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Cloud Hosting In Comparison With Other Types Of Services

May 25th, 2013 Comments off

Any internet hosting refers to one of the following types: shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, and more recently, the cloud hosting. Let’s look at what type of hosting services are different from cloud.

VDS hosting is the most affordable. In addition, it is worth noting that the virtual hosting has a different functionality and cannot withstand a lot of traffic. Cloud Hosting as opposed to virtual characterized by the ability to dynamically allocate resources of the physical server that provides a stable sites at any attendance. However, for cloud hosting, you pay for the resources that are utilized.

VPS as opposed to cloud hosting is a virtual dedicated server that allows you to install the necessary software, and does not depend on the resource intensity of neighboring hosts. But since the degree of server load varies over time, at certain parts of the day, such server resources are simply idle. Cloud hosting is different and works on hourly billing, the rate can be changed either manually or automatically. If your site is having less visitors, you can take the cheapest rate plan, if the counters attendance through the roof, you can rent a cluster server.

Dedicated hosting is located on a separate physical server and until recently represented the most powerful platform.

Thus, the characteristics of cloud hosting is ahead from traditional hosting for a lot of options.

Dedicated Hosting vs Shared Hosting

October 5th, 2012 Comments off

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Shared web hosting and dedicated hosting can be seen as being at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of the web hosting services that are available from a majority of web hosting companies. Whilst a shared web hosting plan is often put together with beginners in mind, most dedicated servers can be customized during the order process to offer something that is individual to the business or individual that is going to be using it. Shared web hosting plans often carry low resource assignments and a feature-set that will allow a beginner to make the most of their first domain name and get a website online, the benefit here being that shared web hosting plans also carry a comparably low price tag to suit the intended audience. Dedicated servers are tailored towards the other end of the market, providing a level of performance that can’t be matched by any other form of web hosting; as a dedicated server is a physical server, you will have the option to make modifications to the hardware during the order process – you can choose from a range of different hard drive configurations that use RAID or boost the memory and CPU power that you have on tap.

Question Mark Which form of hosting is going to offer the highest level of performance?

A shared web hosting plan is never going to be able to beat a dedicated server in terms of performance because dedicated servers are only used by the owner of that server, whereas a shared web hosting server will be used by many users. However, in terms of the performance that each intended audience requires, both forms of hosting will be able to serve their market’s performance expectations with no issues. Small websites don’t demand large resource allocations – especially when the website in question has only just started out – and it is because of this that a shared web hosting service will be more than capable of supporting small websites; a dedicated server can be expanded to host websites that receive thousands of visitors everyday, with a number of advanced configurations available such as load balanced clusters.

Will dedicated hosting or shared hosting offer the best features?

With shared hosting you can be guaranteed a full set of features as these will be set out as part of your web hosting plan prior to purchasing the service so that you know what you are going to be getting for your money. A web hosting provider should always offer a choice between Windows and Linux so that you can expect features common to the Windows platform such as MSSQL and ASP.NET support, whilst the Linux variant will be more suiting to developers using PHP and MySQL at the core of their web applications. Dedicated servers provide you with a dedicated environment that can be tailored to meet your needs as you wish, with a choice between Windows and a number of different Linux distributions (versions of Linux) being the standard offering; you can customize the hosting environment offered by your dedicated server to include any applications or services that you would like to use in conjunction with your website to produce a highly functional end-user experience – effectively you can use your own feature-set with dedicated hosting.

What is the best approach to take as my website grows?

Quite often it can be disruptive to move a website from one web hosting platform to another as a website grows, but if you are using shared hosting are wanting to grow your website then there will come a point when you will need to upgrade your web hosting plan so that you have the resources available to cope with an increased visitor count. Between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is VPS hosting, which has been created to bridge the gap between the previous two in terms of resources and pricing; however, moving from a shared hosting plan to a VPS server and then on to a dedicated server can cause many issues because downtime could be incurred at certain stages during the process. As your website grows it is recommended that you maximize the resources that are available to you on a shared hosting platform and then complete the migration to a dedicated server because this will only mean one move and will improve the speed in which the transition can be done.

Hosting a WordPress Blog?

March 29th, 2011 Comments off

Generally hosting a wordpress blog is considered as a critical task by normal people but its not as complicated as they really think. There are two ways through which a WordPress website or a WordPress blog. First one is free one and do not required that much deep technical knowledge and the second one is paid one because for that one will hat to go for a website hosting account and own independent domain name for your website or blog. Free wordpress service is available at, one can register for a account for free and create a blog but remember that your blog’s url will include the word always, i.e. This type of blogs are mostly useful for the people who just want to maintain their blog as a personal level as a hobby and as non-commercial one. The paid option is mainly focused towards professional bloggers who are conduction their blogs as a profession and looking for some business from it. In this type they are free to use their own domain name. In this type one need to to buy a shared hosting account which is also widely know as ‘Web Hosting With cPanel‘ as the account will be used for just a blog so you need not to worry about any more expensive option like windows vps hosting or a Dedicated Server a shared account is very cheaply priced and provide enough resources to hosting and manage a blog.

After visiting you will have to download the latest available software with their latest versions. For knowing the detail installation process please visit below url

Guide For Web Hosting

September 22nd, 2009 Comments off

Interested people in Web hosting usually should survey the market a bit before making any decision for choosing a web host. You will get several of the good web hosting companies and with good offers. However before trusting on the web hosting provider, let us reveal some facts about the web hosting. It will help a beginner to understand about the web hosting and its basic types. There are two basic types in web hosting. One is Dedicated Web hosting and other is Shared Web Hosting . Each of this has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose anyone according to your needs and budget.

In case of the dedicated web hosting you will get the full control over the server, shared hosting doesn’t allow full control as many web sites guide for Web hosting together are hosted on single server. Your access is limited in the shared web hosting. If we compare this two in price, dedicated hosting is costlier than shared hosting, and this is the reason that most of the people chooses shared hosting.

New innovations in the web hosting industry is making the progress fast, new technologies and new market strategy has become the most updated section now a days. Some of the new hosting innovations are Blog hosting and Video hosting. Now the bog hosting service are very popular as the new generation people on the internet is attracted towards the Blogs and has a very huge bloggers community around. Every body uses blogs for there own reason, some use them for personal , advertisement. One of the best thing is that it is easy to use and Free service. If you need some more facilities with this blog and want to make this blog a very useful tool to you, you can host this blog to a good hosting company. There are many such sites where you can submit your blog and drive a huge amount of traffic, for making your blog successful it is necessary to have a good amount of traffic. More traffic to your site, more is your sale and good rankings in the search engines. It is good in the SEO point of view.

Video hosting is also very popular hosting service now a days. This is a very complicated service that the web hosting industry offers. It needs a good server platform, huge amount of bandwidth so that you can host videos on it at ease, high disk space for video hosting. These are the main concerns that you should consider while going for the Video hosting provider. Many more concerns are there about this , such that the loading speed of the website should be good, 24×7 support from the web hosting provider, back up facility etc. Once you are done with this check up , you are free to enjoy the hosting as the hosting provider will take care of the rest.

Understanding Reseller Hosting.

August 24th, 2009 Comments off

Out of many different available hosting services, Reseller Hosting is one of the most adored by the people. Many of the web host are reseller host them selves. We can take an example of e-commerce web site, it requires particular type of hosting which fulfills the business requirements. The other type of hosting services that are usually preferred are Dedicated hosting and shared hosting ones.  Reseller Hosting is the most cost effective in this all.

Reseller Hosting is very cost effective and both customers and the Reseller Hosting provider gets benefited out of it. Reseller hosting is generally been taken as a choice by the companies having less hosting demands. The reseller hosting providers are also a small scale hosting providers (usually). It is been targeted to the market where the need of the company is small Disks pace, less bandwidth. Mostly bigger organizations don’t go this way. If the right approach come in the way of the reseller Hosting, lot of profit in the terms of money can be yielded.

Reseller Hosting Reseller Hosting generally can be anything of the following:

1. The reseller of the hosting services can act as an agent for the web hosting company. The service is advertised by the reseller , the services is actually purchased from the Web hosting company and the reseller gets the cut of the package when the resellers name is mentioned at the purchase.

2. The reseller acts as a marketer for the web hosting provider, the reseller acts a an actual hosting company, the service purchased from the reseller, further contact is been taken care off by the web hosting company itself.

3. The reseller appears as an hosting company itself, it handles sales, and support as its end itself. Customers contacts the reseller for each an every concern.

When you go for the reseller hosting, you are responsible to market the website and get hold of the niche market. Reseller should take care of the quality of the web hosting support and concerns related to the hosting. Many times reseller just forwards the queries to the main service provider and its job is over, the main service provides the support and solves the queries.

You all can expect the same amount of security and technical aspects from the reseller hosting. Reseller hosting has allowed many small hosting to come up and earn a lot of money getting a number of small clients. Reseller hosting has proved its efficiency in attracting the clients. A big organization can buy good Reseller hosting package and use it for itself, in different way. Reseller Hosting is available in Windows reseller hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting

Tips for Managing the Shared Hosting.

August 11th, 2009 Comments off

Web hosting is a service which allows users or organization to store pictures, video, or other content. These information can be accessed from webhostingservbices anywhere in the world..

Users get always confused between the hosting packages. Deciding whether  to select the managed internal host relies on the need for the security and the amount of traffic your site generates. If you look at the shared hosting it is the most basic type of hosting that is available. Shared hosting means that multiple sites are hosted on single physical server. This option is best for the users where they just want to see there site up and have a very less amount of traffic.

Other hosting option include dedicated hosting which is a very costly as compared to shared, and it is also non essential for smaller sites. Shared hosting is inexpensive and it sometimes allows access to the powerful server. The shared hosting agreement can involve a great quantity of the bandwidth and space to deal with your websites. If you think that you will run out of the disk then it would not be a concern until you experience an extraordinary spikes in the traffic.

In most of the hosting providers they will allow you to agree further space and bandwidth capacity to house the extra traffic. If the company doesn’t allow this you can shift to the Dedicated hosting if the traffic is increasing.

When to pick for the Managed hosts  high traffic web sites, this is actually a choice also or you can decide it when the website contains extremely delicate or non public data.

The user should be very firm about the need of the dedicated internet host and too a managed ones, instead of trying to control themselves. Management and administration is very difficult and takes time, the owner of the web site is responsible to take care of every aspect of the web site and the server. It also includes the Security issues. So user must be very keen in choosing  hosting package.

Choosing a website hosting agreement is also one point. If the you provide the internet site hosting service to a client you will have to exploit a website hosting agreement to manage a link between you and the customer. These template helps you to include all the acceptable provisions, as well as give a good base which permits you to obviously outline your policies and processes. Before having any kind of agreement you should have a basic idea of the agreements.

What is VDS hosting?

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There is a  great need and demand for the security and the reliability in the hosting industry. This has made the Virtualization Technology very popular and it is widely used too. When it comes to the security and Reliability the dedicated server hosting comes into picture, however people are not ready to pay the cost related to the dedicated servers, and also the shared hosting are not trusted ones. The technology which is comes with all this features is the virtualization, VDS comes with more control than the shared hosting and it gives the power of the dedicated hosting with the cost much lesser than dedicated hosting. vds-server-image-w360

VDS is short hand for  Virtual Dedicated Server. It is created by virtualization software that partitions on a physical server into a number of isolated servers. As a result you get a powerful platform and an added security of the dedicated server with a price that is not far from the shared server hosting. After the partitions are created Each VDS is allocated a storage space and data transfer for the stability. now each VDS will have its own operating system along with the isolated web server instances, a mail server and a root access for custom software installations. The technology functions in a way such that if anything happens to a VDS on the same server, another VDS will be safe.

If we compare to the shared hosting, in shared hosting generally multiple website are stored on same directory. And this is where the risk starts to evolve. In this type every operation has its own risk, the shared customers have a dangerous level read and write access, there exist a possibility that they could modify our files. Also the stability is one issue as the customers need to share many of the resources, which includes operating system, disk drive, CPU, Memory, and application. If the error on one shared account is severe it may cause another account to go down or run slowly. In the case of the VDS , the servers are completely are isolated from each other.

If we compare performance for the shared hosting, even if there is no malicious attack it can affect a lot. More usage and traffic on one shared account can cause another accounts to slow down. When there are hundreds of the websites on the single server its performance will definitely go sluggish. VDS can be a perfect alternative to the shared hosting if you need the critical resources and privacy from the other customers. When you use VDS your are pretty relaxed and you don’t have to worry about the server memory and bandwidth. Additional stability, Security and reliability makes this hosting a complete hosting next to the dedicated hosting.

Get a Basic Understanding of VPS Hosting and Shared Web Hosting.

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Shared and VPS hosting have some things in common. It is important to understand the difference between the two to choos an appropriate solution that most suits your website requirements.

First of all let us take an overview of Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Shared Server-Hosting Shared Web Hosting : Shared Web Hosting is the most basic type of web hosting solution. Shared hosting packages are cheap and affordable in terms of pricing. This type of hosting is more preferred by small websites that require less resources. In this, a physical server is shared by multiple users and websites. This being affordable, is more preferred by users as the cost of the server and its resources are shared by multiple users. Shared web hosting can sometimes not suit all types of websites, as different websites require different amounts of resources such as bandwidth and disk space. There may be websites that receive high traffic, hence consume bandwidth that is greater than what is offered with a shared hosting package. In such cases one needs to opt for a higher plan such as VPS Hosting or a Dedicated Server Hosting plan.

To start with, you may choose a Shared Web Hosting package and later upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan as per the requirements of your website/s. Many webhosting providers offer flexible upgrade options and you can switch from one plan to another with less waste of efforts, keeping the website up and running over the web without any downtime.

The only drawback of shared hosting is that you do not get much privileges with it.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting: A VPS is the next option to Shared Hosting in terms of resources and privileges. Basically, VPS shares a similar concept with Shared Hosting, but there is are few major differences between the two i.e. resources and privileges. VPS Hosting Similar to a shared plan, multiple VPS accounts are created on a physical server using a virtualization technology. With a VPS you get better resources such as bandwidth and diskspace and you have better control over the server. You get complete admin access to the server, which means you can create, modify, delete ,install or uninstall applications of your choice, which is not possible on a shared server. VPS hosting plans too are affordable. With it you get to experience a dedicated like environment. The only difference is the resources and price. Each client using a virtual server is given a fixed share of a server.

A VPS is more preferred than shared hosting or Dedicated server hosting plan. The reason because, shared hosting packages offer less resources, security and privileges whereas a dedicated server is more expensive and the resources available with it are sometimes much more than what is required. On a VPS there not much restrictions set which isn’t the case with a shared hosting server plus you have almost similar privileges as that of a dedicated server. As said earlier with a shared hosting plan you do not have much privileges whereas with a VPS hosting plan, you get complete root or administrator access of the server. You have the privilege to configure your own applications and softwares.

Quick Overview of Web Hosting and its Types.

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Basically a web hosting company offers a home for your website/s. The web hosting provider offers you a storage space on the server. There you can save your web pages and transfer information electronically, which can be viewed by users on the World Wide Web. Such a Web space is important for any website to be viewed online, this is known as Web Hosting.

The web hosting service provider offer machines that are really powerful and ensure that your website functions smoothly. It is important that your website is hosted on a good quality branded hardware for  uninterrupted functioning. Depending on your budget and website requirements, you can choose an appropriate web hosting package. One of such a package is the Shared Hosting package. In this type of hosting solution, multiple web sites/ accounts are set-up on a single physical server. A Shared Hosting package is the cheapest of all the other types. You share a common physical server with other user accounts. This type of hosting is suitable for personal or small business websites. You do not have much privilege with Shared Hosting.

Web Hosting The other type of hosting solution is the VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting. It is one of the most preferred types of web hosting. With this you get much privileges than shared hosting. You get root or admin access to the server, which means you can use the server as you wish and can install applications and software of your choice. On top of that, you get to experience a Dedicated like environment. Plus VPS hosting package are fairly cheaper and can be afforded by most users. It offers greater level of security and privileges.

Lastly, the Dedicated Server Hosting solution is one of the highly preferred and most secure type of Hosting solution. A dedicated server hosting solution is usually preferred by owner of large businesses and those who have large websites. You are the sole owner of the server, and have the privilege to use the server as per your needs. Yours is the only account on the server and no one else can host a website on it until you intend to do so. You can even create reseller accounts or VPS accounts and resell it to your customers.

You get two platforms for Web Hosting purpose viz. Linux and Microsoft Windows.

With the different types of hosting services, choosing an appropriate web hosting service provider is equally important. You must follow certain guidelines to choose an ideal web hosting provider.

You can refer : Key Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Web Hosting Provider.

Fully Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting

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One of the types of Web Hosting is Virtual Server Hosting also termed as VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting shares the similarity with a Dedicated Server Hosting. Many medium sized businesses prefer a VPS Hosting  as it is highly affordable and cheaper than a Dedicated Server. Though there is a difference in the resources offered. Many reputed web hosting service providers offer their services for both the platforms ie. Windows VPS Hosting as well as Linux VPS Hosting. They also offer flexible upgrade or downgrade options. packages offered by almost all the web hosting providers now-a-days. A VPS is created using one of the different virtualization applications. Virtuozzo is one such application that is widely used and preferred. With a VPS hosting solution, you can get to Control Panel Logo experience a dedicated like environment. It ,means with a VPS you get complete root/admin. access to the server with a control panel to manage the account. Usually, a DotNet panel or Plesk is more preferred to manage a Windows Hosting account whereas to manage a Linux Hosting account, cPanel control panel is widely preferred. The root or admin access allows you to install, create, uninstall, etc, any application or software onto your server similar to a Dedicated Server. In short you have the privilege to maintain and manage the server on your own. In such scenario, the web hosting provider takes care of the security of the node.
Limited number of VPS accounts are created on a physical server, using any of the virtualization softwares.

Benefits of using a Virtual Private Server Hosting

Any package lower than a VPS such as shared hosting or Reseller Hosting, do not offer privileges such as root/admin access. You get limited VPS resources and there are multiple accounts set-up on a physical server, this gives the chance of overselling, which gradually hampers the performance of the website/s. On the other hand a dedicated server is bit more expensive than a VPS. A dedicated server is suitable for large businesses and enterprises. With a VPS you can get almost the same privileges as that of a Dedicated Server. You would get similar reliability with a VPS as that of a Dedicated Server but with a cheaper price. You get guaranteed resources with a VPS with better security than that of the other lower hosting packages. You can even apply your own security measures to the VPS as you have complete control over the server. To sum it up, benefits of a VPS are Dedicated Server like hosting environment, Reliability and Security.

Security: In comparison to other lower hosting packages a VPS is more secure. Most of the users upgrade their plans to a VPS due to security factor. A VPS is pretty much secure and impossible for hackers and attackers to breach in.
Dedicated Server Like Environment: Similar to a dedicated server hosting environment, you get complete admin access to the server. This privilege allows you to use maximum resources of the server.
Reliability: Reliability is one of the most important factor, that needs to be HyperV-VPS-Hosting considered while choosing a web hosting package. VPS proves itself to be worthy of fulfilling this requirement. A VPS has its own dedicated resources. With the addition of all new technology called the Hyper V Hosting , Windows users get more reliability with a VPS.
The VPS Server Hosting also has some demerits of its own. This is because VPS’s are created on a physical server. You share its resources with other user accounts, hence limiting you to use certain applications such as Java components. It is similar to a shared hosting, which can hamper the server stability. It is always suggested that when your website/s become popular, you must upgrade from a VPS hosting package to a Dedicated Server to get the utmost hosting experience.