only one organization. Secure VPNs use cryptographic tunneling protocols to provide confidentiality by blocking intercepts and packet sniffing, allowing sender authentication to block identity spoofing, and provide message integrity by preventing message alteration.

Advantages of Softaculous over Fantastico

November 18th, 2010 Comments off

These days lot of discussions are going on superiority of ‘Softaculous over Fantastico. As Softaculous covers more recent updates it is more favorite of not only the webmasters as a consumers but also of many web hosting companies as providers. As Softaculous has 150 scripts which are dehighlighting the Fantastico which has near about 50 only.

I would like to share some important features of ‘Softaculous’ which keeps it much ahead in the race with ‘Fantastico’

  • Has much more scripts than Fantastico
  • More User friendly than Fantastico
  • Less time consuming Installation
  • Ability to Import scripts which are already manually installed
  • Ability to install Javascript Libraries
  • Ratings from the users who already have used by others are viewable.
  • Ability to take backup of applications
  • Overwrite option for already existing files.

As a statement from Softaculous, they will keep on adding more software applications into their catalog. Currently shared hosting owners are redirecting to Softaculous on a very large scale.