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Indian Web Hosting Services with Dedicated Hosting Environment

July 18th, 2012 Comments off

Dedicated Server Image - HP

A dedicated hosting environment is one which is isolated from other users, whether this is in a virtual environment or a physical environment. The design of a dedicated hosting environment is done to ensure that the actions of other users in their respective hosting environments aren’t able to impact on the performance of your website or hosting environment. Dedicated hosting environments are important for businesses looking to establish a web presence where reliability and security need to be abundant so that guarantees with regards to the safety and security of customer data can be provided.

Web Hosting Dedicated

Dedicated servers are the best example of dedicated hosting environments, primarily because you have full use of the hardware that forms your dedicated server and will only have to share this with someone else if you explicitly wish to. offers India dedicated servers of differing specifications that can run both Windows and Linux so that we can cater for businesses regardless of the technologies that they use to develop their IT infrastructure; we also offer custom upgrades for your dedicated hosting customers so that you can expand the use of your dedicated environment by adding extra resources. Dedicated servers from can be effective for users requiring a dedicated hosting environment in the follow manners:

  • The hardware specifications of your dedicated server can be adjusted accordingly to match the specifications that you expect in order to be able to use your dedicated server in the way that you wish to
  • For Windows hosting users, we are able to obtain licenses for popular Microsoft server applications such as SQL Server and Exchange Server at a reduced cost; installation of these and most other applications can also be performed by our support team, free of charge
  • The uptime offered by a dedicated server is often higher than that available with other web hosting services and this is going to be a necessity for businesses that rely on their website for income.

With a Linux dedicated server you will be able to access your dedicated hosting environment via SSH, therefore allowing you to make use of the various Linux commands that are available to manage your server effectively. Windows server administrators will have access to their dedicated hosting environment via Remote Desktop so that they can make full use of the Windows GUI.’s dedicated servers are hosted out of our state of the art data center located in Nashik, India. We have staff available on-site 24×7 so that you can be assured all issues are dealt with as they are discovered; this also means that you can contact someone with regards to your dedicated server at any time of day.

Web Hosting VPS

A VPS Hosting server is slightly different to a dedicated server; even though you will have your own dedicated hosting environment and dedicated resources that are accessible by any other users, this is within the context of a virtual hosting environment and a physical hosting node that is shared with other VPS hosting users. VPS hosting was developed to be a more affordable way of accessing dedicated hosting, with the target audience being small businesses that would otherwise be unable to afford that costs that are associated with a dedicated server; this is evident with the low-cost VPS servers that are provided by A VPS server can provide a dedicated environment with features such as:

  • Additional resources that you have ordered for your VPS server will be automatically assigned to your server and available for use immediately without the need to reboot your VPS server, therefore no downtime will be incurred
  • The state of your server can be managed from a web-based control panel so if for some reason your VPS server becomes inaccessible, you can reset it from a web interface
  • You can build up your own network of VPS servers from so that you are able to distribute the load of your website and delegate roles across several servers. offers some of the most affordable VPS hosting servers in India, with the features and services offered with our hosting plans being ideal for small businesses looking to develop an effective web presence. You will have a choice between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting and can also customize other aspects of VPS hosting to match your aspirations.

Linux VPS Hosting

November 4th, 2010 Comments off

If you are using dedicated hosting for the first time then your chosen form of web hosting is likely to be a Linux VPS server because it provides you with a low cost web hosting package that can provide you with the necessary resources. Linux VPS servers are fairly low cost because Linux is an open source operating system meaning that you don’t have to pay for a license to use the operating system, and the lower the resources that you are purchasing, the cheaper your Linux VPS server is going to be. A Linux VPS server can still provide you with a fully fledged dedicated hosting environment when using a cheap VPS server, although you will be limited with as to what you are able to use your Linux VPS server for if you have fairly low resource assignments. You can add resources as you need with a Linux VPS server meaning that if you need extra RAM, disk space or bandwidth then you can purchase the additional amount that you require from your web hosting company at an extra cost. Other optional extras available with most Linux VPS servers include control panels such as cPanel and Webmin.

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VPS Server Hosting

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VPS server hosting is seen as the form of web hosting that fills the gap between reseller web hosting and dedicated server hosting in terms of the features and resources that each other form of web hosting can offer. A VPS server is effectively a virtual machine hosted on a physical machine as the resources that your VPS server uses are in fact those of the physical machine, albeit with a certain amount of the host machine’s resources being guaranteed directly to your VPS server. Like dedicated server hosting, you have a choice of operating system when ordering a VPS server in most cases meaning that you can customize your VPS server to meet your requirements exactly. Virtuozzo is the main virtualization application used by web hosting providers to allow them to offer their VPS server hosting services, although many are increasingly moving over to Hyper-V based systems so that they are able to offer Windows Server 2008 VPS hosting services – Linux VPS hosting is still offered using Virtuozzo. The dedicated web hosting environment offered by a VPS server will be a lot easier to manage than that offered by a dedicated server, simply because if something goes wrong then it is fairly easy to reload the operating system in a virtual hosting environment.

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Best Linux Web Hosting

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Computers and hosting world is quite used to the World of Windows Operating Systems, many of all of us now are ready to give up for Windows and  migrate onto some other reliable options, Linux Operating system is the choice of majority of them.

Best linux Web Hosting

Linux is in use from the 60’ and is considered as the some what difficult operating system, as the years passed on the operating system system was highly appreciated because of its features and used by the people, Linux has overcome many changes since its inception. The Linux is full of exciting features and it is flexible to work across all platforms. We have many users saying that Linux has eliminated many problems that Windows encounters. However, Linux has become one of the top business standards over the past few years and businesses have integrated Linux OS into their systems and use Linux servers almost exclusively.

This gave rise to the Linux Web hosting, a company that provides with the Linux Hosting has probably as some point migrated from Unix. Companies having Linux servers or opting for Linux hosting should be looking for hosting company who provides the proper Linux technical support for them.

Linux hosting is more likely preferred in the Linux VPS hosting package. Linux VPS hosting at India is now is at its best at with flexible packages and 24×7 live support.

Best Web hosting services in India

October 9th, 2009 Comments off

The Best web hosting Services in India offers various flexible options for the customers according to all dimensions. We are specialized in Managed  Dedicated Servers, Linux VPS hosting , Joomla Hosting , Cheap web hosting , Semi – dedicated web servers, Reseller Hosting , Cpanel Web hosting, PHP hosting, Plesk hosting, Shared hosting. We provide all the solutions stated above and many more flexible combinations at the best. is a renown name in the web hosting industry not only in India but all over the world. Since it has launched its operations in 2003, it has reached miles. People generally tend to go for the best web hosting, however they are not sure they will get it. There are many aspects in the web hosting industry which makes it better from other web hosting company. I would suggest the customers try to search the hosting from the search engine that they should go through the web site in detail before opting for the web hosting, they usually type the keywords, best hosting, good, and similar keywords and go for the company which are listed in the result page. This is not a bad practice, however the customers should spend some time on the website, explore it. One of the biggest issues which the web hosting company should address is Safe hosting.

When it comes to the the servers are powered by Dell and IBM, this also matters a lot when you want your servers to be safe and secured, so what I mean is Safe hosting is what the customers should search for. Best term has become very common now, people just use it and many of the people does follow it very neatly. Web hosting company becomes best when it has something to show to the world in the numbers of the esteemed customers, annual growth, you can figure it out the difference in the companies. You may often see people going for the web hosting reviews, review is something that may help you to certain extent, sometimes you will find promotional reviews which do not include the bad things about the company.

the best hosting So far you would be clear that the potential customers sometimes lack the view that they should take for the web hosting company and discuss the traditional aspects keeping the real and objective things far aside. There isn’t any harm in thinking for the best services, the thing is what are the points you consider that make the web hosting company best for you,you can use  reviews that say that as part of your decision, but ultimately your decision should be based on sound information about the statistics of a particular web hosting plan.

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Linux VPS made Better.

September 10th, 2009 Comments off

There is always been a question, which is the best choice for the medium hosting requirements, every time we have got the synonymous answer that is VPS i.e. Virtual Private Servers. When you go for the selection between the platform, Linux is chosen comparatively at the larger sides because of its nature of operation and some advantages over the Windows.

Linux VPS is one of the best buy package in the hosting industry. We have to take care when dealing with this Linux VPS to work better.

Linux VPS limits itself while dealing with the resources. It is limited to 1 GB RAM, Clients always want there VPS to run better and responsive. Linux VPS You can take a look at some tips to improve your VPS.

You should configure your MySQL cache size, it will help you to expand your available RAM. Some of the users might have noticed that your MySQL server instance eats up much of the memory, you can deal with this by decreasing the MYSQL cache size. If you think that it is getting some what slower due to overload of the request, you can increase the cache size as per the needs. Closely monitoring this application will help you to organize your memory needs.

Linux VPS can be enhanced in the performance by disabling the control panels. We all generally used to this Control panels, using this control panels consume your resources as well. If you want to free your resource, you can disable the control panels, using them when you need them is always advised. Installing them is an easy task, simply running a small PHP script or using a shell prompt. Disabling the control Panels will free upto 120 MB of RAM.

You can also have a look at which of the application are eating your memory and from what application you can free your memory. Disabling unwanted features, modules and plugins ,for example Apache that are enabled in every software package, doing this will help you earn a lot amount of memory.

Making Your Linux VPS responsive can be done through disabling the system services that are not in use or unnecessarily running. This services consume RAM as well CPU usage and also make the server unsecured.

To help your self in freeing the memory as per the needs check the memory Apache is using and accordingly adjust the Startservers

Buying a VPS Plan or Linux VPS is an easy task, buying it from a good Web hosting company is a good quiz. Before opting for such Linux VPS package, you can go through the memory requirements and consult with the hosting provider regarding the same.

Overview of Free Hosting.

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You may be aware of the concept of Free Web hosting. Many people get confused with the word FREE, lets take an overview of the Free web hosting. 300x300-gif

In the hosting industry many companies do offer Free web hosting services, this is taken as the best source to host your personal home pages and to get your own space on the web without having to pay for it. There are many other things that should be understood when you think of the free web hosting. You get hosting free, however you need to shop many things around for this, and also the hosting company has a full right to advertise on your website.

Some of the free web hosting company offers use banners ads for their advertising, while some can go for pop advertising and many can adopt other ways which can be as less obstructive as it can be possible. It can be a good choice to choose a host that offers a free hosting and it advertise on your site that is less obstructive.

900_for_gif Many people do have blogs for there personal use and keep in ouch with family and friends.  For this purpose free hosting is best choice. Many people can take this as a study material, or assignment for them also it is a good option. You really wouldn’t need to spend a lot to have all this. And also many of this type of sites are not business critical, so Uptime and other aspects are not an issue which are considered for a business site. For the business sites Uptime, 24x7x365 live support is really must, and should be gotten from the host.

Many of the users just want to have there site up, just started a new business and want to visible though the web. You should be Picky doing this. When a client comes onto your site he must be satisfied with the authenticity on the website.  A free web hosting service would not have much concern about the maintenance.

While hosting a site, you may think of the facts about the time and money. You should always consider your basic needs and the service that would be given by the Free web hosting provider. Many of you needs will not be satisfied by the free web hosting provider. Initially you think of money that you save, later on you may get a great time consumption and hassle. Some web host provide a service with less amount (money) also. You should always think of the difference between a free host and a paid host in all aspects when you think of hosting a business website before thinking the web host , Paying for the Web host is always a good option for the business sites and you can just imagine the life made easy with the Paid hosting providers..

Web hosting could change your whole prospective of the business, web host also dose matters when it comes to the standards, a good host can help you in up bring your business. Check out the Linux VPS Hosting and see how it could work for your business progression.

Get a Basic Understanding of VPS Hosting and Shared Web Hosting.

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Shared and VPS hosting have some things in common. It is important to understand the difference between the two to choos an appropriate solution that most suits your website requirements.

First of all let us take an overview of Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Shared Server-Hosting Shared Web Hosting : Shared Web Hosting is the most basic type of web hosting solution. Shared hosting packages are cheap and affordable in terms of pricing. This type of hosting is more preferred by small websites that require less resources. In this, a physical server is shared by multiple users and websites. This being affordable, is more preferred by users as the cost of the server and its resources are shared by multiple users. Shared web hosting can sometimes not suit all types of websites, as different websites require different amounts of resources such as bandwidth and disk space. There may be websites that receive high traffic, hence consume bandwidth that is greater than what is offered with a shared hosting package. In such cases one needs to opt for a higher plan such as VPS Hosting or a Dedicated Server Hosting plan.

To start with, you may choose a Shared Web Hosting package and later upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan as per the requirements of your website/s. Many webhosting providers offer flexible upgrade options and you can switch from one plan to another with less waste of efforts, keeping the website up and running over the web without any downtime.

The only drawback of shared hosting is that you do not get much privileges with it.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting: A VPS is the next option to Shared Hosting in terms of resources and privileges. Basically, VPS shares a similar concept with Shared Hosting, but there is are few major differences between the two i.e. resources and privileges. VPS Hosting Similar to a shared plan, multiple VPS accounts are created on a physical server using a virtualization technology. With a VPS you get better resources such as bandwidth and diskspace and you have better control over the server. You get complete admin access to the server, which means you can create, modify, delete ,install or uninstall applications of your choice, which is not possible on a shared server. VPS hosting plans too are affordable. With it you get to experience a dedicated like environment. The only difference is the resources and price. Each client using a virtual server is given a fixed share of a server.

A VPS is more preferred than shared hosting or Dedicated server hosting plan. The reason because, shared hosting packages offer less resources, security and privileges whereas a dedicated server is more expensive and the resources available with it are sometimes much more than what is required. On a VPS there not much restrictions set which isn’t the case with a shared hosting server plus you have almost similar privileges as that of a dedicated server. As said earlier with a shared hosting plan you do not have much privileges whereas with a VPS hosting plan, you get complete root or administrator access of the server. You have the privilege to configure your own applications and softwares.

Fully Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting

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One of the types of Web Hosting is Virtual Server Hosting also termed as VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting shares the similarity with a Dedicated Server Hosting. Many medium sized businesses prefer a VPS Hosting  as it is highly affordable and cheaper than a Dedicated Server. Though there is a difference in the resources offered. Many reputed web hosting service providers offer their services for both the platforms ie. Windows VPS Hosting as well as Linux VPS Hosting. They also offer flexible upgrade or downgrade options. packages offered by almost all the web hosting providers now-a-days. A VPS is created using one of the different virtualization applications. Virtuozzo is one such application that is widely used and preferred. With a VPS hosting solution, you can get to Control Panel Logo experience a dedicated like environment. It ,means with a VPS you get complete root/admin. access to the server with a control panel to manage the account. Usually, a DotNet panel or Plesk is more preferred to manage a Windows Hosting account whereas to manage a Linux Hosting account, cPanel control panel is widely preferred. The root or admin access allows you to install, create, uninstall, etc, any application or software onto your server similar to a Dedicated Server. In short you have the privilege to maintain and manage the server on your own. In such scenario, the web hosting provider takes care of the security of the node.
Limited number of VPS accounts are created on a physical server, using any of the virtualization softwares.

Benefits of using a Virtual Private Server Hosting

Any package lower than a VPS such as shared hosting or Reseller Hosting, do not offer privileges such as root/admin access. You get limited VPS resources and there are multiple accounts set-up on a physical server, this gives the chance of overselling, which gradually hampers the performance of the website/s. On the other hand a dedicated server is bit more expensive than a VPS. A dedicated server is suitable for large businesses and enterprises. With a VPS you can get almost the same privileges as that of a Dedicated Server. You would get similar reliability with a VPS as that of a Dedicated Server but with a cheaper price. You get guaranteed resources with a VPS with better security than that of the other lower hosting packages. You can even apply your own security measures to the VPS as you have complete control over the server. To sum it up, benefits of a VPS are Dedicated Server like hosting environment, Reliability and Security.

Security: In comparison to other lower hosting packages a VPS is more secure. Most of the users upgrade their plans to a VPS due to security factor. A VPS is pretty much secure and impossible for hackers and attackers to breach in.
Dedicated Server Like Environment: Similar to a dedicated server hosting environment, you get complete admin access to the server. This privilege allows you to use maximum resources of the server.
Reliability: Reliability is one of the most important factor, that needs to be HyperV-VPS-Hosting considered while choosing a web hosting package. VPS proves itself to be worthy of fulfilling this requirement. A VPS has its own dedicated resources. With the addition of all new technology called the Hyper V Hosting , Windows users get more reliability with a VPS.
The VPS Server Hosting also has some demerits of its own. This is because VPS’s are created on a physical server. You share its resources with other user accounts, hence limiting you to use certain applications such as Java components. It is similar to a shared hosting, which can hamper the server stability. It is always suggested that when your website/s become popular, you must upgrade from a VPS hosting package to a Dedicated Server to get the utmost hosting experience.

What is VPS?

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A virtual private server (VPS, also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers such that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.

Total two kinds of virtualizations way one is software and second is hardware based.

In software based virtualization, the virtual machines share the same kernel and use the resources from main server. This type of virtualization mostly use in web hosting business.
There are plenty virtualization software such as Xen, Virtuozzo, Vserver, and OpenVZ (which is the open source and development version of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers).

In hardware based virtualization, the virtualization mechanism partitions the real hardware resources. In typical implementations, no burst and/or real-time quota modification is possible; the limits are hard and can only be modified by restarting a virtual machine instance.
It is more commonly used in enterprise/commercial deployments
Examples include Microsoft Virtual Server, VMware ESX Server, and Xen.