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Reseller Web Hosting – A Great Investment

August 17th, 2013 Comments off

The hosting of sites came up with the Internet explosion. As in its early days it was necessary to have a local server to “be” alive on the Internet, the costs and technical problems involved in maintaining these servers were very high for the average citizen.

With this and with great interest because of the Internet, some companies have begun offering space on their servers to “host” the newly created websites. Today the business experiences a large and growing hosting companies are increasing around the world offering high-capacity servers at relatively low cost and allowing anyone to have and host a website.

How Does Reseller Hosting In India Work?

The demand is so great that these hosting companies ended up creating options for reselling hosting such as Unlimited Reseller Hosting. This service creates the possibility that people or companies make money by creating virtual servers that allow the contractor to have a dimension “x” of resources of a dedicated server.

Thus, within this quota, it can sell your own hosting plans and found its hosting company sites without having to run the huge investments for the deployment and maintenance of a complete data center and hire specialized staff to manage it and keep it. This allows the offering of all the features of Linux or Windows server, control panels, independent individual with detailed statistics, ensuring also the operations of e-mail and FTP clients.

Here in India, many hosting companies offer the service for resell. So, you can open your business quickly, without investing almost nothing and start your own business so uncomplicated. Thus, profits made from reselling the space is fully engaged with you and so does the customers, they will not know that your business is virtual.

This will results in gaining trust of customers and treat everything with you, the financial part and hiring of accommodation to technical support. This will give you a tremendous freedom in pricing and contracting of resources to be offered to its customers and may enter the web hosting market quickly and ensure good profits with little concern.

The unlimited reseller hosting plans are also a good option for people and companies who have websites eating lots of resources. Hiring a reseller hosting, they provide more resources for transfer, storage and processing without having to invest in expensive dedicated servers.

Affiliate Business vs. Reseller Business

January 20th, 2011 Comments off

Affiliate Program is becoming a great weapon to promote web hosting services on the internet as an affiliate himself becomes a promoter of hosting business for his own profits. An affiliate can earn a good income if he works hard and succeed to arrange few big deals between hosting company and hosting clients. Web Hosting providing companies have developed a tracking system through which they generate a unique links for each affiliate which is further used for developing business of that particular affiliate. There are few methods which one has to understand before signing up for a affiliate program. Unlike a Reseller Hosting customer, there is no need to become a existing customer of that web hosting company for being eligible to become a affiliate program. In reseller hosting you need to purchase the hosting services from a web hosting providing company and then you can resell those services to another hosting clients, but affiliate business can be started with zero investment.

There are number of affiliate programs available on the internet from which you just need to calculate the output and select the best paying affiliate program. In other aspect of this business you also need to be sure about the service quality provided by that particular web hosting provider company because you only receive your commission until the customer refereed by you stays with the web hosting provider company. Most of the web hosting companies provides banners to make advertising easy for affiliate member. Affiliate member has to place this banner on targeted traffic generating websites backed by unique affiliate link assigned for his own account.

RVSitebuilder : Website Builder Application

November 19th, 2010 Comments off

RVSitebuilder is an user friendly application developed to build websites. This website building tool is a convenient and useful software application for all cPanel users and resellers. Being an experienced graphic designer is not at all important to utilize the software. There is no necessity to be acquainted with pre-designed templates or how to customize an already created one. In their effort to build a user community all around the world, the software tool is accessible in many languages. Another great feature is the fact you can use RVSitebuilder with cPanel and not just RvSkin.

If you are using a cPanel reseller program, you become entitled to using RVSitebuilder for free. This strong advantage can be used as leverage with future customers, but is also a perfect compliment to personal, individual website creations. Its time to forget the complicated, expensive designs and get acquainted to easy to use applications. Your reseller business just gets easier because this has been integrated with a free domain reseller account, free billing tools and software, and script installation tools.

RVSitebuilder will build a personal, customized website in only minutes skipping the complications and expenses. Start with a pre-designed template and build on by adding the ready-made features. Customize and change features as time allows. Adding gadgets and features is not at all a time consuming tack with RVSitebuilder.

The guiding tool walks you through the entire process step by step with a navigator. Start your website with a business or company name and website title. Next, you have the option of uploading your personal logo. Also, guidance is available through template choices, page structure management, and adding extra components, services, and gadgets. Preview feature lets you preview your website before publishing it.

You can choose from many templates that are already available suiting your requirements, or you could upload your own unique template to make sure no other user can claim your design. Creation of blogs, guestbooks, newsletters and photo albums is quite easy with RVSitebuilder.

Benefits of Reseller Web Server Hosting.

September 18th, 2009 Comments off

Among some of the other types of Web Hosting, Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that is extensively preferred across the globe. In this the clients are allowed to use the allotted hard drive disk space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of the third party clients. The reseller buy the host’s services in a so called wholesale and then sells them to their own clients to earn revenue.This has been a very common type of online business.
Reseller Web Hosting India If the response is as expected, the reseller would choose to rent a dedicated server from a parent hosting provider and create shared accounts and resell shared web hosting services.The reseller can set-up accounts with the resources of own choice.S/He can offer the server space at any price of their choice and earn ample profits.In such cases,the technical support can be offered by the parent web hosting provider and the sales and marketing part can be taken care by the reseller himself.This has been one of the most preferred types of online business since recent past.
Usually a web design company, any freelancer, web developer prefer to be a reseller of some other company to add additional revenue to their business.Web hosting is usually offered as an Add-on service to their niche businesses.Low price is the greatest advantage of Reseller hosting,hence is preferred to become a reseller of a certain web hosting company before starting your own separate web hosting service providing firm. Most reseller hosting plans allow resellers to create their own service plans and frame their own pricing structure and to establish and brand their own hosting company.
Starting a reseller hosting business is no big deal as it does not require extensive technical knowledge as it is taken care by the parent web hosting firm, they can easily set up and manage customer accounts through cPanel and WHM and billing through Modernbill which are widely used. The data center operators are generally accountable to uphold network infrastructure and hardware, and the dedicated server owner configures/secures/updates the server.
Managing the customer base is the sole responsibility that a reseller needs to take care of. Factors such as hardware, software and connectivity issues are taken care by parent web hosting provider.
The biggest benefit of opting to resell services of a hosting provider is that,you do not have to invest in the expensive server hardware,neither do you have to look into the management of the server and still earn handsomely.

An Overview of Various Types Of Web Hosting in India

September 1st, 2009 Comments off

Web Hosting is not so old concept here in India.There are newer concepts and techniques being introduced in the industry of Web Hosting day-by-day.There is a large increase seen in the sector E-commerce services.It is important to be aware of various types of web hosting services offered by the Web Hosting providers.

Web Hosting Types and its explanation

There are numerous numbers of Web Hosting services offered by Web Hosting Providers, among those below are the four basic types of Server Hostings:

Types Of Web Hosting

1.Dedicated Server Hosting
2.Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting)
3.Reseller Web Hosting
4.Shared Server Hosting

1.Dedicated Server Hosting: Different people refer Dedicated Server Hosting as Dedicated Internet Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Server Hosting etc. but they all mean the same. In this type of Web Hosting, web hosts offer two different types of dedicated hosting services namely Managed Dedicated Servers and Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting. In this type of hosting, the client is the sole owner of the server.They are allowed to use the server as per their requirements (as per the terms of service).You get complete admin access of the server. This type of service is more often opted by large websites and organisations.A dedicated server offers the optimum level of security over the Internet.A web hosting provider offers a basic server configuration as default,but upon request they can custimize it as per your requirements.

2.Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting): VPS Hosting is also referred as Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting (VDS). In this, using a virtualisation software Virtual Partitions are created on a physical server. Certain resources are allocated to each partition. A VPS shared similarity with Dedicated Server Hosting, as in this too you get root or admin access to the server. This only difference the amount of resources. A VPS is lot cheaper than Dedicated Server, hence is widely preferred for hosting website/s. Depending on the hosting provider, you can get flexible upgrade options with a VPS.Which means, when you are almost up with the allocated resources, you can contact the hosting provider and without any effort upgrade to a higher VPS that offers more resources.

3.Reseller Web Hosting : Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which the you do not have much privileges as that of a Dedicated server of VPS. This can be an ideal option for mid-sized websites that do not require much resources for its functionality.

4.Shared Web Hosting: Probably Shared Web Hosting is one of the widely used types of web hosting types. In this type of hosting there are multiple customer accounts set up on a single physical.The resources of a single physical server are shared by all the websites hosted on a server. This type of hosting service is ideal for small websites. By small websites,I mean websites that do not receive much traffic and hence the resources required are less. This type of web hosting is the cheapest types of hostings offered by web hosting provider.

There are basically two types of platforms offered by web hosting providers for the purpose of hosting your websites, namely Linux and Windows.

Other than the four basic types of Web Hosting services, there are numerous types of hosting offered. Below is a list of few:

a) Clustered Web Hosting: The clustering technology was developed to eliminate certain problems involved with Shared Web Hosting. This technology offers customers with cluster handling of security, load balancing etc.

b) Blog Hosting Service: Blogware or Weblog or blogging software is a type of software that consists of specialized form of Content Management System specifically designed for the creation and maintenance of blogs.

c)Image Hosting: An Image hosting service is offered by web hosting providers for the purpose of enabling users to upload and save images on the Internet. The host provides a dedicated server space of the server for you to save your images.

d)Video Hosting: In this type of hosting, you are alloted a bit higher server resources of the server than that of Image hosting account. Similar to Image hosting, you are provided with FTP account via which you can upload your videos to the server. You can then share your videos with individuals that are permitted by you.

e) E-mail Hosting: An E-mail hosting service is a type of hosting where an individual is offered a Web Mail service by web hosting service provider.

f) Game Server Hosting: Game server hosting is one of the most preferred type of web hosting types these days.There are more and more people that are signing up for these servers due to the ever increasing boom in the gaming industry. By leasing such a server you are capable of installing a computer game of your choice onto the server, this enables you to multiplayer gaming. With a game Server you get web based tools to help control and configure the servers.

Benefits of Linux Dedicated and Windows Dedicated server Hosting

June 6th, 2009 Comments off

Windows Hosting Linux Web Hosting Hosting a website on a Linux Dedicated Server or Windows Dedicated Server might seem little expensive if compared with shared web hosting, reseller web hosting or VPS web hosting. There are further benefits of having a site hosted on a dedicated server, it offers 100% reliability and stability. It enables oneself from avoiding various experiences such as server overload, scripts from other users, bad codes etc.

Web Hosting You get complete administrative access to the server, which enables you to install applications and software’s of your choice. Whereas, a shared web hosting server does not provide root access to the server. A dedicated server is assigned with dedicated IP addresses, hence the threat of IP blacklisting can be avoided. The dependency on the web host gets largely reduced for a web-site hosted on a dedicated server. This inturn reflects in saving time for addressing the issues. Having a dedicated server hosting package, you can offer instant support to your clients hosted on the server, which is not possible if you have a shared or reseller hosting package.

In any business to grow, prompt and reliable post sales support service is crucial. Word-of-mouth plays a vital role in a business to attain peaks of success, this can be achieved by having a business website hosted on a dedicated server with dedicated resources assigned for you.

A dedicated server hosting has proven to be highly effective for large business websites as well as for Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Web Developers. With a dedicated server you get 24 hours access to the server, which can enable you to resolve your clients issues by addressing it without a waste of second.

Inaddition to that, if you have your website hosted on a Fully managed dedicated server, the headache of managing the server can be shed out. You are not required to manage the upgrades, security patches, and other server management related tasks with a fully managed web hosting solution.

You must be very careful while choosing a web hosting provider as well. Before choosing a host, you must get reviews about them, read their customer testimonials in order to ensure their services. You must make sure that a fully managed web hosting provider offers 24×7 post sales support, flexible upgrade/downgrade options, maximum server uptime, professional but friendly support staff etc.

Fully Managed Cheap Web Hosting

May 28th, 2009 Comments off

Web Hosting is a basic and probably the most important aspect of any Ecommerce Hosting. online business. Web servers are an essential component when one needs to get a website live on the Internet. Any E-commerce website needs to be taken care by multiple infrastructure factors, which includes buying and hosting servers, managing them, seamless network connectivity and constantly monitoring the performance of the servers.

Managing the servers can be tedious and ofcourse an expensive task. It may divert away the focus from the core business issues. Here, managed web hosting services can be the best alternative. In the web hosting business, one can find cheap web hosting plans that would best suite once requirements. There is a big misconception that a managed web hosting service comes with a huge price to pay for. Many web hosts are reputed for offering reliable, scalable, high performance, and cost effective in house web hosting solutions.

Windows Hosting Linux Web Hosting

Managed web hosting service is little different than other hosting solutions such as Standard Dedicated server hosting, Shared web hosting, Reseller Web Hosting and VPS Hosting. Customers have the privilege to choose between Standard and Managed Web Hosting. Though now-a-days hosting providers offer managed services such as managed messaging, managed security, managed server updates etc.

In addition to this, depending on the web hosting provider, these services maybe categorized as cheap web hosting solutions.

Shared web hosting is another type of web hosting, which can be offered under managed hosting category. In this type, multiple accounts are created on a single physical server. Shared hosting is best suited for running open source applications.

There are multiple issues such as security issues, server downtime, network downtime, hardware failure etc. that needs to be addressed on a priority basis. Here, the Managed web hosting can prove to be helpful. Managed web hosting is bit complex, but inspite of that it is flexible and includes system monitoring, network and security management, data back-up services, application management, infrastructure provisioning, database administration and disaster recovery. All there services are now a days included with a web hosting plan at reasonably cheaper rates.

Other good thing about hosting a web site on a leased server is that, one does not need to own any hardware and space. Most of the managed hosting providers offer 24×7 infrastructure monitoring.

Reseller Web Hosting: An Easy way to Earn Money.

May 20th, 2009 Comments off

Web hosting is one of the fastest growing online businesses. More and more people are working out methods of having their own website. And, inorder to place it over the internet, one needs to lease server space from a web hosting provider. Here, web hosting resellers seek in an opportunity to become the middle agents and earn money. As a web hosting Reseller, one can purchase web hosting from a larger web hosting service provider and then redistribute the same space according to one’s custom configuration to other website owners.

Web Hosting Resellers are similar to entrepreneurs but act as middle man between the website owner and the web hosting provider. The biggest advantage of being a reseller is that you do not need to own the hardware or do any investment. It has been noticed that a reseller web hosting provider, offers much better services than the web host from they have rented the server. There are provisions by which the end user would feel that the hosting service that s/he uses, is actually owned by you. Resellers can choose their own servers hence are able to provide best of the services to consumers.

If done correctly, Reseller web hosting can prove to be a big profit making venture. The only thing one should determine is a good web hosting provider who’s services you are going to resell, the margin of profit that you wish to set and the level of support you intend to offer.

For Example, you lease a web space of say 1 Gb at a cost of $30 USD a month. Then, you resell 25 Mb each for $5 USD per account a month, which means you make $200 USD at the end of the month. So you make a profit of $175 USD a month. Generally, a user doesn’t use the entire allotted space. So, one can also opt for overselling the server space (depends on the parent web hosting company) to add to the profit. But this is not recommended.

Money Growth This income is recurring, and going forward as one has enough funds, can purchase additional web space and resell it. One does not need expertise in starting a reseller hosting business.