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Owner of the Domain name

September 19th, 2009 Comments off

Owning a Domain Name is very simple , you need to register your details and that too the genuine ones, many of the people don’t have the seriousness in owning name, they think of owning  it in just a single snap of a finger.
Any user on the internet can register the domain name , provided he should meet the conditions of an accredited registrar. The user has to disclose the personal  details in order to get registered with the registrar . Once the registrar approves the details, the one who is the registrant of the domain will be called as the owner of the domain. The owner has to maintain the proper use of the domain , till he obeys the rules he has the rights for the domain name.

The registrant also has the right to make some important decisions and responsibilities against the domain. He is allowed to sell the site, or transfer , until he owns the domain means till the domain is registered under his name, he needs to check the expiry date of the domain. If the domain is included in any legal infringes, the registrant is responsible for it.  When the registration of the Domain expires , the registrant is no more the owner of the domain, This domain is now available for others to register.

For checking the owner of the domain name WHOIS search tool is available. By doing this we can check the owner of the domain name and the information regarding the domain name and contact details and renewal information also. If you want to buy the domain and you want to check whether it is available or not you can go to any good Web Hosting Provider and check on there site with the help of the domain checker. Register the domain with a good company and enjoy the world of internet. If you register the domain name with any Web hosting company and host you web site with them, you can get a good offer on the Hosting package.

Affordable Web Hosting Solutions and a Way to find it.

September 19th, 2009 Comments off

Web Hosting companies are available in a bulk, choosing the best from them and the most suited ones is a difficult task. If you are looking for a affordable web hosting service for your business, it is big challenge to choose amongst the web hosting companies available in the market. Given below are some of the tips that may help you in choosing the right affordable hosting solution for you.

What to begin with? affordable

As we know there are many companies available, we should be keen towards the important services they provide. Things that should be looked in the Web hosting services, to begin with includes Network uptime which should be 99.5 %, if the down time is more than 0.5 %, your business is definitely going to suffer. Your customers will face your site down as the web server is down. One thing more, the web hosting service should be compatible with the Windows and Mac operating system and should not put on any restriction on the type of your website which is being hosted.

What hosting packages you should select?

The Web hosting company should offer you a flexibility in the packages they offer you. Depending upon your needs you should select the storage space, extensions, sub domains, email accounts , spam filters, security, backup facility, live assistance, 24×7 support etc. In short you should not face any trouble while updating your website in the future and also the hosting package should be upgradeable at any point . It can be the case that you need a shopping cart on your website, your hosting provider should offer you that.

The most important is  Customer support:

This is most important aspect while selecting the web hosting provider. The customer support should be provided 24×7 for 365 days with live chat assistance, voice support, email and Tickets. You should be assisted with the technical experts if you face any technical difficulty.

The web hosting provider can provide this facilities and claims this services on there web site to provide these facilities, you better check this all services before opting for the web hosting provider.

Web hosting Reviews: A best guide to choose the Web Host.

September 11th, 2009 Comments off

A good web hosting is a biggest factor to get going your online business. It can be your success partner in one sense, When you think of any online business, uptime is always a critical factor, so web host is the most important factor in the business related to Internet. If the web hosting is effective it enhances the quality of the website, which also helps you to create you the market out of your brand and business..

A website which loads fast always attracts people than the websites which encounters several errors and takes time to load, Good websites always built a good relations with the users, this all depends on the good web host. This makes finding the good web host a crucial and important step. Now, searching for the good web host is an important task and at the highest priority, for this you can go for the Web hosting reviews to start with and it can help you at the maximum.

When you search for a web hosting, you will get number of websites online, it is difficult to make out which is the good one, Web hosting reviews the best place you can look for. Browse through all the hosting reviews and then you can make a decision.

There is a special significance of this reviews, Real users who have their unique experiences with any web hosting company leave their personal review on these sites, not necessarily positive, it can be anything something that the person has experienced in real.

A genuine goal of the web hosting review website is to allow people to share a true and real description of the web hosting provider companies that they have experienced with. This allows the different users to share there views and that too with the complete independence. This guidelines can be a lot of importance to a new user before opting for the Web hosting provider or while switching onto the new web host.

You can check the rank of the web site on the Google, which will help you to find out if the reviews are genuine. By checking the authority of the resources, you can get an idea to judge it.You can also check the authenticity of the website, use Whois check up tools available for this purpose.

After this you can go for the Google index pages, you can check out the number of pages that are listed on the Google web page. You can view the Affiliate links too as many of the websites use this links. When you read any review, please read it care fully and thoroughly. This is important, if you miss any point to read out there is nobody to blame for after words, you don’t want to loose your potential clients choosing the wrong Web host.

Finding any such Web hosting Review web site is easier than finding a Web hosting provider, you can join online forums or group discussion that web-hosting-review has active members who are interested about your niche. This forums will also guide you in the right direction. Just no to hurry while taking decision.

Please make sure that you are not straight away influenced by the review may be positive or negative until you find a rock solid review further to help you make you decision

Linux VPS made Better.

September 10th, 2009 Comments off

There is always been a question, which is the best choice for the medium hosting requirements, every time we have got the synonymous answer that is VPS i.e. Virtual Private Servers. When you go for the selection between the platform, Linux is chosen comparatively at the larger sides because of its nature of operation and some advantages over the Windows.

Linux VPS is one of the best buy package in the hosting industry. We have to take care when dealing with this Linux VPS to work better.

Linux VPS limits itself while dealing with the resources. It is limited to 1 GB RAM, Clients always want there VPS to run better and responsive. Linux VPS You can take a look at some tips to improve your VPS.

You should configure your MySQL cache size, it will help you to expand your available RAM. Some of the users might have noticed that your MySQL server instance eats up much of the memory, you can deal with this by decreasing the MYSQL cache size. If you think that it is getting some what slower due to overload of the request, you can increase the cache size as per the needs. Closely monitoring this application will help you to organize your memory needs.

Linux VPS can be enhanced in the performance by disabling the control panels. We all generally used to this Control panels, using this control panels consume your resources as well. If you want to free your resource, you can disable the control panels, using them when you need them is always advised. Installing them is an easy task, simply running a small PHP script or using a shell prompt. Disabling the control Panels will free upto 120 MB of RAM.

You can also have a look at which of the application are eating your memory and from what application you can free your memory. Disabling unwanted features, modules and plugins ,for example Apache that are enabled in every software package, doing this will help you earn a lot amount of memory.

Making Your Linux VPS responsive can be done through disabling the system services that are not in use or unnecessarily running. This services consume RAM as well CPU usage and also make the server unsecured.

To help your self in freeing the memory as per the needs check the memory Apache is using and accordingly adjust the Startservers

Buying a VPS Plan or Linux VPS is an easy task, buying it from a good Web hosting company is a good quiz. Before opting for such Linux VPS package, you can go through the memory requirements and consult with the hosting provider regarding the same.

Overview Of Nehalem Processor.

September 4th, 2009 Comments off

Nehalem Market, needs and the necessity  in the change for the technology is always been the reason for the new invention in any technology. Intel has developed the latest generation Micro architecture and it is named as Intel Nehalem processor. It was firstly called as Intel Core- I 7 processor.

When you go for hosting your site to some Web hosting company, often people care about the hardware that is used. Now a days there is requirement for such processors by the clients for a dedicated servers. Most of the good hosting providers do provide it.

This Intel Nehalem processors said to be very fast, actually the next step to faster. It works on multi core technology and it efficiently matches your workload. It is a parallel processing processor and has integrated memory controller. We can go through some of its major advantages:

Intel Nehalem Offers many features including :

Scalability: This processor allows dynamic Scalability. It manages Cores, threads, cache, interfaces. It provides power for energy efficient performances as needed.

Performance Scalability: It offers a great design and performance scalability and for the servers. Is works well for workstations, notebooks intel-nehalem and desktops as well. It adds support for 2-8 + cores and up to 16 threads with the Intel Hyper threading Technology. Scalability is the biggest asset for this processor. It can scale the cache size and also interconnects systems.

Intelligent performance : The Nehalem processor is said to be intelligent. It uses the Intel Turbo Boost technology. This technology enables it to easily deal with the overhead of  the multithread and single threaded workloads. The performance of the Processor is increased, though the workload is more.

Increased performance with Highly threaded applications: The server is usually loaded with such kind of applications. With the processor having Intel HT technology which brings high performance applications to the mainstream computing.

Shared memory: Memory controller performs this task of scheduling memory requests. It adds an advantage of scalable shared memory. The technology used for this is Intel Quick Path Technology and High speed point to point interconnect.

Multi level Shared Cache : It improves the efficiency and performance by reducing the latency.

This just a small overview of the processor. Intel has been masters in processors. As the invent in this new Processor, demand for the Nehalem hosting solutions has increased. I guess there is lot more to come from the Intel hub.

Keyword Strategy for an Effective SEO Plan.

September 3rd, 2009 Comments off

The ultimate goal of the Search Engine Optimization is Getting a good Page Rank(PR) and driving a large amount of traffic to the site. The key to drive the traffic is Keywords. You should be able to track the proper keywords that the user might use to reach your site. This is a great skill to use and optimize proper keywords. One should research for the keywords that are used by the people and try to implement those. While selecting Keywords the SEO engineer should take care of the following:

Competitors Keyword : When you are in a market where you know there is a big competition and you have to be in the Race with others, you should know what keywords other competitors are using. If the keywords used are very common and you are getting a large amount of search result on the SERP page for that, try to use a similar or a combination of such keywords.

Less Competitive keywords: When you start optimizing  your site, start using less competitive keywords first. As you start getting some results and your business is also spreading arms, you should move to the difficult keywords. This is a good practice to start with.

Localize Keywords : At the very start of the business, it is oblivious you look for the local market first, same thing in the keywords. Try to Localize the keywords on your site. A good research on what type keywords are used by the local market for the specific search. Here the competition will be less than the global market. Even though your intentions are to rock international business, you should be stable with your Local clients and for that you need to optimize your site for the Local market, Slowly and gradually you can move for the larger market.

Seasonal keywords: There are many such occasions when people come online and use such kind of keywords, Christmas is one such occasion. During Christmas people look to buy Online gifts and moreover in this happy mood shop many other things they are not even looking for. You should try to reach such market by optimizing the site for such instances as well. When deciding such keywords, again a good market study, you should think like a customer and try to search for it in the Search engine and decide which keyword will do better. keywords

Evaluate Keyword : When you optimize a site for some keywords, you should track its performance and then try to evaluate the whole report for it. Time to time performance for the keywords should be tracked and accordingly SEO pans should be changed.

We can take example of the Web Hosting Company, here the most competitive keywords are Web hosting , web server. For local market you can use the keywords such as Best hosting India, Web  Hosting India, Hosting India. For seasonal offers the keywords such as Diwali offer are used hosting packages. You can figure it out many of such keyword, only a little good observation and a good strategy is needed.

Understanding Reseller Hosting.

August 24th, 2009 Comments off

Out of many different available hosting services, Reseller Hosting is one of the most adored by the people. Many of the web host are reseller host them selves. We can take an example of e-commerce web site, it requires particular type of hosting which fulfills the business requirements. The other type of hosting services that are usually preferred are Dedicated hosting and shared hosting ones.  Reseller Hosting is the most cost effective in this all.

Reseller Hosting is very cost effective and both customers and the Reseller Hosting provider gets benefited out of it. Reseller hosting is generally been taken as a choice by the companies having less hosting demands. The reseller hosting providers are also a small scale hosting providers (usually). It is been targeted to the market where the need of the company is small Disks pace, less bandwidth. Mostly bigger organizations don’t go this way. If the right approach come in the way of the reseller Hosting, lot of profit in the terms of money can be yielded.

Reseller Hosting Reseller Hosting generally can be anything of the following:

1. The reseller of the hosting services can act as an agent for the web hosting company. The service is advertised by the reseller , the services is actually purchased from the Web hosting company and the reseller gets the cut of the package when the resellers name is mentioned at the purchase.

2. The reseller acts as a marketer for the web hosting provider, the reseller acts a an actual hosting company, the service purchased from the reseller, further contact is been taken care off by the web hosting company itself.

3. The reseller appears as an hosting company itself, it handles sales, and support as its end itself. Customers contacts the reseller for each an every concern.

When you go for the reseller hosting, you are responsible to market the website and get hold of the niche market. Reseller should take care of the quality of the web hosting support and concerns related to the hosting. Many times reseller just forwards the queries to the main service provider and its job is over, the main service provides the support and solves the queries.

You all can expect the same amount of security and technical aspects from the reseller hosting. Reseller hosting has allowed many small hosting to come up and earn a lot of money getting a number of small clients. Reseller hosting has proved its efficiency in attracting the clients. A big organization can buy good Reseller hosting package and use it for itself, in different way. Reseller Hosting is available in Windows reseller hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting

Quick Overview of Web Hosting and its Types.

July 31st, 2009 Comments off

Basically a web hosting company offers a home for your website/s. The web hosting provider offers you a storage space on the server. There you can save your web pages and transfer information electronically, which can be viewed by users on the World Wide Web. Such a Web space is important for any website to be viewed online, this is known as Web Hosting.

The web hosting service provider offer machines that are really powerful and ensure that your website functions smoothly. It is important that your website is hosted on a good quality branded hardware for  uninterrupted functioning. Depending on your budget and website requirements, you can choose an appropriate web hosting package. One of such a package is the Shared Hosting package. In this type of hosting solution, multiple web sites/ accounts are set-up on a single physical server. A Shared Hosting package is the cheapest of all the other types. You share a common physical server with other user accounts. This type of hosting is suitable for personal or small business websites. You do not have much privilege with Shared Hosting.

Web Hosting The other type of hosting solution is the VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting. It is one of the most preferred types of web hosting. With this you get much privileges than shared hosting. You get root or admin access to the server, which means you can use the server as you wish and can install applications and software of your choice. On top of that, you get to experience a Dedicated like environment. Plus VPS hosting package are fairly cheaper and can be afforded by most users. It offers greater level of security and privileges.

Lastly, the Dedicated Server Hosting solution is one of the highly preferred and most secure type of Hosting solution. A dedicated server hosting solution is usually preferred by owner of large businesses and those who have large websites. You are the sole owner of the server, and have the privilege to use the server as per your needs. Yours is the only account on the server and no one else can host a website on it until you intend to do so. You can even create reseller accounts or VPS accounts and resell it to your customers.

You get two platforms for Web Hosting purpose viz. Linux and Microsoft Windows.

With the different types of hosting services, choosing an appropriate web hosting service provider is equally important. You must follow certain guidelines to choose an ideal web hosting provider.

You can refer : Key Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Web Hosting Provider.